“Creativity Can Flourish Amid Chaos,” 4A’s CEO Kaplowitz

The creative agencies are pivoting quickly during the crisis, scrapping advertising that is out of step with social distancing and other realities of the pandemic.  This shift is fostering a period of creativity where taped productions are not practical and the use of stock footage and other tools are being employed, says Marla Kaplowitz, president […]

Ads Need More Creativity, Personalization: Teads’ Daily

When shovelware has taken over, stop digging. Over the last few years of media evolution, many brands have moved in to new formats by simply re-using their old creative. That doesn’t cut it, says Jim Daily, Teads president, in this video interview with Beet.TV. The executive’s company is best known as the company which brought you […]

Inspired by Lulu and Leo: The “Choose Creativity Awards” Honors J.P. Morgan Chase’s Kristin Lemkau

Fostering creativity in his family was essential after their tragic loss.   It helped Kevin Krim and his wife Marina and their surviving daughter.  It motivated them to honor the short but creative lives of Lucia (Lulu) and Leo.  It turned grief into a movement and the formation of a charitable foundation that offers a creative […]

Marketers Nurturing Creativity:

Beet.TV’s Coverage of the 2019 ANA In-House Agency Conference presented by Extreme Reach For marketers, the challenges and opportunities around creating effective advertising have become increasingly complex. Things are changing quickly, driven by consumer preferences; the emergence of new distribution platforms; ad personalization/targeting, varying ad lengths – from 3 seconds to long-form content series. All […]

Cannes Lions Media Jury President Tim Castree is Looking For ‘Creativity And Context’

As Tim Castree prepares for his role as Jury President of the Media Lions for the upcoming Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, he hopes to see entries that reflect how brands have effectively married creativity and context. His first-time judging gig comes after the Cannes Lions reached a tipping point in 2017 as some […]

ViequesLove’s Stephen Mueller: Providing Hurricane Relief ‘Takes A Lot Of Organization And Creativity’

MIAMI – Even on the best of days, things can go awry on Vieques, the island off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast. Water and power supplies can be cut, groceries may or may not be available, but people just help each other get by. So when a natural disaster the likes of Hurricane Maria happens, everyone […]

Facebook’s Hsu On The Importance Of Creativity

The social network invented by a computer science drop-out may look like the same white-and-blue product to all of its two billion users. After all, Facebook is a platform. But that doesn’t mean Facebook cannot also be the place where creative messaging can thrive. Whilst the company operates as a self-service ad platform, it is also […]

WPP, Facebook Program Upgrades Group-Wide Mobile Creativity

Advertisers felt like they got good at Facebook some time ago. But, at the world’s largest ad agency holding group, most of that expertise was concentrated amongst the buyers of ad space. That’s why WPP saw the need to tool-up Facebook savvy amongst the people actually tasked with creating ads for that inventory. Together with […]

TV Ads Still About Creativity: FreeWheel’s Van Ullen

CANNES — Cannes Lions is billed as “the international festival of creativity” but, judging from some of the tech talk that has made in-roads in recent years, you could forgive a delegate for not feeling very creative anymore. So, in a world of ad-tech, what place does creativity have at the table anymore? Creativity is […]

Creativity In Advertising Reaching New Heights: McCann’s Sean Bryan

Sean Bryan can’t wait to get to the Cannes Lions festival this year. And it’s not just because he has high hopes for McCann New York’s groundbreaking Fearless Girl campaign and its work for brands like Godiva, Microsoft and Nespresso. “I love it every year. But this year in particular is going to be an […]

Cannes Lions Chief Jose Papa: Showcasing ‘The True Value Of Creativity’

LONDON — In his first year as Managing Director of the Cannes Lions festival, Jose Papa will be overseeing a number of new initiatives. One in particular is designed to bring together some 15,000 participants in new and engaging ways under the auspices of its networking pillar. One of the things “that excites me the […]

Tobaccowala At The NewFronts: Of Creativity, New Players And ‘Dinosaur Companies’ Coming Alive Again

Marketers all around the globe face three basic, common challenges, according to longtime advertising executive Rishad Tobaccowala. They are reigniting growth, engaging with consumers and finding the right organizational structure that can facilitate the first two. “For most countries, the number one thing that clients are looking for is how do they grow again. So […]

Fidelity’s Speros: Out Of Great Risk Taking Comes Great Creativity

BOSTON – First it was “Reach out and touch someone” for AT&T and now the ubiquitous “Green Line” for Fidelity Investments. Jim Speros had a hand in both creative endeavors, along the way refining his definition of creativity. “To create disruption, you have to start by being a curious person,” Speros, EVP of Corporate Communications […]

Undertone’s Franchi Wants Programmatic To Serve Ad Creativity

So-called “programmatic” technologies are revolutionizing the trading and targeting of online ads. But what about the content of those ads? Many ad-tech vendors, who have spent the last few years touting programmatic’s numerical capabilities, are now battling over its next wave – the chance to use programmatic in the actual construction of ads themselves. “When you think about programmatic advertising […]

TV Ad Creativity Flows from “Unlimited Time” in the Social Sphere: FCB’s Credle

By her own employer’s admission, Susan Credle is a real-life “Peggy Olson”. By all accounts, the global chief creative officer of FCB’s career bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the fictional Mad Men character, once rising from the bottom of BBDO to become its creative chief. “They said ‘we’ll pay you $11,500 to fill in […]

Creativity Is The Only Way To Survive: Advice From McCann’s Bryan

If the old age of advertising was about pushing sales messages to viewers, the current one is about involving them in conversations in which they end up really caring about the speaker or cause behind the message. That’s why the McCann agency operates with the mantra: “Creativity is the only way to survive.” It’s one Sean Bryan is on […]

Time For Data To Fuel Creativity, Maxus’ Pattison Says

After a flurry during which the “maths men” seemed to be usurping the “mad men”, every ad-tech exec these days takes pains to promise that programmatic can propel creative marketer messages. But one ad woman says that isn’t happening – now, according to the Maxus Global agency’s CEO Lindsay Pattison, it is time to finally unite […]

Targeted Ads Need Standards for Creativity, GroupM’ Tilds

The technology behind targeted media has developed robustly, but the creative side still needs work. However, that’s poised to change as the industry works on evolving standards for creative and technology within ads, says Cary Tilds, Chief Innovation Officer at GroupM in an interview with Beet.TV. “The standards [for targeted ads] that we are developing are around […]

MediaCom’s McGlashan On The ‘Progressively Exciting’ Nexus of Creativity, Technology

LONDON — What do convincing men in India to share laundry duty and selling premium headphones and speakers have in common? To MediaCom, they were opportunities to leverage technology and consumer data to inform both creative executions and content creation for major brands. In the walkup to the Cannes advertising awards celebration later this month, […]