CTV Viewer Metrics Differ From Cookie Tracking on Open Web: EDO’s Kevin Krim

The growth in viewership on connected devices such as mobile phones and smart TVs has spurred demand for audience measurement among a bigger variety of media channels, including digital platforms that generate signals of how they’re used. The shift in consumer behavior is occurring as people seek more control over how their personally identifiable information […]


Seeing The Future: EDO Predicts The Future Of TV Ads, Global Expansion

Envision a world where data sets seamlessly integrate, where advertisers can effortlessly understand their engaged audience. That is the future Kevin Krim of EDO – a data, measurement and analytics company – wants to see. Back in the summer, the company partnered with Nielsen to plug their data into their respective platforms. In this video […]


Disney Advertising Teams With EDO on Measuring Ad Outcomes: EDO’s Kevin Krim

Disney Advertising aims to provide marketers with more insights about audience engagement on its video streaming platforms as part of an expanded agreement with measurement company EDO. The companies on Thursday announced a deal to apply EDO’s metrics to Disney’s streaming services, first with Hulu. Measuring outcomes gives advertisers a better idea of how consumers […]


Creative Is The Performance Lever: EDO’s Krim

In advertising, it has been a few years of intense focus on targeting and data capabilities. But, in TV, nothing moves audiences like the message itself. That is according to a man who monitors millions of TV ads. Marketing maximizers Kevin Krim, President & CEO, EDO, was speaking with Beet.TV ahead of the ANA’s Masters […]


Amazon’s Thursday Football Drives High Website Footfall: EDO’s Krim

When Amazon Prime Video began streaming live Thursday Night Football (TNF) in September in a $1 billion-a-season deal, it was hailed as a revolution in sports broadcasting. Traditionally, it might have taken days or weeks to learn just how successful the show was for advertisers. Kevin Krim found out the next morning. In this video […]


Lean Enough To Measure-Up: EDO’s Krim Finances The Future Of Media Analytics

CANNES — The new-wave TV ad measurement provider co-founded by actor Edward Norton has taken an $80 million investment designed to expand its sales and marketing operations. EDO, which aims to correlate audience outcomes to ad exposure, took its biggest investment round to date. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Krim, president, EDO, explains […]


EDO’s Krim Helps Univision Advertisers Predict The Future

These days, the business environment is becoming too critical to leave the results of marketing spend to chance. That is why so many ad buyers are leaning into publishers that can guarantee them outcomes. In the latest example, Spanish-language broadcaster Univision will get to tell its advertisers the likely success of particular inventory moments, after […]


TV is One of The Biggest Drivers of Organic Search, Kevin Krim, CEO of EDO

The most predictive signal for economic action is search and it’s the gateway to all lower funnel activities, says Kevin Krim, CEO of EDO. We’ve covered Kevin’s over the past 10 years in his leadership roles at Bloomberg and CNBC.We’ve spoken many times about the changes in TV news from linear to IP delivered.   It’s […]


Inspired by Lulu and Leo: The “Choose Creativity Awards” Honors J.P. Morgan Chase’s Kristin Lemkau

Fostering creativity in his family was essential after their tragic loss.   It helped Kevin Krim and his wife Marina and their surviving daughter.  It motivated them to honor the short but creative lives of Lucia (Lulu) and Leo.  It turned grief into a movement and the formation of a charitable foundation that offers a creative […]


All Brands Can Be Like Direct Brands: EDO’s Kevin Krim

Around the marketing world, everyone is talking about the rise of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands – those that don’t rely on anyone else’s retail channels and which exert great control over their advertising capabilities. But, whilst not every brand is a Casper, Allbirds or Soylent, many other traditional companies which are reliant on marketing partners could […]


CNBC Launches “TV Everywhere” with Major U.S. Carriers

ENGLEWOOD CLIFF, NJ – CNBC has launched  its live, linear programming for the desktop.   It can be watched by subscribers to several of the largest cable and satellite operators in the United States including Cablevision, Comcast, DISH and Verizon.  This “first phase” of the service launched last month. Viewing via the desktop, notably in […]