Relevance Is Not Personalization: Rokt’s Srishti Gupta On The Transaction Moment

In the data-driven ad world, we often hear executives talk about the importance of ad relevance. What what is relevance, really? For many, that word means simply personalized ads. But Srishti Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Rokt, goes deeper than that. Relevance from Rokt “Relevance is not personalization. Completely different,” Gupta explains, in this video interview […]


CTV’s Ad Tools Deliver Performance, Personalized Audiences: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

The popularity of connected devices such as smart TVs and mobile phones not only has transformed how people watch video programming, but also how advertisers engage with audiences. Connected television provides marketers with a growing range of digital tools. “All the things that were great about television and all the reasons that we wanted to […]


Consumer Brands, Retailers Are Driving Ad Growth: Uber’s Megan Ramm

Uber Technologies is working to expand its advertising business by touting its unique value proposition to brands. Its ride-sharing and food-delivery apps have geographical and order-history information that can help to determine consumer intentions. “We’re growing rapidly. Our formats are growing rapidly,” Megan Ramm, global director and head of consumer packaged goods partnerships at Uber […]


Reaching Online Shoppers at Checkout Drives Value for Brands: Rokt’s Doug Rozen

Advertising can inform, entertain and inspire consumers on their journey toward a purchase. The moment they’re at an online checkout is key for brands that seek to cross-sell or up-sell other products and services. “The moment that matters most in e-commerce is when somebody has done their browsing, done their shopping, put something in their […]


AI Can Drive Relevance Amid Growing Pains In Retail Media: Digitas’ Lanzi

Retail media is exploding, forecast by Advertiser Perceptions to grow 30% in 2024 to reach a fifth of US advertising. However, with rapid expansion comes significant challenges. In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein, Amy Lanzi, CEO of Digitas North America, identifies the primary issue as the retail sector’s nascence in the […]


Instacart Ads’ DeRobbio: Retail Media Will Unlock Consumer Insights for Brands

Retail media networks offer brands an opportunity to unlock consumer insights that were once the preserve of retailers and credit card companies. That’s according to Dave DeRobbio, Director of API & Off Platform Data Partnerships at Instacart Ads. The growth of e-commerce and retail media networks means brands can now access information about who bought […]


Retail Media Offers Relevance At Scale, Holiday Boom: Omnicom’s Baker

Retail media spending is already booming, as new retailers light up ad inventory opportunities and brands clamour to get close to the point of purchase. As the holiday season approaches, some in the industry are expecting the category to soar to even higher heights. In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein, Jacquelyn […]


Retail Media Is A Layer, Not A Channel: Kroger’s Jill Smith

Retail media is exploding, set to take up a fifth of all US ad spend in 2024, according to new Advertiser Perceptions research. But that doesn’t mean it is its own special new category. “People think about sometimes retail media as this own separate channel,” says Jill Smith, VP of Sales at Kroger Precision Marketing, […]