Gaming Is The Next Streaming: Microsoft Advertising’s Lynne Kjolso

CANNES — For the advertising industry, the boom in video game advertising has always seemed to be just around the corner. But the world of gaming is already rapidly evolving, and with it comes a massive opportunity for advertisers to reach a highly engaged and loyal audience. With 3.4 billion gamers worldwide, the potential for […]


Disney Embraces Automation and Interoperability in Ad Sales

CANNES — Disney’s annual upfront meetings in New York this year included plenty of commitments to ad automation, with about 50% of its ad sales being automated and addressably led. The company offers its clients flexibility in how they want to transact, whether directly, through PG, or through biddable options. “For us at Disney, we […]


Data Collaboration Unlocks Insights for Marketers: LiveRamp’s Daniella Harkins

CANNES – Privacy laws in many parts of the world have limited how brands can use people’s personally identifiable information for advertising and marketing. Amid these restrictions on the data they collect, brands must find ways to collaborate with other data sources to improve the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Data collaboration is “how you […]


Data Sources Fuel Commerce Media’s Results for Marketers: Criteo’s Todd Parsons

CANNES – Retailers that sell advertising have emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments of the media marketplace. The enthusiasm for these retail media networks, and commerce media at large, was evident at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. “For the first time, we’re able to stitch together the customer journey, or the consumer […]


AI Poised to Transform Video Targeting, Says Silverpush’s Agnew

CANNES — Could artificial intelligence be about to revolutionize the way brands advertise in online video? One executive thinks so. AI is set to transform how brands can take advantage of the actual content inside the videos against which they advertise, instead of relying on more traditional methods. “AI allows us to really understand what […]


Augmented Reality Helps to Differentiate Retail Media: Snap’s Kevin Longo

CANNES – Social-media companies in the past decade have built out their commerce platforms, helping brands to drive direct sales. As they collaborate with retailers that sell advertising, they are finding ways to complement each other’s strengths. “For everything that retail media networks have, one thing they don’t have is consistency,” Kevin Longo, head of […]


CTV and Retail Media – A Match Made in Advertising Heaven?: TripleLift’s Annie Vines

CANNES — The future of advertising may well lie at the intersection of two of the fastest-growing channels – connected TV (CTV) and retail media. But marrying the two is not without its challenges, says Annie Vines, Senior Director of Business Development at TripleLift, in this video interview with Beet.TV. CTV offers a premium, high-impact advertising […]


Bringing Video Ad Creativity to Mobile’s Full-Screen Canvas: Digital Turbine’s Mark Slade

CANNES — Advertising creativity is celebrated each year at the Cannes Lions festival. But ironically, when those same ads play out in digital media, they are often relegated to feeds, screen corners or other sub-optimal placements. “Ultimately, we don’t allow that creativity to shine on the digital platforms,” complains Mark Slade, VP of Brand at […]


Connected TV Brings Digital Capability to Linear TV, Accelerating Growth for Unilever

CANNES — Retail media spending is surging, as more ad buyers turn on to the idea of being seen where commerce happens. But how exactly are the world’s leading CPG companies thinking about retail media when it comes to connected TV (CTV)? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Aaron Sobol, Head of US Media Investment & Partnerships […]


TV’s Fragmentation Lets Brands Reach Audiences Better: DIRECTV Advertising’s Cordes

CANNES — The proliferation of connected TV services is giving viewers more choice – and advertisers more challenges. But, ultimately, the new opportunities to reach viewers is a win for brands, according to one TV exec. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brian Cordes, Head of Client Partnerships & National Offices, DIRECTV Advertising, says the new […]


AI-Powered Emotional Ad Matching Lifts Ad Metrics: Wurl’s Crofut

CANNES — Can you put a price on emotions? For advertisers, Wurl, thinks it has found a way. The company offers tools for video monetization, allowing advertisers to deliver content across various platforms. Its latest product, BrandDiscovery, allows advertisers to precisely match their ad with the context and emotion of a scene, right before the […]


Marketers Have Opportunity to Diversify Retail Media Spend: Criteo’s Melanie Zimmerman

CANNES – The number of retailers that sell digital advertising has exploded in the past few years as marketers have sought to reach consumers when they’re most ready to shop. Criteo has evolved its ad-tech platform to help bring together these retailers and a diverse range of advertisers. “We’ve always been performance-focused, and so we […]


Dow Jones Embraces AI Amidst Surging Demand for Reliable News: CEO Latour

CANNES — If any news publisher knows the numbers behind AI effectiveness, it must be Dow Jones. The company, which also owns The Wall Street Journal, covers the growing trend daily, and recently inked a big deal with OpenAI. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dow Jones CEO and Wall Street Journal publisher Almar Latour says […]


‘Milliseconds Matter’: FreeWheel Boots-Up Live Programmatic Ads For Paris Olympics

CANNES — When you are trying to target and serve programmatic ads to TV, every millisecond counts. Timed for NBC’s coverage of the upcoming Paris Olympics, ad-tech company FreeWheel is launching a new suite of programmatic software geared toward live delivery. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark McKee, EVP & GM, FreeWheel, explains why […]


Identity Resolution Key to Bold Marketing in Fragmented World: TransUnion’s Spiegel

CANNES — In a media and marketing landscape more fragmented than ever, the concept of identity resolution is fundamental to being a bold marketer. So says Matt Spiegel, EVP of TransUnion’s TruAudience Growth Strategy, who believes marketers must stitch together a full picture of people and households in order to drive growth. “Every marketer is […]


Strategic Audiences, Live Programming Deliver Results for Advertisers: NBCU’s Maggie Zhang

CANNES – As advertisers seek to win over their most likely customers, they increasingly rely on a variety of data sources to optimize their media spending. NBCUniversal, a unit of Comcast, has developed advanced capabilities to help advertisers reach people by audience segments. “We are doubling down on strategic audiences because we truly believe the […]


CTV and Branded Content Offer New Opportunities for Molson Coors

CANNES — As younger audiences increasingly turn to ad-supported CTV platforms for their content, marketers are taking notice. For brewing firm Molson Coors, the shift to CTV is about more than just following the consumer. It’s also opening up new possibilities for branded content partnerships that go beyond traditional advertising. “CTV is obviously beyond a […]


AI Algorithms Unlock Media Buying Efficiencies, Havas Media Network’s Bregman Says

CANNES — In an age when clients demand hard business outcomes from their ad spending, it is incumbent on agencies to harness the right data for optimizing and restructuring media buys. But that is a challenge which relies on having the right data relationships in place throughout the process, as well as deploying the latest […]


Disney Aims To Maximize Contextual Moments With ‘Magic Words’

CANNES — The Walt Disney Company is already known for its Magic Kingdom. Now it is also bringing some “magic” to contextual ad targeting. The company has set a goal of achieving over 50% of its revenue through automated channels and is on track to exceed that target, making programmatic central to how Disney goes […]


Influencers Are Becoming Engines of Commerce, Omnicom’s O’Connell Says

CANNES — The phenomenon of “connected commerce” is not just about retailers or consumer goods companies. In a recent white paper, Omnicom explored the various ways in which consumers are interacting with shoppable moments – and found that consumers themselves have considerable influence over the emerging category. In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa […]

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