Hispanic Audiences Will Shine at Upfront: TelevisaUnivision’s Donna Speciale

SAN JUAN, PR – The Hispanic population is a significant source of economic growth for the United States, but its television audience historically has been undercounted. With this year’s upfront sales season, Spanish-language media giant TelevisaUnivision will showcase more comprehensive data about Hispanic viewers. “We built a lot of new capabilities with audience targeting,” Donna […]


The Road To Cannes 2023: Ad Execs Relish Connection & Creativity On The Côte D’Azur

It has been the go-to gathering for the advertising industry for 69 years. Now, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity attracts movers and shakers in media, technology and much more besides. With the 2023 festival about to kick off on Cannes’ famous Croisette, June 19 to 23, what are the conversations people from the advanced TV […]


Culture, Creativity & Connection: Univision’s Speciale On Cannes & The Hispanic Graph

Sometimes it takes more than data points to really understand your audience. Case in point – TelevisaUnivision, the TV network serving Hispanic Americans, says many advertisers are still overlooking the unique advantage in appealing to this audience. In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Donna Speciale, President, Sales & Marketing, TelevisaUnivision, […]


Only The Hispanic Graph Can Grow Your Business: TelevisaUnivision’s Donna Speciale

Fresh from merging with Grupo Televisa of Mexico, U.S. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is pitching during the 2022-23 TV upfronts ad sales season with a bullish message. Ahead of the deal, Univision had been building its streaming business by acquiring ad-supported platform ViX, planning to integrate it with its own PrendeTV. They relaunched as a combined […]


Marketers Can Find Major Growth in Hispanic Market: Univision’s Donna Speciale Chats With VAB’s Sean Cunningham

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Consumer brands, especially those in mature industries, can find growth by diversifying their advertising to include the burgeoning market of Spanish-speaking consumers in the United States. That was one of the key messages from Donna Speciale, the advertising veteran who last year joined Univision as president of sales and marketing, […]


TV Ratings Must Represent Multicultural Audiences: Univision’s Donna Speciale

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Television networks are preparing for the yearly upfront sales season, but are considered unlikely to have the backing of an audience measurement company. TV ratings stalwarts Nielsen and Comscore probably won’t receive accreditation from the Media Rating Council by the time that networks present their programming slates to major advertisers […]


Data Diversity On Univision’s Beet Retreat Agenda

In early 2022, TV companies and advertisers are working hard to introduce new measurement currencies for the medium. But what if oversights meant that the new methods ended up being just as inaccurate as before? That is the fear for Donna Speciale, President, Sales & Marketing, Univision. Discussing data In this video interview with Beet.TV, Speciale, […]


Donna Speciale: “We’re Counting an Underreported Audience,” Univision has its “Hispanic Graph” and a New Alliance with Comscore

This week, our #BeetCast podcast guest is Donna Speciale, President of Sales and Marketing at Univision. Donna is known to many of us as a leader in our industry from her days as a media buyer to her role leading the sales organization at Turner Broadcasting. Donna started her new role at Univision 10 months […]


‘Hispanic Market Should Be Foundation in Marketing Plans’: Univision’s Donna Speciale

Advertisers seeking to reach a high-growth consumer group must have a strategy for the Hispanic market. With Generation Z emerging as the most multiethnic group in U.S. history and the Hispanic population forecast to expand 20% to 74.8 million people this decade, marketers can’t ignore a huge market with growing spending power. “The Hispanic market […]


WarnerMedia Teams with Xandr to Guarantee Advertising Outcomes, Donna Speciale

In addition to unveiling new and returning series, WarnerMedia used its UpFront presentation today to share case studies showing linear television’s impact on business outcomes and discuss its upcoming SVOD and AVOD services. “What I’m thrilled about is that we’re going to be showing a lot of results,” WarnerMedia President of Ad Sales Donna Speciale […]


A ‘Resurgent’ comScore Plans Currency, Planning Solutions: CEO Wiener

With the race for cross-screen audience measurement becoming more of a marathon than a sprint, under new CEO Bryan Wiener comScore has both feet in the game. Those would be its digital and television penetration and the granularity of its consumer behavior data. “The genesis behind the comScore-Rentrak merger was brilliant,” Wiener says in this […]


AT&T, Turner ‘Visions’ Are Aligned, Says Speciale

COLOGNE – Turner’s Donna Speciale knows the value of consumer data for advertising targeting and has been working with AT&T as it prepares to unveil its future at The Relevance Conference later this month. “I’m thrilled to be attending the conference in the next week or two,” she says. “I want to hear Brian’s vision […]


Speciale: Turner Sees Ad Reduction Ratings Lift, Expects More OpenAP Members

After reducing the ad load in some of its programming on truTV and TNT, Turner has seen a corresponding ratings lift while seeking to bring more native ads to television as a complement to the ad reduction. And in this interview with Beet.TV during the 2017 TV Upfront, Ad Sales President Donna Speciale says she […]


Turner’s Speciale On App Partnerships, Honing In On Network Fans

BARCELONA – You never know where a client-specific initiative will lead in the mobile space. For Turner, a good example is its 2016 partnership with CA Technologies on the CNN Politics app. “That was the first thing we have ever done where we started with the mobile concept and then a lot of the ideas […]


Turner’s Speciale Mulls Two-Minute Ads Replacing 30-Second Spots

Web users don’t like too many ads, and TV viewers may feel the same way, too. That’s why, last October, Turner made a big announcement that it would reduce the ad load in some of its TV broadcasts. One year on, how is the initiative faring? Donna Speciale, Turner Ad Sales’ president, tells Beet.TV the early results are exploratory […]


Turner Seeks Optimum Length For Fewer, Longer, Better TV Ads, Donna Speciale explains

Viewers don’t like too TV many ads. That’s the realization CNN owner Turner has come to, one of several media organizations now responding to negative consumer sentiment about the way content is funded. Turner’s solution – fewer, longer, better ads. That’s why, in October, it said it will halve the number of prime-time ads on […]