Sustainability & Responsible Marketing Summit Highlights with Adlook & Sharethrough: Ad Industry Seeks to Shrink Carbon Footprint

CANNES – The media and marketing industries in the past few years have grown more aware of how advertising activities lead to emissions of greenhouse gasses. Beet.TV hosted the Sustainability and Responsible Marketing Summit to bring together professionals from a variety of advertising agencies, ad-tech companies and industry associations. This highlight reel captures some of […]


Transformation Of TV Highlights: Teads, VIZIO, Disney, MNTN, Effectv & Telly Execs On Addressable, Outcome-Driven Ads

CANNES — The changing face of television advertising is a hot topic among digital innovators, as discussions intensify around experimental technology and consumer-first design. With massive streaming migrations and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) within the sector, executives descended on Cannes Lions to debate the latest. Beet.TV was fortunate to host some of those […]


Cannes Measuremeht Summit Highlights: Comscore, LoopMe & LiveRamp Execs Want To Let The Data Flow

CANNES — If data is still the new oil, the infrastructure had better allow it to flow. In recent years, limits have been placed on the transfer of consumer data – often for good, privacy-focused reasons. At Cannes Lions, the Global Leadership Summit on Data & Measurement at Cannes Lions 2023, presented by Comscore, LiveRamp […]


Retail Media Summit Highlights: Criteo, Habu, PepsiCo, Uber Execs On The Collision Of Commerce & Content

CANNES — With US retail media spending estimated by eMarketer to be $45 billion in 2023, the category is not exactly a new topic anymore. So, companies rolled into Cannes Lions with solid views about a maturing topic. Beet.TV played host to some of those discussions, through Global Retail Media Summit at Cannes Lions 2023, […]


Disney, Tubi & NBCUniversal Execs Focus on User Experience In Cannes Panel

CANNES — The streaming landscape has revolutionized the way consumers engage with content and advertising. As major players continue to expand their streaming services, they are increasingly focused on delivering a seamless user experience and leveraging data to improve advertising effectiveness. In a recent panel discussion led by Jonathan Steuer, executives from three companies shared […]


Sustainability Goals Reshape Ad Agencies for the Better: 4As’ Marla Kaplowitz, IPG’s Jemma Gould, Dentsu’s Deva Bronson & Mindshare’s Ollie Joyce

CANNES – Advertising agencies have a key role in transforming people’s lives, and these changes aren’t confined to luring consumers to buying products and services. Increasingly, agencies are broadening their mandates to limit advertising’s negative effect on the Earth’s system of natural resources. Marla Kaplowitz, president and chief executive of the American Association of Advertising […]


Media Context Has Key Role in People’s Attention to Ads: Fireside Chat with OMD’s Chrissie Hanson and Teads’s Monique Pintarelli

CANNES – Marketers are continually seeking indicators of the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. That goal has become more difficult as consumers seek more control over how their personal data are shared with brands. In this environment, marketers are seeking more information about how much attention people pay to advertising and about the context in […]


Commerce Media Marks Convergence of Digital and Retail: Criteo’s Brian Gleason & Uber’s Megan Ramm

CANNES – Brands have more ways to lead consumers through the purchase funnel as commerce media provide them with multiple digital touchpoints. These interactions also generate data that can help to sharpen their marketing strategies. In this fireside chat at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Brian Gleason, chief revenue officer at ad-tech company […]


People Who Order Free TVs Are Desirable to Brands: Telly’s Ilya Pozin

CANNES – Smart-TV startup Telly seeks to transform the value proposition for consumers by offering them free TV sets in exchange for seeing advertisements. Without spending any money to advertise the product, Telly received 250,000 orders for its set in its first week. “These are people who are very interested in our product,” Ilya Pozin, […]


TV-Quality Ad Breaks Are Key Priority for Streaming: Paramount’s Leo O’Connor

CANNES – The rapid growth in audiences for advertising-supported streaming video has pushed media companies to develop a viewer experience that matches or exceeds what traditional television offers. Marketers also want the assurance that their ads won’t appear so frequently that they become a nuisance and that the ads of competitors won’t appear in the […]


Sustainability Is Achieved With Group Effort: Sharethrough’s Ben Skinazi & Ad Net Zero’s John Osborn

CANNES – The advertising industry is in the early stages of working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from marketing activities. With the realization of how much fossil-fuel energy is consumed by computer networks that automate parts of the media marketplace, ad-tech companies such as Sharethrough are looking at ways to achieve sustainability goals without negatively […]


Retail Media Offer Key Alternative to Walled Gardens: Albertsons’ Kristi Argyilan

CANNES – Retailers that sell advertising are riding a multibillion-dollar wave of spending by marketers that seek to reach consumers who are ready to shop or are open to discovering new products. The budding segment of media marketplace hasn’t matched the scale of other channels, such as television, social media and internet search, but that […]


Brand Purpose Underpins Best Ad Strategies: OMD’s Luke Lambert

CANNES – Younger generations of consumers tend to be more mindful than their older counterparts about buying products and services whose social values align with theirs. Amid this growing awareness, marketers must consider how they define the purpose of their brands. “Purpose is incredibly important to delivering on any and all marketing objectives,” Luke Lambert, […]


Sustainability Is Now Key Part of Media Responsibility: GARM’s Rob Rakowitz

CANNES – The media-buying decisions of advertisers collectively have a big effect on how consumers receive information about the world around them. The Global Alliance for Responsible Media, a cross-industry initiative established four years ago by the World Federation of Advertisers, has sought to help marketers make more informed decisions about their media-buying strategies. Amid […]


Shoppable Ads Complement TV Spots, Says Roku’s Pullins

CANNES — A year after it launched a shoppable TV ad, Roku came to Cannes Lions with a major Walmart partnership to talk about. Roku in May 2022 had announced a “frictionless retail” scheme combining shoppable ads with its Roku Pay technology. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lindsay Pullins, Director, Ad Revenue Business Strategy, Partnerships, […]


‘The New Channel Surfing’: VIZIO’s Vision to Enhance User Experience and Reshape Advertising

CANNES — Can UI lead to ROI? Adam Bergman thinks so. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Bergman, VIZIO’s Group VP, Advertising & Data Sales, says he wants a fresh approach to the user experience and advertising model. His vision is centered on transforming the way users search and discover content and encouraging advertisers to […]


Making Smart TVs That Live Up to the Name: Telly’s Ilya Pozin

CANNES – The term “smart TV” is widespread in describing televisions that offer a way to connect to the internet, but they generally don’t have the same capabilities as a smartphone, tablet or laptop to run a variety of software. Television manufacturing startup Telly seeks to change that with a set that’s more versatile and […]


OpenX’s Journey To Net Zero: A Happy Accident With Big Impacts

CANNES — When you are an ad-tech firm in an industry waking up to the carbon impact of digital communications, how can you reach net zero? “We were able to achieve and reduce and meet our goal within five years. But it was a journey and it’s not a straightforward journey,” says Andy Hammond, Senior […]


Big Data, New Currencies & Clean Rooms: A Peek Inside OpenAP’s Future

CANNES — Last year at Cannes, OpenAP announced the OpenAP Data Hub in partnership with Snowflake, to provide publishers and advertisers with cross-platform data in privacy-compliant environments. The business is now gearing up for the launch of what it says is the industry’s first streaming data service, set to debut in early 2024. “OpenAP’s role […]


Marketing Mix Analysis Rocked Our Media & Tech Spending: Joe Keating, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

CANNES – Harnessing statistical data for marketing decisions can help brands not only decide where to advertise, but also what kind of technologies they need. For Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a unit of Colgate-Palmolive, marketing mix modeling helped to uncover the need for its own data clean room to support a more granular analysis of its […]

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