Beet Custom Video Series

A Unique Sponsorship Opportunity

The cornerstone of Beet.TV’s offering is its sponsored videos: its unique short-form videos that are created around Beet’s custom events, industry events and as bespoke series.

You can find a link to our bespoke series undertaken over the past 12 months.

During the pandemic, with travel stopped, Beet is completely focused on creating bespoke series for a range of partners. Producing remotely, using Zoom, Beet.TV has vastly expanded its production, audience and social buzz.

These custom series generally range from 8-15 videos. These programs offer unique opportunities for sponsors. Beet sponsorships provide these value propositions:

  • High visibility branding for the company in a targeted influential audience
  • A video platform for company executives
  • Direct business development by including customers and prospects
  • Video assets to be shared with the sponsor for its channels.

While the series is carefully crafted to achieve these goals, the product is informational, influential and editorially valuable. Beet videos are an essential part of the conversation.

The Process

A first step is for the sponsor and the Beet.TV team to jointly establish a theme and editorial direction for the series. This theme will reflect the sponsor’s current and aspired market position.

The list of interviewees will be jointly curated and approved by the sponsor. The solicitation of the interviewees can be done by the sponsor or the Beet team, or both. The Beet team is responsible for all bookings, production, publication and marketing. In most cases, the series includes one or two sponsor executives.

Distribution and Promotion

The videos are published on Beet.TV and its syndication network including Reuters, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. The sponsor is deeply integrated into the videos with pre- and post-roll branding, social media push, banners, email and retargeting.

Production and Publication

Most series are produced and published within an eight-week period: the first four weeks for planning and production and the following month for publication.

Reach and Impact

Beet.TV has a highly influential audience of executives in the marketing and media industry including senior media buyers, brand marketers, programmers, technology providers and a range of influencers including analysts, investors and journalists. Videos are heavily supported by a robust following on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by email and retargeting.

Most views of Beet videos happen within a 30-day period, but many are viewed beyond. Published on Beet.TV and on YouTube, the videos are highly search optimized and are “evergreen” – often watched as an essential briefing for learning, business deals and recruiting.

The value of Beet lies in its network of influencers. Every week, about 5,000 people view Beet videos. It is a highly targeted audience. Beyond those who watch the videos themselves, are vastly more who are aware of them via social media and retargeting. Often companies like Comcast, AT&T, GroupM, Digitas, IPG and Publicis share videos of their executives with their social networks, greatly expanding the impact of the videos within these global enterprises.

Beet.TV has a following of 10k on Twitter and 5k on LinkedIn. Most months, there are roughly 350,000 impressions of our social activity. Interaction varies but we average about 25,000 interactions across Twitter and LinkedIn. Beet has an influential daily newsletter distribution of 3k.

Paid media is part of the mix, notably retargeting. With some 100,000 browser pixels, banners for the sponsored series are widely seen on many leading sites from The Washington Post to The New York Times to There are about 750,000 retargeting impressions served monthly.

Beyond the reach, Beet.TV has shown time and again that it can be a lead generator. The process of content creation is akin to creating a salon where people meet. This can both generate new leads and solidify existing relationships.

Terms & Fees

All use of the Sponsor’s logo and name will be subject to written approval by the Sponsor. The videos produced in this series will be the property of the Producer. However, Beet will grant permission to the sponsor to use the videos on its site and social channels.

Beyond the sponsorship fee, Beet.TV can obtain additional visibility via paid media on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This added audience will involve extra fees.

Pricing is available upon request.