Programmatic Propels Streaming TV to New Heights, Says Yahoo’s Beau Ordemann

MIAMI — The shift towards programmatic advertising is reshaping the streaming TV landscape, delivering scale, addressability, and simplicity in crafting complex TV strategies. With a growing proportion of streaming on-demand TV ads now powered by programmatic, can live streaming TV pull off the same trick? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Beau Ordemann, VP, Head of […]


Cost-Benefit Analysis Unlocks TV Ad Strategies: Yahoo’s Beau Ordemann

SANTA MONICA, CA – Marketers and media buyers that are weighing the best ways to reach television audiences most effectively are smart to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of their media plans. This process is especially important when making the transition from traditional insertion orders to automated transactions on programmatic platforms. “The marketer wants to understand: […]


Attention & Creativity Under The Microscope: Yahoo’s Ordemann

CANNES — It wouldn’t be the International Festival of Creativity if ad creative wasn’t high on the agenda. But, in a world of advanced targeting and analytics, is the message more important than the medium anymore? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Beau Ordemann, VP, Head of Advanced TV, Yahoo Advertising, gives his view. Creativity is […]


Connecting Linear TV With Video Streaming Breaks Down Silos: Yahoo’s Beau Ordemann

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Brands increasingly are taking a cross-platform approach to television advertising as consumers divide their time among traditional live linear programming and on-demand video streams. The trend is pushing media buyers to break down the silos that have separated specialties in television and digital platforms, including internet search, social media, open web […]


Yahoo! Seeing 4x More Brands Buying Upfront Programmatic TV

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The current US upfront TV ad sales season looks like being notable for two trends: A bounce-back in post-lockdown advertiser spend. The migration of some of that spend toward advanced and connected TV executions. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Beau Ordemann, Head of Advanced TV, Yahoo!, says his company […]


Getting Media Channels to Work Together for Marketers Is Key Priority: Yahoo’s Beau Ordemann

LOS ANGELES – Marketers face challenges in attaining reach and frequency goals for their advertising campaigns as consumers divide their time among a wider variety of media channels. They also seek improvements in addressability and measurement to ensure they’re driving business outcomes. Web services company Yahoo is investing in cross-channel measurement to help marketers understand […]


Addressable TV Is Too Complex, Buyers Say. Verizon Media Wants To Change That

The new power of connected and addressable TV technology offers a remarkable promise – the ability to transform TV from a one-to-many medium in which everyone saw the same ad, to one in which advertising is customized for individual households. Getting there has been a slog – and buyers still say the process is too […]