Since its launch in 2006, Beet.TV has been considered an essential media chronicle of the digital video revolution.

Unlike conventional text-centric business trade publications, Beet.TV tells its stories with short, well-edited and informational videos. The videos break news, report on industry developments and spot the trends. Up close and personal, the videos provide unique insight into the passion and point of view of industry influencers.

An influential, global audience consumes about 10,000 video views per day. The videos are viewed on Beet.TV and widely syndicated.

Videos are produced at the Beet.TV studio in Manhattan, at industry events such as CES, DMEXCO, Cannes Lions, and Advertising Week. Many videos are produced at Beet.TV’s signature “leadership” events.

Beet.TV covers many aspects of the industry including video advertising strategy; platforms for distribution and consumption; programmatic; web original entertainment and news; social media; devices; and many aspects of strategy around discovery, search and syndication.

Most of the 200,000 video views occur off-site via syndication, the embeddable player, and other means. Videos are seen on AOL, TechCrunch, Twitter, the Huffington Post, Reuters Insider, Dailymotion, NASDAQ.com, and many other sites. Beyond the video and page views is a large, influential social graph with nearly 200K Twitter interactions and 250K retargeting impressions.

The Audience

The audience is comprised of several groups including:

Media & Creative Agency Executives

These include media planners, buyers and C-level executives at all the major media agencies. Based on analytics and email subscriptions, about 25 percent of our audience is media agency based. Our following in the creative agencies is about 5 percent of our audience.

Marketing Executives

Many marketers are featured on the site and consumer the videos. We estimate about 5 percent of the audience is made up of marketers.


Some 10 percent of the views come from publishers and the digital publishing and content creation industries.


Along with AdExchanger, Adweek, MediaPost, Digiday and Advertising Age, Beet.TV has a big following in the adtech world. The videos and related social media is consumed by the start-ups and established companies that populate the ad tech world. This includes companies in programmatic, analytics, infrastructure, mobile, social, content marketing and syndication. Some 40 percent of the views come from the adtech industry.


Institutional, private investors, analysts and journalists.

Global vs. U.S.

About 70 percent of views are in the U.S. and Canada; 20 percent from the U.K. with rest mostly in Western Europe, India, Israel, and Australia.

Key Audience Metrics

Monthly Video Views via syndication200,000
Monthly Unique Visitors to Beet.TV125,000
Twitter Followers9,500
Twitter Interactions per month185,000
Retargeting Impressions per month250,000
Email Subscriptions10,000

Business Operations

Beet.TV derives revenue through sponsorships and advertising with a host of B2B advertisers including AT&T, AOL, Adobe, Facebook, Nielsen, Xaxis, and several others. Many of these sponsorships are customized around events and special projects. The company is a pioneer in B2B “native advertising,” creating strong and influential content that is closely associated with its sponsors.

Driving Results for Partners

As the publication chronicles a transformative industry, reports on news, and profiles the key players, it provides unique value to its marketing partners or Sponsors. This is why so many partners come back and why business is growing.

Partnerships with Beet are unique, creative, and bespoke. They are constructed to achieve key business objectives. Beet.TV provides valuable branding to its marketing partners by associating videos with the Sponsor in the form of pre-roll and post roll ads, video segments, banners, association via social media, and retargeting.

These videos drive awareness of company innovation, and institutional culture. This branding drives business, investment, recruiting, and overall enhanced perception.

In addition to the branding aspect is the face-to-face settings where relationships are built and business is made. These take place at Beet’s custom events and executive retreats.


Outlined below are the opportunity categories:

Coverage of Major Events

Beet produces videos of major events such as the 4A’s, Cannes, DMEXCO and associates the Sponsor with the videos. These are typically 25 to 50 videos for big events like Cannes or DMEXCO.

Custom Events

Beet produces a range of custom events. These usually involve a half day program of sessions and conversation on a topic deemed of interest to the Sponsor. Beet does all the programming, production and logistics. The Sponsor provides input into the content, speakers and format. The entire program is produced for video with an audience of some 50. These events take place at advertising agencies, publishers or hotel event space. Beet produces about 8 such programs a year. They take place in New York, London, San Francisco and Chicago.

Bespoke Series

Beet creates thematic series which usually are comprised of 25 videos. The themes and content are framed by the goals of the Sponsor. So, themes of recent and upcoming series include programmatic, “addressable” TV, outstream video, video in the social feed, and more general series.

Executive Retreats

Beet creates extraordinary executive retreats which are limited to 35 participants. The intense 2-day program create content, exchange information and build business relationships. The events are held on the island of Vieques and in Florida. Two or three of these events are produced yearly.

About Andy Plesser, Founder and CEO of Beet.TV