AI Algorithms Unlock Media Buying Efficiencies, Havas Media Network’s Bregman Says

CANNES — In an age when clients demand hard business outcomes from their ad spending, it is incumbent on agencies to harness the right data for optimizing and restructuring media buys. But that is a challenge which relies on having the right data relationships in place throughout the process, as well as deploying the latest […]


Havas Media Group’s Bregman Sees ‘Golden Age’ For AI Creativity

SAN JUAN, PR — Artificial intelligence is no longer just a buzzword—it’s poised to revolutionize the media industry, transforming everything from creative generation to consumer engagement. Mike Bregman, chief activation officer at Havas Media Group, reveals how the group is leveraging “meaningful AI” to elevate its media planning and optimization strategies in this video interview […]


Media Agencies Are Moving Up the Value Chain with Brands: Havas Media’s Mike Bregman

SALISBURY, Ct. – The growth of ecommerce and the greater complexity of the media landscape have led media agencies to expand their role from activating campaigns on behalf of advertisers to provide more value-added services such as strategic consulting. “Agencies have a right to play in the consulting field, and even more so in content […]


Attention Metrics, Clean Rooms Are Key Ad Tools: Havas’s Mike Bregman

CANNES – The fragmentation of the media marketplace has challenged marketers to find more ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising, including a metric for people’s attention to brand messaging. Advertising agency Havas teamed with measurement partner Adelaide to develop the Meaningful Attention Unit (MAU) as a key metric. “We’re going to change how we […]


NewFronts Are Showcasing Tech Transformation in Media: Havas’s Mike Bregman

NEW YORK – The media landscape is being transformed with the greater availability of data to help brands decide the best ways to reach new or existing customers with their marketing campaigns. “When you have streaming content, when you have viewership, when you have engagement – one of the most amazing things about the NewFronts […]


Clean Rooms Should Not Have Brick Walls: Havas’ Bregman

SAN JUAN, PR — They are billed as a software tool for bringing data back together after the demise of identifiers. But could “data clean rooms” actually end up making marketers’ lives even more difficult? In this interview with Beet.TV Events editorial director Jon Watts at Beet Retreat, Mike Bregman, Chief Data Officer, Havas Media […]


‘Meaningful’ Technology Is Core of Our Agency Model: Havas’s Mike Bregman

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers are always looking for more insights to improve the effectiveness of their advertising. With that in mind, Havas Media Group has made the idea of “meaningful” a key part of adopting technologies that help brands to reach their business objectives. “’Meaningful’ defines our agency model, and we’re going to […]


Havas Launching Attention Metric In Time For Upfronts

Havas Media Group is launching a new attention-tracking metrics in a bid to give its clients a new spin on measurement, going into this year’s TV upfront ad sales season. Mike Bregman, Chief Data Officer, Havas Media Group, said the company is working on a proprietary solution. He explained it is driven by a goal […]


2023 Is ‘Year of Reckoning’ for Ad-Related Data and Technology: Havas’s Mike Bregman

LAS VEGAS – Economic disruptions can be painful, but they also can drive greater innovation. As the world’s commercial activity slows, marketers and advertising agencies will be making tough decisions about the business partners they want in the next recovery. “It’s gonna be a year of reckoning for sure. There’s an overabundance of companies right […]


Advertisers Can Get Results Without Overspending on Tech: Havas’s Mike Bregman

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Newer technologies often come with a dizzying array of buzzwords, technical jargon and flashy bells and whistles. As advertisers seek help in evaluating martech and adtech platforms, they need to be mindful that the technology delivers on its promises. “A lot of times when you hire the consulting firms, they talk […]


Retail’s ‘Citizen Data Scientists’ Could Predict The Future Of Ads: Havas’ Bregman

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – In the new world of first-party marketing data, retailers have the keys to a new kingdom. Limits on traditional audience identifiers may have propelled that trend. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat San Juan, Havas Media Chief Data Officer Mike Bregman says retailers now have an […]