SAN JUAN, PR — Artificial intelligence is no longer just a buzzword—it’s poised to revolutionize the media industry, transforming everything from creative generation to consumer engagement.

Mike Bregman, chief activation officer at Havas Media Group, reveals how the group is leveraging “meaningful AI” to elevate its media planning and optimization strategies in this video interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at Beet Retreat San Juan 2024.

AI: A Golden Age for Media Innovation

“We’re in a golden age of AI innovation, really, for the media industry,” Bregman explains with palpable enthusiasm. The implications are vast, and the impact on creative processes is particularly striking.

“Creative generation has gone from a couple of weeks to a couple hours,” he says.

But it’s not just about speed; it’s also about precision and agility. AI allows for rapid creation and iteration, which perfectly suits the fast-paced nature of today’s media landscape.

Bregman expands on how AI has streamlined operations: “AI really has the power to consolidate, make us more agile – leaner teams, much more integrated, much faster thinking, much faster planning and optimization.”

Technology-Driven Media Planning

In discussing the modern media agency’s shape, Bregman points to a seismic shift in the utilization of technology.

“We use technology more than we’ve ever used before,” he says, acknowledging the departure from traditional, slower methods of media planning.

By harnessing AI, Havas Media Group has been able to create “data-enabled insights” and “data-enabled experimentation” to refine its consumer engagement strategies.

The focus lies in perfecting the communication with consumers through the right connections, content and context—a trifecta Bregman refers to as the three Cs.

“If you can find a way to really nail the concept of those three Cs with the right data partners and through the right tech stack, you can really increase the impact of your media,” Bregman thinks.

Innovations in Ad Measurement

Havas Media Group is a global media and marketing services company within Vivendi-owned Havas. It provides strategic advice and executes campaigns across various media platforms.

The group has also introduced its Meaningful Attention Unit (MAU), which ranks different types of inventory and content across channels.

“The MAU allows us to… evaluate the size of the unit, where it does on page, how visible it is, how much interactivity it has, how much engagement it gets with consumers,” Bregman describes.

Looking ahead, Bregman is particularly excited about the advancements in measurement, especially around Connected TV (CTV). Havas has partnered with various measurement firms, like Samba TV, to delve into granular audience data.

They have launched the MRP Pulse, an evolution of the Meaningful Rating Point (MRP), to measure consumer engagement with video content in real time with rich data provided by partners like Samba TV.

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