When shovelware has taken over, stop digging.

Over the last few years of media evolution, many brands have moved in to new formats by simply re-using their old creative.

That doesn’t cut it, says Jim Daily, Teads president, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

The executive’s company is best known as the company which brought you out-stream, the video advertising format which serves auto-playing video advertising between text paragraphs in news stories.

But Teads also launched Teads Studio, a software suite built on Teads’ acquisition of Brainient, which allows ad agencies to create richer and more interactive ad experiences using the same raw campaign materials.

“The mobile video ecosystem has been a bit broken, frankly, since it’s inception,” Daily says.

“And it’s been broken because people have been taking standard 15 and 30 second television assets and distributing them to a mobile audience.

“The anticipation of the consumer of getting more of a personalized, intimate experience on their mobile phone, is much higher than on television.”

Daily thinks the ad industry is overdue a lurch back to creativity.

“Over the last six or seven years, there’s been a huge increase in programmatic activity across our industry,” he says. “There’s been a huge increase in terms of data-driven marketing across our industry.

“But somewhere in there, we lost a bit of feel for the consumer and engaging the consumer with sensational creative. We can deliver really strong, unique, creative experiences to the consumer.”

If similar chatter at this year’s Cannes Lions ad industry gathering is anything to go by, it may actually come to pass.

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