Context’s Comeback: AI Brings Art and Science Back Together in Advertising

Once upon a time, it was the only ad-targeting game in town. But context in advertising was overtaken for a time by data, demographics and ethnographics. Now, with the deprecation of cookies looming, contextual AI is coming back to the fore, helping advertisers understand not just who their audience is but also the environment and mindset […]


Data Signals Help to Refine Cross-Platform Ad Targeting: Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa

LAS VEGAS – Many consumers divide their time spent with media among a wide array of content providers and devices. A variety of data signals provides clues for how to reach them. “If you think about just using data to find an audience, you have to think about how then that plays out in terms […]


Media Collaboration Makes Ad Market More Holistic: Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa

SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumers are dividing their time among a wider range of media channels and connected devices such as smart TVs, challenging advertisers to better understand how they’re reaching current and prospective customers. Fortunately, the media, marketing and adtech industries are working together on solutions. “We’re finally seeing that collaboration really come to […]


Data Help to Drive Creativity, Not Stifle It: Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa

NEW YORK – Marketers are always looking for consumer insights that help to shape their advertising strategies, and that includes creative content that sways people’s buying decisions. Some data signals, such as those from tracking cookies, are becoming less effective, but there are other ways to gain insights about audience behaviors. “Something that we always […]


Report Card: Beet Retreat Speakers Rate Ad Industry’s Progress On Advanced TV Journey

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Eleven months after they last gathered on the shores of Puerto Rico to discuss building-out the future of connected TV advertising, how did Beet Retreat San Juan speakers rate the industry’s progress? After four days of debate, networking and socializing at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, San Juan, delegates gathered for a […]


Consumer Insights Come From Data and Content: Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers are swimming in data, especially as connected devices like mobile phones and smart TVs generate nearly endless information about consumers. The data are most valuable when they provide an accurate picture of people’s behavior. “When data is used correctly, what it enables us to do is to get to […]


New Ad Models Will Help Data Education: Spark Foundry’s Giacosa

SANTA MONICA — The launch of ad support on some of the big video entertainment services is clearly going to be a boost for advertising buyers. But the new practice could also mean an increasing education for consumers in advertising and data use practices more broadly. That is according to one ad agency executive who […]


Show Me The Money: Spark Foundry’s Giacosa Wants Answers To CTV Ad Fraud

CANNES — With TV now opened up to the internet, there are estimates that connected TV ad fraud schemes could waste $144 million in US CTV ad spend. As a woman deciding where a big chunk of advertising spending goes, Lisa Giacosa wants answers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Giacosa, Chief Investment Officer, Spark […]


After The Cookie, Spark Has A New Ad Recipe, Giacosa Says

Traditional ad-targeting and measurement methods like third-party cookie matching and mobile identifiers are crumbling, it’s true. But many in the industry are not as pessimistic as some may have you believe. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lisa Giacosa, president of Publicis Media agency Spark Foundry, suggests that the erosion of the accepted infrastructure also […]


Context & Data Go Hand-In-Hand: Spark Foundry’s Giacosa

As the sun sets on cookies and as privacy regulation has dabbed the brakes on some of the more advanced facets of audience targeting, many advertisers are looking for alternatives. Amongst the leading contenders – contextual advertising, the practise of targeting not the audience for content but the content itself. As contextual ad targeting gains […]


Spark Foundry’s Giacosa: TV Attribution Needs to Catch Up

SAN JUAN, PR– With all of the different sources of data informing the TV industry, fragmentation is a natural consequence. In a town hall interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Lisa Giacosa, global md of data and analytics for Spark Foundry, explained how some collaboration is necessary in order […]


Missing Currency Makes Attribution Expensive: Spark Foundry’s Giacosa

SAN JUAN, PR — The explosion of devices, platforms and services through which to serve digital content and marketing messages gives brands and their agencies big new opportunities. And also some big headaches. Because, whilst embracing multiple destinations and even closing the loop to consumer action can maximize audience, it also means many different masters […]


Spark Foundry’s Giacosa Wants AI To Get Emotional

People keep talking about artificial intelligence as though it is some distant future. The reality is that many companies are now using variants of AI to enhance their business processes. Case in point – Publicis agency Spark Foundry is using machine learning on audience data points to enable the creation of dynamically-produced ad creative, customized […]


Spark Foundry’s Giacosa Critiques Modern Day Marketing Mix Modeling

For something that has been evolving for several decades, marketing mix modeling is still very much a journey in progress. To Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa, the final destination should represent a hybrid of short- and long-term ROI, brand equity and de-duplicated reach and frequency metrics. Overall, Giacosa says in this interview with Beet.TV at the […]


SMG’s Social/Video Global Lead: Brands Need to “Share Shift”

Brands will be most successful in online video if they can approach budgeting from a “share shift” point of view, says Lisa Giacosa, SVP Global Social Media Director and Video Lead at Starcom MediaVest Group, in this interview with Erick Schonfeld, co-founder of Touchcast, at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico. “I don’t mind how I reach a […]


SMG To Reveal Effectiveness Of Twitter TV Retargeting

Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) recently struck an exclusive partnership with Twitter, creating a “social TV lab” to explore the impact TV and social, in tandem, have on advertising. Now the pair are about to unveil first findings. SMG’s global video lead Lisa Giacosa tells Beet.TV metrics “look favorable” and are due to be published in February […]


SMG’s Giacosa on the New Vendors Behind Social Video

Programmers are exploring new ways to plan video and social TV across screens to drive consumer reaction thanks to a host of new technology vendors, says Lisa Giacosa, SVP Global Social Media Director and Global Video Lead at Starcom MediaVest Group, in an interview with Beet.TV at the Beet.TV executive retreat. Vendors she is keen on […]


SMG’s Twitter Partnership Moves Into Social Retargeting

LAS VEGAS — Starcom MediaVest Group is working with brands and Twitter to leverage social conversations around TV and to apply retargeting tactics to the social medium, says Lisa Giacosa, SVP Global Social Media Director and Global Video Lead at Starcom MediaVest Group, in an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. “We can […]