Advanced TV Is Finally Here: A Moment in Time, in Focus, at the Beet Retreat in San Juan

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – What a wonderful three days of conversations, reconnections, new connections and so much rich content creation. What a terrific group. My big takeaway from the Retreat is that after so much anticipation about the future of TV, we are there. The advanced TV industry is real and it is profoundly […]


Gender Equality in Ad-Tech Improving, but Women Face Many Challenges, Mediaocean’s Stephanie Dorman

This is Women’s History Month and we wanted to take stock of gender equality and report on what’s happening in our industry. We turned to Stephanie Dorman, chief customer officer at Mediaocean. Stephanie is a veteran of the ad-tech industry and has been watching the changes for women throughout her career. Formerly as chief people […]


Closing a Four-Year Learning Gap for the Children of Puerto Rico, the Ambition of the Boys & Girls Club’s Olga Ramos

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The children of Puerto Rico, many of whom had been historically disadvantaged in educational resources, unfortunately have fallen four years behind grade level because of several calamities in the past few years. Hurricane Maria, the coronavirus pandemic and devastating earthquakes that caused school closures have taken a toll on the […]


Essential Voices On What’s Next: PHD’s Catherine Sullivan, P&G’s Eric Austin and Meta’s Jason Daily

In this week’s BeetCast podcast, we are publishing the sound tracks some of the most compelling conversations in recent days. During CES week, we spoke with many leaders in our industry. Here are three which we find particularly compelling. *Catherine Sullivan is CEO of PHD US, a unit of Omnicom Media Group. She speaks to […]


Channeling Frederick Douglass: He Would Want Us All to Vote, Maria Weaver

Being the great, great granddaughter of Frederick Douglass, the nineteenth century social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer and statesman. has been a vibrant part of Maria Weaver’s family legacy for many generations. If she could “channel” her famous ancestor during this time of social upheaval, he would tell everyone to vote, says Weaver, CMO of Comcast […]


Web 3.0 Will Unleash Creativity, Futurist Rishad Tobaccowala on the #BeetCast

Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast. I am delighted to kick off our new season in partnership with our good friends at Mediaocean. I was sorry to miss so many of our colleagues at CES last week. Another essential event impacted by the pandemic, and we were sorry not to be there. Very disappointing, […]


Voices from the #BeetRetreat: Ashwin Navin, Howard Shimmel, Mike Fisher, Field Garthwaite, Tracey Scheppach and Kelly Abcarian

LOS ANGELES – More great conversations from the stage of the Beet Retreat in Santa Monica last month. Delighted to present thee segments on this episode of the #BeetCast podcast. Lots to listen to about the changing state of TV measurement with Ashwin Navin of Samba TV in a conversation with Howard Shimmel, plus a […]


Voices From the #BeetRetreat: Charting the The Way Forward for the TV Biz, Chats with Denise Colella, Pooja Midha, Zach Rodgers, Sean Buckley, Matt Spiegel, Jon Watts on the #BeetCast

LOS ANGELES — Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast Lots of activity here recently at Beet.TV. The most exciting has been our first in-person event in over 18 months. It was the Beet Retreat in Santa Monica last month. We brought together amazing people for long-need in person networking and conversations. At the event, […]


Wavemaker’s Louisa Wong on Steering a Prize-Winning Media Agency

My guest this week is Louisa Wong, Wavemaker CEO of the Americas. She is a pioneer in the programmatic space, starting her career on the sell side with stints at AOL, CNET and at Sky where she headed the satellite company’s trading desk. She joined the buy side in the early days of Dentsu’s Amnet and […]


Next in Measurement Currency: “Empathy at Scale” Mindshare’s Data Chief Shane McAndrew, on the #BeetCast

Measurement in an omni-channel media world is increasingly complex with the changes in cookies, mobile identifiers and new privacy regulation. But what is he personal, unbiased impact of advertising? For GroupM’s Mindshare, it’s about measuring “empathy” as registered by biometric feed back. It’s called the NeuroLab and it’s the the largest longitudinal panel in the […]


Advanced TV Industry Moves Toward Standards: Voices From the #BeetRetreat on Our Podcast

LOS ANGELES — We just wrapped our Beet Retreat, an amazing gathering of 200 industry leaders for three days of conversations and learnings. It was very special. In advance of the event, we spoke with several of the industry leaders who were part of the Retreat. The big themes that they spoke about in my […]


It’s Going to Bigger Than Social: Dentsu’s Doug Ray on the Massive Opportunity in Gaming for Marketers

Very happy to welcome back to the show Doug Ray, who holds the title Chief Product Officer, dentsu Americas & Global Media We’ve covered Doug for a number of years and he’s always innovating, seeing what’s next and leading the industry. In his role he is deeply involved with the changing the media landscape. One […]


Donna Speciale: “We’re Counting an Underreported Audience,” Univision has its “Hispanic Graph” and a New Alliance with Comscore

This week, our #BeetCast podcast guest is Donna Speciale, President of Sales and Marketing at Univision. Donna is known to many of us as a leader in our industry from her days as a media buyer to her role leading the sales organization at Turner Broadcasting. Donna started her new role at Univision 10 months […]


Rishad Tobaccowala on the #BeetCast: An Opportunity Lost? A Booming Marketing Biz Stuck in Mediocrity

The marketing and advertising world is at an exciting, expansive point. In fact the true scope of the industry is under counted. But it lacks the energy and positivity to grow, opines the longtime agency futurist and best-selling author Rishad Tobaccowala in this wide ranging podcast interview with guest host Matt Spiegel, EVP at TransUnion. While […]


Our Report from Advertising Week Where TV Measurement was Center Stage

We were at Advertising Week in New York Hudson Yards and we were delighted to see so many colleagues in person. Congratulations to the event producers for taking such care around health safety. It was really well done. Our world of advanced TV was the subject of extensive programming. Measurement and data was a key […]


The “Mother of Addressable TV” Calls for a Revolution: “Data Must Be Free” declares Tracey Scheppach

I am delighted to welcome my dear friend Tracey Scheppach to this episode of the #BeetCast. I call her the “mother of addressable TV”. Well, she didn’t exactly invent addressable TV but she was by all accounts the first buyer of the medium. She was deeply involved with pilot projects in Colorado and Alabama in some twenty […]


On The BeetCast: A Marketing World In Transition: Essential Insights from Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar

Last week was the big, annual brand marketer’s conference in Orlando, the ANA’s Masters of Marketing. We were not there this year to cover, but heard great things. There was a smaller crowd on hand than normal, but many more folks participated virtually. It was probably the biggest and most successful hybrid marketing industry event […]


Steering Clients & Colleagues Through the Ups an Downs of the Pandemic, My Chat with OMD CEO John Osborn

This week’s guest on the #BeetCast podcast is John Osborn, CEO of OMD, the Omnicom media agency responsible for many major brands including Apple, McDonald’s, State Farm and others. John joined OMD in 2017 from the global creative agency BBDO where he was CEO. In this conversation, he speaks about managing brand’s media investments during […]


TV Measurement at a Crossroads: #BeetCast Podcast w/ Jon Watts Jo Kinsella and Jonathan Steuer

TV measurement is changing quickly as consumption is moving from linear TV to vast numbers of streamers. Many are finding the legacy model of age and demo are not adequate. Seizing the opportunity are several new entrants in the measurement sector. Adding to the acceleration and uncertainty is the changing role of Nielsen which has […]


Wenda Millard on Innovation, Media Transformation and Advice for Women Navigating Work, Family and the Pandemic

Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast. I hope you’ve had good, relaxing summer. Here in the Beet patch we are ramping up with a number of projects including our weekly podcast. We are very pleased to be back for a new season – and a huge thanks to Transunion for sponsoring. We are kicking […]

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