Reflecting on his Mexican Heritage, Marc Pritchard’s Commitment to Equality is Personal

Marc’s father was Mexican, adopted by a man named Pritchard, giving Marc a caucasian identity. This provided him with opportunities not impacted by discrimination. His father was an activist among migrant Mexican farm workers in Colorado.  Marc said the profound effects of seeing how migrant farmer workers lived has had a lifelong impact on him,  […]


THREE YEARS AGO TODAY: Essential Medical Supplies Arrive in Storm-Ravaged Vieques by Aid Group: Today We Are Fighting COVID-19

FARMINGDALE, NY /  SAN JUAN, PR – September 29, 2017 – A shipment of nearly a thousand pounds of essential medicines including antibiotics, vaccines, asthma and diabetes drugs has landed in San Juan. The items are bound for medical facilities here and on the nearby islands of Vieques and Culebra. The delivery was shipped Friday […]


TV Measurement and Streaming Take the Stage at Virtual Industry Confab

CHICAGO – Capping off a month of virtual events called Fall 2020, which had been previously known as NYC TV Week, the focus of next week’s sessions will be on measurement and streaming, two of the most dynamic sectors of the television industry. For a preview of the event, we spoke with next week’s sessions […]


Investment Bank LUMA Partners Launches Guide to Black-Founded & Owned Businesses

Having built essential industry investment/deal guides called “LUMAscapes,” visual presentations of interrelated businesses in the media, marketing and  adtech industries, investment bank LUMA Partners has introduced the Black LUMAscape, a diagram and directory that charts scores of Black-owned and founded businesses. We spoke with LUMA founder and CEO Terry Kawaja about the new effort and […]


Russia Not Getting Reach As Facebook and Twitter Tighten Controls; The Problem is Homegrown: Washington Post’s Dwoskin

OAKLAND –  Russian operatives are still trying to sow disinformation and discord into the 2020 presidential election, but they are not achieving the reach they enjoyed in 2016, notes Elizabeth Dwoskin, Silicon Valley reporter for the Washington Post. She cites more effective controls and staffing at Facebook and Twitter. This week, Facebook banned a so-called […]


Rishad Tobaccowala: Business In Post COVID-19 will be the “New Strange”

CHICAGO – With so much of business and society halted globally for well over six months by the pandemic, the post COVID-19 world will look different with new businesses forming around new customers and new technologies. It won’t be the “new normal” but the “new strange.” It will also be a time when companies must […]


Note to Black Entrepreneurs: Venture Capital is “Not on Your Side”

Getting a meeting with venture investors for Black entrepreneurs is nearly impossible. The venture community is “exclusionary, leaving us at a disadvantage,” says Donnovan Andrews, a media entrepreneur in this interview with Beet.TV While some businesses need outside funding, he urges Black founders to first build a sustainable business model. Andrews is the founder and […]


Making Beet.TV a “Safe Space” For All of Us

Of all the work we’ve done over the past 14, years, the nearly 8,000 videos we’ve produced, nothing has been as consequential as our Black Lives Matter series, titled Our Voices Our Hopes.. I am grateful to Kirk McDonald and my other dear friends, along with so many new acquaintances, for having spoken so candidly […]


Black Women: We Can Be Our Worst Enemy, Innovid’s Stephanie Geno

Being under represented in the advertising business can lead women of color to think “they don’t belong.”  This kind of thinking can make them be their “worst enemy,” says veteran advertising executive Stephanie Geno, in this in interview with Beet.TV “Networking is hard for everyone,” especially for black woman who feel out place.  Even though […]


Channeling Frederick Douglass: He Would Want Us All to Vote

Being the great, great granddaughter of  Frederick Douglass, the nineteenth century social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer and statesman. has been a vibrant part of Maria Weaver’s family legacy for many generations. If she could “channel” her famous ancestor during this time of social upheaval, he would tell everyone to vote, says Weaver, CMO of Comcast […]


Being Black in AdTech: “You Lose Bits of Yourself”

Being one of a relatively small number of Black senior executives in the AdTech industry has been “exhausting,” says  Kerel Cooper, SVP Global Marketing at LiveIntent. The relentless effort to fit in, to “code switch,” into a person who fits the workplace norms results in losing “bits of yourself,” he adds in this interview with […]


People See Color in the Workplace — And that’s OK, NBCU’s Brian Norris

When people say that they don’t notice color in the workplace, it’s simply not true. But that’s fine.  Being identified as a Black man in a leadership position in a major media organization and mentoring others, is a good thing, says Brian Norris, SVP of Advertising Sales at NBCUniversal. Norris, who heads the direct-to-consumer sales […]


Let’s Recognize and Celebrate Our Differences, Dish’s Sean Robertson

Diversity in the workplace is an imperative but it has to happen in the context of the wider issues of racial separation in our society, says Sean Robertson, a veteran of the advertising and media industry who is Director of Partnerships at DISH. We need to understand our differences and celebrate them.  Galvanized by recent […]


Mediaocean Buys 4C Insights in Deal of Over $150 Million

Mediaocean, the New York-based firm, best know a software platform to manage linear advertising, has made a major move into the area of audience analytics and planning with the acquisition of Chicago-based 4C Insights. The acquisition is for over $150 million in equity and cash. The Wall Street Journal first it  reported today. Update:  The […]


“The Mask Doesn’t Work: Be Your Beautiful, Authentic Self,” Monique Nelson

The daily stress of “putting on a mask” or “code switching,”  the process of changing one’s Black mannerisms to conform to a largely white working environment, is unnecessary, says Monique Nelson, Chair CEO of  UWG, a leading multicultural advertising agency, in this video interview with Beet.TV Be your “beautiful,” authentic self, she urges young Black […]


Dispatch from Puerto Rico: Poor Kids Can’t Zoom

SAN JUAN, PR –  Online learning can be a useful solution for children whose schools are closed.  But not for  those living in poverty, where there is often little Internet connectivity. For the Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, which serves primarily the island’s poor, some 80 percent of club members don’t have suitable […]


“We All Have to Develop Empathy” Now, IBM’s Kareem Yusuf

SAN FRANCISCO – Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a given.  And, it needs to be expanded and amplified. But a healthy work “experience” is essential, particularly for Black men and women dealing with the realities of racism in society and the current turmoil.   A “safe space” for dialogue is important. Empathy and understanding […]


Racial Diversity Programs Must Address Systemic Racism, Comscore’s Tershone Phillips

For this young Black woman, the road to a prominent post as product manager at Comscore, started with a pivotal diversity fellowship at ABC TV during her college years.   But is wasn’t easy:  She felt ostracized by her peers but yet she insisted that her voice be heard.  She learned from senior executives who mentored […]


“Our Voices and Ideas Are Suppressed in the Workplace”

The workplace environment for Black women is hard: many find a lack of constructive feedback, resources and mentorship. Many see a pay disparity and place where  their “voices and ideas” are suppressed” and where c-level job track progression is slow, says Kelle Coleman, SVP Brand Partnerships, Nielsen, in this video interview with Beet.TV Notwithstanding, the […]


“We’re Not Allowed to Fail, We Have to be Perfect”

While he says that his colleagues have been supportive of his work,  he and others Black executives carry the weight of not being able to fail.   “We have to be perfect,” says Cavel Khan, Chief Revenue Officer of Tumblr, in this interview with Beet.TV A veteran of Vice, Twitter and Microsoft, earlier this month Khan […]

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