Where Addressable TV Fits In: Dentsu’s Stockton

The emergence of connected and over-the-top TV solutions for advertisers presents the promise of one-to-one advertising, going beyond the old demographic targeting approach. But few ad agencies out there believe that a grand lurch from one medium to another would be sensible. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dentsu Aegis Network’s VP of video innovation […]


No Walled Gardens In CTV’s Last Mile: LiveRamp’s Jay Prasad

Connected TV has come a long way – but it still has a little way to go to fully realize the dreams of efficient, data-driven advertising that reaches individual homes. EMarketer forecasts US connected TV ad spending will reach $18.29 billion by 2024, more than double the amount spent in 2020, driven especially by YouTube, […]


COVID-19 Has Changed Business Forever: Dentsu’s Naryani

SINGAPORE – Vaccines may be rolling out but, even when something like normality arrives, few are expecting the world to function in quite the same way it did before COVID-19. Case in point – the pandemic has tilted business even farther toward online channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sunil Naryani, Vice President, Commercials […]


Charter’s Comscore Investment Boosts Census Future: Kline

How do you rebuild your media measurement infrastructure for the cross-platform, impression-based future whilst simultaneously servicing your debt? If you are Comscore, you take a strategic investment round. That’s what the measurement giant just did, taking an investment from Charter Communications, Qurate Retail and Cerberus Capital Management, which will jointly take $204 million convertible preferred […]


Retailers Are The Ad Platforms Of The Future: Profitero’s Wiener

For any retailer with an online strategy, 2020 was likely a year of growth. But, outside of merely retail itself, retailers also now have a big new opportunity – to become advertising platforms. Over the last year or two, Target, Walmart and CVS have all launched their own media networks. In this video interview with […]


With Quibi Shows, Roku Goes Long On Short-Form AVOD

LOS ANGELES – Quibi’s short-form dreams may have had a short life – but Roku’s acquisition of the short-lived subscription service’s content library this week means the shows commissioned by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman will get a second life. The CEO pair failed to make Quibi – which was designed to make short, snackable, […]


Audio’s Performance Era Is Upon Us: Horizon’s Russo

The days of putting ad money into radio with little insight into return on investment may soon be gone. In the new era of digital audio, advertisers are able to buy only those ads they know generate some kind of measured performance uplift. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lauren Russo, EVP, Managing Partner Audio […]


Three Trends Rebooting TV Measurement: Comscore’s Algranati

In 2021, TV isn’t just “TV” anymore”. Once upon a time, TV ads were sold against rough demographics. Now that internet-enabled TV services are bringing targetability and data, TV is changing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore’s chief product officer David Algranati says that is prompting a re-assessment of how “TV” must be measured […]


Pulling It Together: Xandr’s Hoffert On 2021 TV Goals

If 2017 looked like an early point at which to make a big play into connected TV, 2021 looks like being the year when investment pays off. For some time, CTV was a powerful but challenging opportunity – the promise to target individual households, if only a host of interconnectivity issues could be overcome. But, […]


Omnicom Media Group First To Test OpenAP’s New TV Ad Data

It originally launched with more modest ambitions, to harmonize the data segments TV networks use to describe their audiences. But now OpenAP has launched the latest new initiative in its ongoing maturation – a supply-side platform (SSP) to help the buying of linear TV ad inventory. The new platform, announced on Monday, has connective tissue […]


Break The Cycle: IBM’s Bachstein Offers A Fresh Start For Advertising

A new year, for many, is always a time when we contemplate starting over, when we wipe the slate clean and think about moving forward with new intention and new focus. For digital advertising, that fresh start can’t come soon enough. Facing a range of challenges including the disappearance of traditional identifiers, the addition of […]


Of Automation & Ethics: Kinesso’s Paolozzi On Brands’ Quest For Better

2020 has fused together existential challenges with some of the biggest potential opportunities. Together, it makes for a heady cocktail – change, even enforced change, can lead the industry to make overdue changes, to a brighter tomorrow. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Vin Paolozzi, Chief Investment Officer with Interpublic Group’s Kinesso unit, talks about […]


Alphonso Aims To Improve CTV Experience As LG Takes A Majority Stake

Most of the major smart TV platforms, in the last couple of years, have emerged as serious plays in supplying data that can report on actual viewer behavior when it comes to shows, ads, games, anything that happens on the screen. And now LG is levelling-up its own capabilities, by making an investment to take […]


A+E’s Montenes Puts People At The Heart Of Advanced TV

Connected TV ad sales may offer a degree of automation on the sales side and targeting beyond age and gender demographics. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a relationships business. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Roseann Montenes, VP, Precision & Performance Ad Sales, A+E Networks, explains why she is focusing on people. Connecting […]


Radio Has Been Rebooted: Entercom’s Foss

it may have historically lacked the ability to track and target individual listeners, but radio’s intimacy has always made it a personal medium. Now that audio listening channels can take advantage of digital signalling, many think that the unique properties of new-wave radio plus the addressability of digital can combine to make an appealing offer. In […]


First-Party Time: Identifiers’ Demise Brings New Powers To Marketers, Comcast’s Marcus Says

They have been the fabric of digital ad targeting for two or three decades – but now third-party cookies are being deprecated, whilst mobile device identifiers are being switched to consumer opt-in. Taken together and coming off the back of consumer privacy policy changes, it represents the biggest threat to the accepted norms of digital […]


In This Climate, Marketers Want Outcomes: LoopMe’s Park

LOS ANGELES – Clicks and ad exposures are nice. But, in the current economic situation, you could forgive a marketer for wanting to jump straight to sales. Fortunately, a growing range of advertising software vendor agrees, as we see an emerging crop of tools allow publishers to connect ad exposure and end results into an […]


Piece Together The Jigsaw Of TV Super-Powers: Xandr’s Bruckbauer

As someone who launched a new TV ad-tech platform just as a global pandemic began, Pete Bruckbauer ends 2020 having seen the value in good timing. Now he wants the industry to realize the benefit of alignment. Xandr, where Bruckbauer is senior product manager, launched Invest TV, a platform for TV ad buyers to transact […]


“AI is Going to be the Single Biggest Disruptor and Enabler of Marketing,” Mastercard’s Rajamannar

For one man, the turning of a year also represents the dawning of a new age. Raja Rajamannar, in his new book, Quantum Marketing: Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow’s Consumers, says the industry is emerging into what he calls “the fifth paradigm” of marketing. Rajamannar is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard […]


Now Hear This: Streaming Ads Rise Along With Radio, Carat’s Anderson Says

In the new audio odyssey, all boats may be rising. Streaming audio – in the shape of both podcasts, digital music, smart speakers and more – is opening up to advertisers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Diana Anderson – SVP, Group Director, National Audio and Local Digital Activation of the media agency Carat – says […]