Flexible, Simplified Approach to Identity Will Solve TV Advertising Fragmentation: Blockgraph’s Manningham

Rocked by the withering of traditional ad identifiers, increasing privacy regulation, and increasingly fragmented audiences – advertisers are steadily regaining the ability to effectively use audience data across TV platforms. “Clean room” technology, through which media companies and advertisers connect and exchange data within the scope of privacy rules, are gathering pace. Once the domain of just […]


Snowflake’s Stratton Puts Ad Data Processes In The Cloud

The modern digital advertising industry has a difficult decision point, with many executives wanting to heed the new privacy imperative whilst nevertheless sharing that audience data with third-party data companies. That dualism would seem to be intractable – but Bill Stratton doesn’t think so. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the global head of media, […]


How CTV Optimizes Media: Views From Zenith, Tubi, Mars, JPMorgan Chase, Wavemaker, Univision & A+E Execs

In a challenging business environment and with traditional TV viewing waning, a growing number of brands and their ad agencies are leaning into connected TV. There, they can employ data-driven buying, targeting and measurement. But what’s the right balance of digital and linear, and how can buyers wring the best effect from the new channel? […]


Addressability Is Efficacy: EDO’s Weiss On Targeting & Performance

In an industry in which “addressable” advertising has seemed to describe the extent to which inventory itself can be targeted, one man has a different take. Charlie Weiss says “addressability” shouldn’t just refer to opportunities but also to outcomes. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the head of business development at TV advertising measurement and […]


What’s Next For TV Ad Data? Views From Amobee, Canvas, Constellation, Molson Coors, Magna, OpenAP, Publicis & Disney Execs

The TV ad buying world is evolving, from majoring on demographics to profiting from data. But how prevalent does data-driven buying need to be in the new-look TV, and how are different agencies finding value? That is what eight executives discussed during Optimizing a Rapidly Converging TV & Video Marketplace: What’s Next, a recently-wrapped Beet.TV […]


VideoAmp’s Inscape Extension Is The Collaboration We Need: Chakalos

Piece by piece, ad-tech companies and others are solving what has become a spaghetti soup of TV systems, by integrating their infrastructure. In the latest example, VideoAmp has extended a deal through which it uses data from 18 million VIZIO smart TVs for planning, measurement and TV ad sales. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Separate Systems Aren’t Fit To Manage TV Ad Tsunami: Comcast Technology Solutions’ Nunn

Even as subscription OTT TV services go on growing, the rise of ad-funded TV platforms is producing a growing number of digital TV ads. For some in the industry, that is a blessing but also a curse. In this video interview with editorial advisor Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Comcast Technology Solutions’ VP and GM Richard […]


Tubi’s New Pipes Connect Yahoo Buyers To CTV: Markman

If Tubi wasn’t already growing fast enough under its own steam, growing support from integration partners could help the streaming TV service expand even farther. This month, Yahoo announced Tubi is extending its use of Yahoo’s supply-side ad software (SSP) to also connect with its demand-side platform (DSP). As Iván Markman, chief business officer of […]


Kasha Cacy On Engine Group’s Perpetual Diversity Machine

As the business world steps up to the plate on diversity, equality and inclusion, the advertising industry appears to have a greater responsibility than others. Not only do ad agencies have to get their own corporate practices straight, they also have to represent wider society in the work that they bring to the world. In […]


Only 20% Of Ads Will Be Addressable, Brands Need A Solution: Yieldmo’s Yavonditte

If you thought Apple’s privacy controls for users posed a challenge to advertisers identifying consumers, wait until Google finally gets around to deprecating cookies. Google may have delayed its switch-off for third-party tracking cookies in Chrome until 2023. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Yieldmo’s CEO Mike Yavonditte says the erosion of targetability presents […]


Sorting out the “Holy Mess” of Consumer Privacy and Identity: Advice from Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar

He thinks the challenges posed by the search for alternatives to third-party cookies add up to a “holy mess”. But Raja Rajamannar isn’t sorry. The chief marketing officer of Mastercard’s health business says the quest for user privacy is right-on. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rajamannar explains which replacements may work best, and how […]


Move Fast & Chase The Future: EMX’s Zacharski On A CTV-Driven Ad Ecosystem

Could connected TV’s achilles heel also be its superpower? Many who have dabbled with advertising through streaming TV services know that its lack of cookie identifiers has historically been a problem. But the deprecation of third-party cookies in web browsers is proving to be a great leveller. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Zacharski, […]


Elevated Video: CTV Views From TripleLift, Havas, Dentsu, Tastemade, Team Whistle, MediaScience, Amagi, GroupM

What is the role of native advertising in TV? Certainly, basic product placements and infomercials have existed for a long time. But now, new techniques offered by connected TV platforms promise a lot more. In Elevated Video, a Beet.TV leadership series presented by TripleLift, eight executives explored what that opportunity looks like. 1. Content ad […]


Nine Things We Learned From Our CTV Data Series presented by Sabio

In recent years, the prevalence of audience data has revolutionized the ability to target digital advertising. But now the set of capabilities and consequences produced by that data is changing shape. What will the future look like? That is what “Data: Powering CTV for Marketers,” our recent Beet.TV leadership series presented by Sabio, set out […]


Flexible & United: Quigley-Simpson’s Fremont On Marketing’s 2021 Lessons

It has been a few years of tremendous disruption, in both the business and social environment and in the way marketers must adapt to changing media consumption dynamics. How can they best respond? By uniting their previously disparate business strategies and thinking on their feet, according to one veteran marketing agency leader. In this video […]


Upfronts Are Upgraded & Here To Stay: Fox’s Falco

A year and a half ago, the TV industry was talking about the end of the upfront, that annual season of pitches made by networks to ad buyers for year-ahead business. The new pandemic had startled brands, causing many to press the pause button on ad spending – particularly upfront ad buys. Fast-forward, however, and […]


JPMorgan Chase Banks On CTV, Says Media Chief Lim

As one of the world’s largest investment finance companies, JPMorgan Chase is obviously discerning when it comes to making the right spending choices. That is why the company is becoming so interested in advertising through connected TV (CTV) channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, JPMorgan Chase’s chief media officer Tracy-Ann Lim explains why she […]


IRIS.TV Enables Amagi’s Contextual CTV On Road To The Buy Side: Hyden

LOS ANGELES – The ads seen on streaming connected TV channels could be about to get smarter, following a deal between IRIS.tv and Amagi. Amagi, which helps bring streaming channels to CTV platforms, is partnering with IRIS.tv, whose technology mines video for data that can be passed as ad targeting signals, to enable contextual targeting […]


Neustar A ‘Nice Fit’ At $3.1bn: TransUnion’s Spiegel On Building Out Identity Capabilities

CHICAGO – For a company that is well versed in tracking spending, TransUnion certainly knows how to finance an acquisition. Its planned acquisition of ad identity resolution company Neustar for $3.1 billion, announced Tuesday, would be its fourth in the space in the last couple of years. In this video interview with Beet.TV, TransUnion’s EVP […]


Changes & Challenges: Engine’s Davidson On Ads’ New Data Opportunity

The world of digital marketing has changed incredibly in the last few years, with new data-driven opportunities to reach consumers. But there are still some flies in the digital ointment. That is the view of Andy Davidson, head of analytics and data strategy at Engine Group, a company that uses audience data that helps advertisers […]

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