Beyond The Tipping Point, OTT Ads Are Exploding: DataXu’s Tellefsen

Maybe, one day, the addressable, programmatic, data-driven buying of TV ads will appear on our TV screens. That used to be the view in TV land – “one day”. But one ad exec elbow-deep in the data says that day is already upon us. “I spend a lot of time in the marketplace talking with […]


AppNexus Partnerships Tool Up For Programmatic TV

It has been providing programmatic advertising buying services for a decade. But now AppNexus’ video efforts are kicking up a gear. At its customer summit in New York, the company made three announcements it hopes will make it easier for advertisers to buy ads in over-the-top and connected TV environments: Direct integration with CNNgo, Pluto TV and TUBI. […]


LiveRamp in Offline Data Pact with Criteo

It may be a digital world, but two of the big marketing data providers are now partnering to help brands better understand how their audiences behave in analogue spaces. LiveRamp is partnering with Criteo. In the deal, Criteo becomes LiveRamp’s first European partner for its IdentityLink product, helping to piece together an omnichannel view of […]


How Ads.txt Will Help Clean The System: AmNet’s Muldoon

Over the last few years, the digital advertising world has become incredibly complex, and – perhaps us coincidentally – fairly rife with fraudulent buys, too. So leave it to a simple little text file to clean up the whole sorry mess. That’s what the IAB Tech Lab is aiming to do with its Ads.txt initiative […]


The Four Phases Of Sling TV’s Addressable Odyssey

It is now two years since Sling TV was launched by DISH – enough time for the pair’s journey down the advanced TV ad sales road to go pretty far. In this video interview with Beet.TV, DISH’s advanced TV ad sales director Adam Lowy explains how DISH began the journey, and where it stands today. Lowy […]


LiveRamp’s Clinger On The Quest For A Single, Standard Cookie

In a digital advertising world increasingly dominated by Google and Facebook, there is still a clutch of large-scaled ad-tech platforms that give the duopoly a good run for its money. But is the two giants’ lead unassailable if those platforms continue working alone? That is a question three of them set out to answer this […]


GroupM’s Warner Hopes Consolidation Will Clean Ad Supply Chain

It is barely a year since a hard-hitting ANA report blew the lid off practices in which US advertising agencies were accused of keeping up to 20% of clients’ media budgets for themselves after engaging in “pervasive” kick-backs and rebates. Some agencies have sought to demonstrate they are cleaning up not only their own practices but also […]


AppNexus’ O’Kelley Fires Up Machine Learning-Powered DSP

For a business that moves so quickly these days, some things sure do go slowly. Case in point – AppNexus’ rebooted demand-side platform (DSP). A whopping four years in the making, the ad-tech company finally unveiled the “AppNexus Programmable Platform” (APP) this week. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, CEO Brian O’Kelley says he thinks […]


Follow Ads From TV To Web: TVSquared’s O’Reilly

If you believe certain commentators, television is “dead”, it’s “dying” or the cable cord is being cut at a precipitous pace. Truth is, says Kevin O’Reilly, whilst TV is changing, the medium will remain the dominant influence channel for a good few years. That’s why O’Reilly is chief technology officer at TVSquared, a company helping […]


Balance Impact With Respect: Sublime Skinz’s Menard

In the new age of online advertising, more and more formats offer larger and longer creative deliveries to audiences. But that doesn’t mean advertisers should ram messages down users’ throats. In this video interview with Beet.TV, one ad exec offering so-called “high-impact” formats says they need to be more responsible than that. “High-impact might be […]


Teads Offers Display Ads In Place Of Video: Tourtel

MIAMI – It is best known for popularizing the “outstream” ads that allow online publishers to break out of the need to have video content against which to place video ads. But now Teads wants to break out of another box – its own. Whilst the ad-tech vendor famously allowed publishers to place video ads between […]


DoubleClick Video Stack Soars On Google’s Cloud: Sterling

Amazon may have cornered mindshare for cloud services these last few years. But, all the while, Google has been making some heavy investments in its cloud infrastructure, too. Lately, that infrastructure seems to have been bearing fruit, with many of Google’s hardware products trading off AI features that depend on Google Cloud. But devices are […]


Nevermind Mobile-First, VML’s Kapadia Puts Ideas First

Over the last few years, the advertising, technology and media sectors have all scrambled to adopt a strategy they call “mobile-first”. But that is a device-centric strategy in a world that many now see becoming increasingly device-agnostic, as more people experience more content across a range of gadgets and screens. For Harsh Kapadia, the group director […]


Facebook’s Hsu On The Importance Of Creativity

The social network invented by a computer science drop-out may look like the same white-and-blue product to all of its two billion users. After all, Facebook is a platform. But that doesn’t mean Facebook cannot also be the place where creative messaging can thrive. Whilst the company operates as a self-service ad platform, it is also […]


Mobile Creative Opportunities Are Unlimited: Ogilvy’s Reichenberg

“Unlimited” creativity is on offer to advertisers reaching consumers through mobile – but agencies must first restructure to better make assets for what is a new and unique screen. That is according to one ad planner in an effort to enhance ad production for mobile and social environments. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ogilvy USA […]


WPP, Facebook Program Upgrades Group-Wide Mobile Creativity

Advertisers felt like they got good at Facebook some time ago. But, at the world’s largest ad agency holding group, most of that expertise was concentrated amongst the buyers of ad space. That’s why WPP saw the need to tool-up Facebook savvy amongst the people actually tasked with creating ads for that inventory. Together with […]


Google’s Peros Brings ‘Open’ Approach To TV Ad Sales

Even as it continues trying to sooth concerns in the disrupted newspaper industry, Google this week showed its intentions in the emerging field of digital TV ad sales. At its Partner Leadership Summit, Google announced a host of new TV advertising products inside DoubleClick for Publishers. in this video interview with Beet.TV, Google’s Shane Peros brought […]


Nielsen Enables Easier Measurement Of Netflix Consumption: Abcarian

Not that Netflix is open to advertisers yet – but, if it ever is, those advertisers may credit 2017 as the year when the building blocks of third-party Netflix measurement were put in place. Nielsen just switched on measurement for 13,000 streaming Netflix shows using TV-style ratings based on age and gender – the same […]


VML’s Kapadia Gets Creative With Facebook’s Mobile Filters

At this point in the evolution of Facebook advertising, many brands may think they are doing a good job. But the opportunities on offer don’t start and end with the tools brands think are available – the possibilities may be greater than that. Case in point is Harsh Kapadia. The group director of WPP creative agency […]


WPP, Facebook Forge Stronger Relationship Through Ambassadors Program

Facebook may now be one of the biggest single spending destinations for the biggest ad agency holding group on the planet – but that doesn’t mean things have always been rosy from WPP’s point of view. CEO Sir Martin Sorrell has often questioned some of the social network’s ad pricing mechanisms, and WPP has called […]

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