Relevance Depends On Data & Identity: TransUnion’s Spiegel

SANTA BARARA — Is relevance still… relevant? For years, marketers have talked about reaching a point in the advertising ecosystem where they can know so much about their audiences that they can craft and customize the most precise messages and content for consumers. That is still the hope, but getting there is going to take […]


Brands Bring Own Data To Autonomous Ad Party: Nielsen’s Garbaccio

The last few years saw an explosion in the use of data sets bought from third-party organizations for ad targeting. But, in 2018, brands can use their own marketing data to target ads, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nielsen EVP, Advertiser Direct & Marketer Cloud Damien Garbaccio observes three trends affecting brands: “Brands are […]


How To Be Be Super-Relevant: Forrester Analyst O’Connell

SANTA BARBARA — For years, marketers have tried combatting growing consumer resistance to advertising with a hopeful refrain – if only they could make their ads more “relevant”, perhaps marketing would cross a rubicon and become useful. The theory is all well and good – but how do you actually make it happen? Perhaps inconveniently, […]


Reddit’s Wong On How Ads Can Thrive In Communities

SANTA BARBARA — In a sea of loosening “social” graphs, it is an oasis of strong communities. Now Reddit wants to be an advertising powerhouse, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Reddit COO Jen Wong discusses the company’s strategy to marry content, distribution and customer data produce relevance and addressable TV. On March 19, […]


GroupM’s Garvie: Upfronts ‘Crippling’ Industry In Canada

TORONTO — It’s nearly half a year since the upfronts, the annual season where television companies tout their upcoming content slate in order to lock up advanced ad sales. But Stuart Garvie is still having nightmares about the process. The CEO of the world’s largest media buying agency, GroupM, in Canada says the process, which […]


How GroupM’s Rennie Wrings Results From Canada’s Constrained Media

TORONTO — It’s a smaller media market with a highly concentrated ownership – so how does a media agency make the best from Canada these days? In this video interview with Beet.TV, GroupM Canada chief investment officer Sebastian Rennie opens up on a two-pronged approach. “I think it’s about finding the combination of two things, […]


Volkswagen Finds TV Ads’ Value In Canadian Addressable Campaign

TORONTO — If you are an auto maker, aiming the TV ads for your hard-wearing SUV at winter drivers in snowy North America may seem like ample targeting. But, when it marketed its new Atlas, Volkswagen Canada wanted to go a step farther. Recently, the company worked with Canadian telco and TV company Rogers to […]


Canada’s Rogers Lights Up “RED” For Addressable TV Ads

TORONTO — It’s now six months since Canadian TV and telco operator Rogers unveiled its shot toward the programmatic TV world, in the form of a data-enabled TV-buying product. Tn this video interview with Beet.TV, Rogers programmatic trading and data ad solutions head Rose Hutchison explains how Rogers Enabled Data (RED), launched in April, works – […]


After IPG Sale, Acxiom’s LiveRamp Is Now ‘Neutral’: CEO Howe

SANTA BARBARA — It takes a pretty seismic change for a company to sell its core, to focus only on a part that it later acquired. But that’s what ad-tech Acxiom – a data warehouse firm that sells consumer profiles to the world’s largest companies, available to advertisers and ad-tech platforms for advanced customer targeting – […]


TV Is On Top, Digital Saturates Quickly: Ebiquity’s Campbell

TORONTO — It may be the most trackable medium out there, but how effective is digital ad advertising really? If you peek under the hood, maybe not as effective as many advertisers believe, says one executive who runs effectiveness for a global marketing consultancy. “In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ebiquity head of international effectiveness Mike […]


Netflix & Co. Competing At Both Ends Of Age Spectrum: Ampere’s Bisson

TORONTO — If you thought that the rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu et al was all driven by younger, cord-cutting consumers, think again. SVODs are now saturated. And that means they are having to fight for new pockets of unconverted subscribers – older, much younger and everywhere in between. In this video interview […]


MediaMath’s Reed Imagines AI Powering Always-On Omni-Channel Marketing

COLOGNE — In a post-cookie, multi-device world, marketers who want to reach the right consumer are going to need to do so on which ever screen they may be using. Against new regulatory limits, that brings untold complexity. So, could artificial intelligence help move marketing forward? Ad-tech firm MediaMath thinks so. That is why, a […]


Retargeting In Russia: Goes Its Own way

COLOGNE — It used to be a country where internet users did not want to pay for things found online. But, by 2022, Russian consumers’ ecommerce spending is set to reach the equivalent of $403.91 a year. One company in prime position to benefit is, the 2o-year-old online retailer that has partnered with ad […]


Innovid Goes Self-Serve, Fully-Measured With iTV Ads

SANTA BARBARA, CA — From super personalization to in-ad ecommerce opportunities, connected and interactive TV platforms offer so many possibilities to target, reach and engage specific viewers in new ways. But building ads like this has traditionally been hard. With so many fragments to assemble and new skills to learn, it’s no wonder that so […]


How A TV App Is Rebooting CPG’s Consumer Relationship

COLOGNE — Way back when everyone was busy turning panic about smartphones distracting TV viewers in to a “second screen” opportunity, I revealed a new app that got me excited. “I have seen the future of TV and it is called ‘Zeebox’,” I wrote, breaking news of the new mobile app which helped TV viewers […]


Time A Key Component Of Video Viewability: IAS’ Knoll

COLOGNE — When the Media Ratings Council decreed a viewability standard for video advertising, many in the industry were thankful that the industry was coming to some sort of consensus Roll forward, however, and it seems people are looking for more. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Integral Ad Science CEO Scott Knoll  says brands are pushing […]


Retailers Are Becoming Media Companies: Otto Group’s Ahlers

COLOGNE — While everyone has spent the last year asking “Is Facebook a media company?”, there is one of the big-four tech firms about which you could probably quickly answer that question. Amazon certainly isn’t just a book store anymore. These days, it has a large offering of ad products to help buyers advertise both […]


LiveRamp’s Smith Balances Omni-Channel Opportunity With Privacy

COLOGNE — How does LiveRamp – a company which combines consumers’ online and offline personal data with browsing behavior – view the current landscape? In this video interview with Beet.TV, LiveRamp GM Jeff Smith notes a change in brands’ own sentiment. “I used to walk in and try to convince marketers and agencies of the […]


Videology’s Future Under Amobee: VP Jon Block explains

COLOGNE — The acquisition of Videology by Amobee will lead to new opportunities in the use of data-driven advertising, says one of the executives who transferred in the deal. Videology filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May, and was bought by Amobee in July for approximately $100 million. So what is the next chapter for […]


Comcast’s FreeWheel Advises Niche OTTs On Path To Revenue

COLOGNE — The new capabilities of the emerging world of addressable TV and digital video delivery are not just an opportunity for the big guns. Smaller programmers, too, are rising up and getting a piece of the action. But are they getting a piece of the revenue pie? That’s where FreeWheel international GM Thomas Bremond […]

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