Streaming Viewing Up 74% Annually, Disney+ Has 4%: Nielsen Research

Streaming services now represent 25% of all US TV-viewing minutes, according to new data pulled by Nielsen. According to its Streaming Meter, a panel of almost 1,000 streaming-capable US homes, streaming’s Q2 2020 share is up from the 19% it represented in Q4 2019. In all, average weekly streaming minutes are up from 81.7 billion […]


Measuring CTV Ads Takes People & Data Science: Survata’s Kelly

OAKLAND, CA – If a tree falls in a forest and market research is not in place to observe whether audiences saw it, did it really make a sound? Across advertising, brands and buyers are getting excited about the new possibility to deliver targeted, engaging TV campaigns through internet-connected viewing screens, connected TV (CTV). But, […]


Self-Serve, Fraud Fight & Forecasting Focus For New-Look ZypTV’s Sareen

LAFAYETTE  CA – After rebranding from ZypMedia to ZypTV, the San Francisco-based company is planning three big initiatives: A self-service connected TV ad-buying platform for small and medium-sized ad agencies and brands. A drive to limit connected TV ad fraud. Real-time forecasting of ad inventory and audiences. Founded seven years ago, ZypMedia has until now […]


Ad Industry Wants Google, Apple ‘Dialogue’ To Re-Think Cookies, IDFA

Can the advertising industry convince the world’s biggest tech companies to row back their plans to limit audience tracking? A new consortium of ad industry trade associations and brands thinks so. The brand-new Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM) has coalesced to fight two key changes amongst others: Google’s plan to eliminate third-party cookies from […]


Crumbling Cookies Fueling OTT Ads, First-Party Data: IAB’s Richardson

For many, the deprecation of third-party cookies by Mozilla, Apple and, soon, Google’s Chrome comes as the end of a chapter in online advertising. But it is also the beginning of a new era. A new IAB report, The State of Data 2020, reveals how the crumbling of cookies is fuelling several new trends: US spending on […]


Blockgraph Touts Data Control To Major Players, New CRO Schleider Says

The new chief revenue officer of an industry initiative aimed at helping marketers and publishers share audience data segments without technology intermediaries has issued a call to major data and broadcast partners, as he joins the company. Aleck Schleider has joined Blockgraph from Amobee, where he was SVP of client and data strategy.  The company […]


Platform-Agency Partnerships Taking CTV Ads Forward: GroupM’s Bacher

The COVID-19 pandemic may have winded the economy, the advertising business and personal lives around the world. But, for over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV), lockdown looks like being a catalyst. Not only have OTT services seen a big uptick in consumption during the period, but the whole ecosystem appears to have come together to […]


Linear & CTV Go Hand-In-Hand: Amobee’s Bamberger

Cord-cutting is still happening at a rate of knots whilst, for many viewers, traditional appointment-to-view TV is a thing of the past. Amid these shifting audience behaviors, it would be tempting for marketers to contemplate switching from one medium to another. But emerging evidence suggests a tag-team approach can drive optimal results. In this video […]


Pluto TV Hopes to Benefit from Header Bidding

LOS ANGELES –  In the pandemic economy, many brands are dialling down their ad spend, not least on awareness-raising TV ads. Traditional linear TV ads typically target mass demographic groups and offer little in the way of measurement to truly discern return on investment. By contrast, the new wave of advertising-supported over-the-top (OTT) TV services […]


Solving Local TV’s Ad ‘Blind Spot’: Alphonso’s Upadhyay

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – With some marketers becoming more skeptical toward top-of-funnel, awareness-driving campaigns in a tricky economy, television is being challenged to transform itself into a digital-style medium that can offer guaranteeable results. One expression of that is attribution technology that can link up a known exposure to a TV ad with a consequential […]


How Header Bidding Helps Both Buyers & Sellers: Roku’s Ben-Youssef

So far in its evolution, header bidding – a software process revolutionizing digital ad sales – has been seen as a a seller tactic. But could the technology also be a boon for buyers? In this video interview with Beet.TV, the director of ad platforms at one of the two leading over-the-top TV device conduits […]


Beyond Awareness: TV Advertisers Are Learning New Tricks, Innovid’s Geno Says

DENVER – It has long been a medium used to fill the top of the marketing funnel, awareness. But, bit by bit, the connection of TV to the internet is upgrading the old box in the corner of the living room with new tricks. The new ability of TV to not just deliver messages but […]


Close SSP Relationships Benefit Publishers: Discovery’s Murray

How does the owner of TV properties like HGTV, Food Network, TLC and Eurosport like to sell its ads? Via as many channels as possible, automatically – but with a high degree of business control. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Bill Murray, Vice President, Programmatic Revenue and Ad Products at Discovery Inc, explains how […]


Header Bidding Is Coming To TV: PubMatic’s Chowla

It is the digital ad-selling software process that has done so much to bolster the revenue earned by publishers. Now “header bidding” is making in-roads to connected TV. In recent years, display advertising has been revolutionized by the technique, which sees ad auction systems able to entertain bids from multiple demand sources simultaneously, thereby increasing […]


Navigating CTV Ad Opportunities & Challenges: Digitas’ Weeks

CHICAGO – Connected TV (CTV) viewing is exploding with audiences, and advertisers want to follow suit. But where, once, TV was relatively straightforward to buy, how are agencies how approaching the proliferating platforms, opportunities and challenges? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Beth Weeks, VP and director of media at Digitas North America, explains. Standardization sought […]


To Compete With Walled Gardens, TV Must Become A Platform: 605’s Levine

What is it going to take for TV networks to front up and match big players like Google, Facebook and Amazon when it comes to offering advanced advertising opportunities? Answer: learning to function with the same ecosystem mentality as the tech giants. In this video interview with VAB CEO and president Sean Cunningham for TV […]


Can Community Sell?: Tumblr’s New Revenue Chief On Monetization Roadmap

Any acquirer of a community with deep engagement and intensely loyal users had better tread carefully. And that’s exactly what Cavel Khan is doing. He is the new chief revenue officer of Tumblr, the blog network acquired by WordPress owner Automattic a year ago. Tumblr had been acquired by Yahoo for $1.1 billion in 2013 […]


During Turmoil, Out-Spend Your Rivals: VideoAmp’s Metz

US digital ad spend will slow from a previously-projected 17% growth this year to just 1.7%, as brands tighten their purse strings amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to eMarketer. But some executives think bold spending at a time when rivals are cutting back could help some brands emerge out of this period in the lead. […]


SSPs Have Critical Role In OTT Ad Sales: Essence’s Fisher

In a medium where more of the ad inventory is sold by the people who actually make the content, the software they use to facilitate transactions will have an increasingly important role. After a decade in which so much display ad inventory was traded through open programmatic exchanges, the emergence of connected, over-the-top (OTT) TV […]


Header Bidding Can Redefine OTT Ad Sales: PubMatic’s Berlingo

TV networks and MVPDs want to sell ads in a new way for a new era- but they are going to need some new tools to help get them there. For example, many now want to sell more than just 30-second spots in sequence, preferring to to sell the whole of a commercial break in […]

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