Programmatic Pioneering: Index Exchange Gears Up For Explosion In Live Ads, Election Buys

The advent of live streaming in programmatic advertising is bubbling with potential, yet it’s not without its technical trials. In a media world where live TV programming is still big business, what role does programmatic have? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Andrew Casale, President & CEO of Index Exchange, details the challenges and opportunities […]


Growing In Scale, POSSIBLE Considers What Lays Beyond Miami Beach: Christian Muche

In an industry where the future is often clouded with uncertainty, the glow of optimism shines through the words of Christian Muche, CEO & Co-Founder of Beyond Ordinary Events, organizer of POSSIBLE. After all, in Miami, where the marketing conference was held April 15 to 17, the sun shines brightly this time of year. 2024 […]


Navigating the Outcome-Driven Future of Connected TV Advertising: Moloco’s Richardson

SAN JUAN, PR — In the rapidly evolving world of connected TV (CTV) advertising, a seismic shift is underway. According to Jake Richardson, Head of Connected TV at Moloco, the industry is pivoting from traditional measurement-focused approaches towards a more outcome-centric paradigm. In this video interview with Beet.TV, he says the new approach aims to quantify the […]


Yahoo Brings Identity Solution To CTV, Starting With Paramount, Tubi, NBCU, FreeWheel

Yahoo is bringing its cookieless identity solution to Connected TV, to meet an “explosion” in CTV ads, in the latest example of identity technology finding application in TV advertising. According to its announcement: “With Yahoo Identity Solutions services including Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions, Yahoo DSP advertisers can continue to target and measure the performance […]


Clean Rooms Are A Game-Changer: TransUnion’s Rudich

SAN JUAN, PR — One of the hottest software trends in ad-tech has been the emergence of “clean rooms”. The software helps companies combine and overlay data sets in a privacy-compliant manner, allowing for deduplication, segment creation and so on. For Gillian Rudich, VP, Strategic Partnerships, TransUnion, clean rooms offer transparency and privacy, as well as […]


AI-Powered Video Technology Takes Center Stage: KERV AI’s Wolff

SAN JUAN, PR — In an era where advertisers seek to captivate audiences with more engaging and personalized content, cutting-edge AI technology is transforming the way we understand and interact with video advertising. One company is harnessing the power of AI to create immersive experiences that drive business outcomes for advertisers and publishers alike. In this […]


Retail Media Networks Must Evolve to Secure Media Dollars, Digitas CEO Stresses

The landscape of digital commerce and advertising is evolving rapidly, and nowhere is this more apparent than at industry events like ShopTalk. The big retail conference is evolving as the industry sees the fusion of retail with advertising, in the shape of retail media. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the event, Amy Lanzi, CEO […]


Retail Media Networks: The Key to Full-Funnel Activation and Brand Growth, Omnicom Commerce’s Baker

SAN JUAN, PR — Omnicom thought the fusion of shopping and media was so important that it made a whole division, Omnicom Commerce Group, dedicated to the topic in June 2023. Early this year, OCG execs have been appearing at key industry events like Beet Retreat San Juan and Shoptalk. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jacquelyn Baker, […]


Deciphering the Streaming Conundrum with XUMO’s Joe Lerner

SAN JUAN, PR — Joe Lerner, Executive Director of Advertising Sales at XUMO, has a bone to pick with the complicated jargon of the streaming media space. Diving into an industry replete with acronyms and blurred lines, he advocates for a more straightforward approach to delivering content to consumers. Whether on CTV, OTT, AVOD, or SVOD […]


Premium CTV Takes the Programmatic Stage: Paramount’s Kisling Says Precision Making In-Roads

The increasing integration of CTV into programmatic channels is not accidental; it’s a move driven by the pursuit of precision and comprehensive measurement. “We’re seeing more CTV in programmatic these days because of the precision that programmatic brings in the measurement,” explains Jen Kisling, VP, Programmatic Sales at Paramount. “More than half of our business […]


POSSIBLE Promises CMOs A Framework For The Future

In the fast-paced world of marketing, where complexity and change are the only constants, there’s a relentless search for the next big idea that can propel the industry forward. An exclusive event organized for chief marketing officers by chief marketing officers aims to do just that, by exploring the art of possibilities and evolving the […]


Harvest Group’s Stamps Aims To Streamline Retail Media, Reduce Waste With Epsilon Partnership

In the rapidly evolving landscape of retail media, brands and agencies alike seek to harness the chaotic surge of e-commerce platforms and advertising networks. Harvest Group, a retailer-focused agency, has struck a partnership with Epsilon, the outfit which just launched an upgraded retail media identity kit. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark Stamps, VP of […]


Programmatic Prowess: Unleashing the Potential of Premium CTV Advertising, Index Exchange’s Hazan

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, the allure of premium Connected TV (CTV) content is proving irresistible for programmatic advertising. In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein, Rob Hazan, VP of Product, Streaming TV at Index Exchange, shares his insights on why premium CTV is making its mark and what challenges […]


Cadent CEO Troiano On $342M AdTheorent Acquisition: Reducing Silos, Taking CTV Programmatic

In a sign of a once-more buoyant ad-tech M&A market, Cadent says it reached an agreement to purchases ad machine learning company AdTheorent for $343 million. Combined, the pair will have almost 1,000 advertisers across all main holding groups. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cadent CEO Nick Troiano, explains the rationale for the acquisition. […]


MRI-Simmons’ Pisano On The Power Of Data, TransUnion Integration

SAN JUAN, PR — After being acquired by NIQ (NielsenIQ), MRI-Simmons is set to play a pivotal part in its parent’s new media division – and it’s bringing a new partnership with TransUnion. NIQ in February announced it would form the division out of a combination of NIQ, GfK, and MRI-Simmons, addressing three core industry issues: defining the […]


AI, Retail, Culture & Diversity Up For Discussion At POSSIBLE 2024: Christian Muche

In a world where the interplay between technology and consumer behavior is rapidly evolving, industry events must transcend traditional formats to offer a truly immersive and forward-thinking experience. That’s the view of the organizer of POSSIBLE, the upcoming marketing event in Miami. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Christian Muche, CEO & Co-Founder of Beyond […]


Retail Media’s Evolution Sparks New Excitement For UM’s Owen

SAN JUAN, PR – With retail media advertising growing fast, does the category deserve its own showcase? The intersection of data, technology, and retail media is creating a bustling marketplace that has industry experts like Amie Owen, Global Chief Commerce Officer at UM Worldwide, both intrigued and eager. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Owen […]


Retail Media Will Boom Offsite & On TV: Analyst Lipsman

Long dominated by the likes of Amazon, retail media is now seeing a democratization of opportunity that promises riches for a broad array of players. A key trends watcher in the space says the space is opening up to more operators across more channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Andrew Lipsman, Founder & Chief […]


Albertsons’ Jindal Sees Identity As Key To Cross-Channel Consumer Experience

SAN JUAN, PR — Supermarkets used to trade more in detergent than data – but, in the new world of retail media, these big merchants are leveraging customer identity in advertising sales. As retailers strive to balance online and offline customer engagement, the challenge of creating a seamless omnichannel experience is paramount. In this video […]


As Programmatic CTV Matures, Marketers Must Embrace Cross-Functional Learning: MAGNA’s Fitzpatrick

The landscape of Connected TV (CTV) is evolving rapidly, with programmatic pathways becoming increasingly populated by premium content. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jean Fitzpatrick, SVP of Performance Partnerships at MAGNA Global, shares her insights on why more high-quality CTV inventory is flowing into programmatic channels and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. The key […]

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