VideoElephant Runs FAST To Close Video’s Revenue Disconnect

SANTA MONICA, CA — In a market that seems to have its growth curve all sewn up, what could possibly go wrong? According to Brian Cullinane, Chief Revenue Officer, VideoElephant: “The video landscape is evolving, yet there’s a disconnect.” Cullinane’s insights stem from recent independent market research conducted by VideoElephant, a company that has evolved over […]


Gen-AI Creative Will Change The Game In 2024: LG Ads’ Marlow

SANTA MONICA, CA — Connected TV has the ability to create highly targeted ads for individuals and groups of viewers. But that presents an ad creative production scale challenge. Tony Marlow, CMO, LG Ad Solutions, says generative AI next year will come to the rescue in this video interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at […]


‘Open Ecosystem Must Work Together to Compete with Walled Gardens’: Magnite SVP

SANTA MONICA, CA — AI, FAST and UX. Those are three of the acronyms Matt McLeggon thinks are moving the ad industry. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, McLeggon, SVP, Advanced Solutions, Magnite, warns that, to make the best of the new capabilities, the industry needs an open ecosystem to come together to tackle growing […]


Cleaning Up CTV: OpenX Aims To Make Biddable TV Trustworthy

If you want to buy ads on connected TV, do you want to place them in a premium TV show or in a virtual fireplace app? Some think CTV’s inability to distinguish between inventory types on biddable systems is holding back the medium. That is why OpenX, a programmatic advertising technology company, is launching an […]


Best Buy Ads Goes Off-Site & Closed-Loop In Shoppable Media Journey

In a fast-moving a lucrative category like consumer electronics, Best Buy is mixing its own technology with that of others in a mission to become a major advertising player. In January 2022, the company launched Best Buy Ads, its own retail media network, as the company became the latest retailer to enter the new retail […]


VIZIO’s Seasonal Branded TV Show Puts Home Depot On The Home Screen

TV has always played a major part in the holiday season. Rarely, however, have TV manufacturers been as central as they will be this year. VIZIO isn’t just a TV maker anymore. Through its VIZIO Ads division, the company leverages its ownership of the viewing device, plus sight of viewing behavior, to give ad buyers targetability and […]


Dig Into Detail: Experian’s Gilberti Urges Brands To Educate Themselves On CTV Data Journey

Data can play a huge role in the emerging new capabilities in connected TV (CTV) advertising. But brands need to roll up their sleeves and engage with the challenges. That is according to Kimberly Gilberti, Chief Product Officer, Experian Marketing Services. Gilberti will appear at the forthcoming Beet Retreat Santa Monica 2023, in a fireside […]


Machine Learning & Retail Media: The Perfect Match – Moloco’s Simon

If new retail media upstarts are the Davids in a battle against tech-giant Goliaths, could machine learning be the sling that helps them topple their powerful foes? David Simon, GM, Growth Initiatives, Moloco, thinks so. Moloco is a retail media platform offering a machine learning-powered demand-side platform (DSP) to ecommerce operators, helping them to open […]


How To Solve Programmatic Ads’ $20 Billion Transparency Problem

Three years after a UK study found alarming lack of transparency in the programmatic ad supply-chain, it seems the problem is still rife in many quarters. While a second UK study this year showed “a big step forward” in the proportion of ad spend that actually makes it through to publishers, a US study this […]


Shopper & TV Data Can Help Retail Media Rise Above Challenges: Roku’s Friedman

Advertisers are having to work harder to find audiences – but the search may end at the centre of the Venn diagram of data from TV platforms and retail media. That is according to Carly Friedman, Head of Industry: Entertainment, Gaming, Tech & Telco, Roku. In March 2023, Roku partnered with Best Buy Ads, using […]


AI’s Under-Hyped Ad Impacts Can Be A Game-Changer: Moloco’s Simon

In a world where everyone is talking about AI, David Simon, GM for Growth Initiatives at Moloco, believes the real transformative technology is often overlooked. While generative AI and chat continue to garner headlines, Simon thinks machine learning (ML), which is the fabric of much of AI, could has enormous potential in relatively unsexy areas […]


New GroupM NA CEO Gerhart Urges Brands To Think Beyond Short-Term Performance

As Kirk McDonald, North America CEO of WPP’s media buying group GroupM, exits the role after three years, his interim replacement has been urging advertisers not to overlook brand-building. McDonald’s exit was confirmed by several news outlets this week. Mindshare’s global CEO Adam Gerhart will fill the role in the interim while GroupM searches for […]


Outcomes Are Evolving: Affinity Solutions’ Stephanie Geno

In a world where outcomes-driven measurement has dominated the media landscape, the definition of outcomes has evolved significantly. “It used to be outcomes was e-commerce because you could easily track what people were buying online,” Geno says in this interview with Beet.TV at Advertising Week New York. “Then outcomes became store traffic because you could […]


A GPS For Media: Comscore’s Ruthruff Believes In Measurement ‘Triangulation’

The media industry is riding a wave of innovation, and Comscore believes the best approach to combine it all. Although traditional measurement providers are coming under scrutiny in the multi-screen, cross-device era, Senior VP of TV & Cross-Platform Analytics, Joe Ruthruff, says layering the best data sources the way ahead. Beet.TV spoke to him at […]


Inside Ad Supply Path Optimization, With MiQ’s Lara Koenig

At this point in the evolution of digital advertising, there is an increasing focus on supply path optimization (SPO), as companies aim to maximize their ad efficiency. But, beneath the acronym, how does SPO actually work, and how does it translate to connected TV advertising? Lara Koenig, Global Head of Product, MiQ, says there are […]


HP’s Decker On Retail Media Challenges & Opportunities

Retail or ecommerce media – in which ecommerce operators carve out ad inventory in their store to sell to brands – is growing fast. But how are brands embracing the trend? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Scott Decker, North America Media Strategic Planning Lead, HP, paints a picture of the challenges and opportunities. The […]


Addressable TV Is Growing Up: Ampersand’s Anastasia Dukes-Asuen

Once upon a time, “addressable TV” signified linear TV platforms that had engineered a way to enable targetability. The emergence of fully internet-enabled connected TV systems has meant a massive upgrade over that vision of addressability. Yet “addressable” is still an expanding area, Anastasia Dukes-Asuen, Sr. Director, Advanced TV Data & Insights, Ampersand, tells Beet.TV […]


Retail Media Should Be Part Of Holistic Brand Strategy: Digitas’ Lanzi

Retail media, for a long time, has been perceived as emerging from non-traditional media budgets. This perspective is now changing, with funds coming out of more traditional media budgets. That is according to Amy Lanzi,who, as CEO, Digitas North America, is taking a keen interest in the trend. The Changing Landscape of Retail Media Budgets […]


Blurred Lines:’s Schwartzapfel Sees Currency & Measurement Metrics Coming Together

In the last couple of years, the TV ad industry has been noting, kicking the tyres of and, ultimately, adopting non-traditional measurement and trading systems. By and large, they purport to do a better job of quantifying and facilitating transactions for ads across multiple screens. is a major vendor in the space, with a […]


Samba TV Taps Purchase Data To Measure Cross-Platform ROAS

In an era where the digital advertising industry is fraught with concerns over measurement, Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-founder of Samba TV, is seeking to address the unmeasured. Now Samba is partnering with a purchase data company to plug the gap. In this video interview with Beet.TV at Advertising Week New York, Navin explains how […]

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