OpenSlate Will Expand Video Scores To New Publishers: CEO Henry

The company that provides fine-tuned scores rating 600 million YouTube and Facebook videos for advertisers will soon expand its horizons beyond those two key platforms. OpenSlate’s Slate Score measures content quality, whilst the company also charts videos’ subject matter expertise and brand safety. In this video interview with Beet.TV, CEO Mike Henry says the company […]


PSA for Children of Puerto Rico Reaches 3.5 Million U.S. TV Home, Nielsen

In its four weeks of airing, a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico has aired in the nation’s top ten markets, on over 150 Spanish-language stations and networks, providing some 3.5 million household views in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, according to Nielsen. The three, 60-second […]


Impressions Come Easily: Graham’s Barr On TV Ads’ Transition

The historic system TV uses to sell advertising is in flux in search of accuracy and precision – but it can’t come soon enough for Emily Barr. The industry is embarking on a shift, from the historic method of measuring and selling TV eyeballs using rough “gross rating points” (GRPs) to selling on real viewership, […]


New TV Ads Currency Gives Parity With Streaming: Rob Hubbard

In the last few years, digital publishers have forged ahead with advertisers because their ability to count and prove accurate numbers of viewers and readers has been music to ad buyers’ years. But TV will soon catch up, giving them better parity with digital providers, says a local broadcast owner relishing the switch. In this […]


OpenAP Grows Up: Next Step Is To Become A Marketplace, New CEO Levy Says

OpenAP no longer just wants broadcasters to use the same language in their sales pitch to advertisers. Now it also wants to do the selling, too. Under its first iteration, the two-year-old consortium is the means through which Fox, Viacom, NBC Universal and Univision have harmonized how they define audience segments that are used by […]


Optimized Creative Drives Results: Celtra’s Mikek

Advertising results are driven by many factors. But if there is one factor above all others, it is the creative messaging that drives it. That is according to one ad-tech leader whose company aims to revolutionize how brands creative gets delivered. “It is very hard to take creative out of this equation,” says Celtra CEO […]


Neustar Plugs Attribution Gaps With TV & Walled Gardens: DeBlasio

In advertising, “attribution” technology is promising is the holy grail – the ability to track a consumer outcome (like spending or sign-up) and correlate it back to an ad exposure. The trouble with holy grails is, once you get a taste of what’s on offer, you just want more. Namely, attribution technology today is great, […]


Performance TV Hikes Ad Prices Despite Audience Decline: SMI’s Fennessy

US linear TV audiences are declining – so how are national TV operators managing to wring higher prices out of ad buying agencies? The secret has been in the emergence of TV as a performance channel, one which can be measurable enough to support clear campaign outcomes over and above mere branding uplift. “Through the […]


Discovery Takes On 605 For Scaled-Up TV Ad Attribution: Tatta

The TV ad measurement company formed by two ex Cablevision executives is being enlisted by Discovery Inc. to provide advertisers with outcome attribution for TV ads seen by 40 million households. Discovery, whose portfolio includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network and TLC, will work with 605, which provides aggregate set-top box and automatic content recognition […]


Optimized Supply, Fewer Exchanges: Goodway’s Martin Seeks Consolidation & Control

Media-buying agencies want to have greater control over how they transact, with fewer links in the chain. That is certainly the case for Jenkintown, PA-based Goodway Group. The company’s origins go back a century, to the day a 14-year-old errand boy decided to learn the printing trade. Today, it operates a programmatic buying service and […]


What’s Holding Back National Addressable? Nielsen, Cadent & Amobee Discuss

In the complex and fragmented US TV ecosystem, the roll-out of “addressable” TV advertising capabilities outside of an OTT environment is somewhat limited. TV networks give cable and satellite platforms the ability to sell just two minutes per hour of advertising in their live feeds of network programming. What is it going to take for […]


Samba TV’s Axwave Acquisition Adds Automatic TV Ad Detection

Its software was already embedded on nearly 200 million TV-viewing devices, helping advertisers and broadcasters know what viewers are watching. Now Samba TV is acquiring more technology to boost the viewing insights. The San Francisco-based firm is using part of its earlier Series B fundraising to acquire Axwave, whose automated content recognition (ACR) uses microphone-based […]


News Blacklisting By Brands Going In To Overdrive: WSJ Investigation

You don’t need to tell Beet.TV how problematic it can be when advertisers, seeking “brand safety”, use keyword-based blacklists to ensure they don’t get placed against certain news stories or even whole sites. This March, we ran a whole series – Why News in Today’s Marketplace – on how news publishers were arguing for their […]


Industry Must Distinguish Addressable From Data-Driven: DISH’s Robertson

The old dog is getting taught a lot of new tricks – but each of them is different. The world of enhanced TV capabilities needs better understanding. That is according to one TV ad executive whose company has been a pioneer in the emerging space. In this video interview with Beet.TV, DISH Media’s partnerships GM […]


Local Media Will Propel Addressable TV Spending: MTM’s Jon Watts

Why would an advertiser want to precision-target individual TV-viewing households when who they really want to reach is…  everybody? That is a key question being asked of the emerging technology of “addressable TV”, which supports such targeting. eMarketer has revised down its 2019 forecast for US addressable TV ad spending, from the earlier $2.54bn to […]


AT&T’s Xandr Adds A+E, AMC & Cheddar To ‘Community’ Ad Marketplace

It is only two months old – but now the new digital marketplace for ad trading that has just been built by AT&T is announcing three new non-AT&T supply partners. “Community”, the platform created by AT&T’s Xandr ad-tech unit, will support buying ads in content owned by A+E Networks, AMC Networks and Cheddar, Xandr announced. […]


The Time For TV Performance Is Now: TVSquared’s Kinsella

What does $150 million get you in ad-tech these days? If you are the new-look LiveRamp, it gets you Data Plus Math – the price which the reconstituted Acxiom is reportedly paying for the Boston-based data-matching company. But, if you a rival of Data Plus Math, that eye-popping deal isn’t a threat, it’s to be […]


Data Plus Math’s LiveRamp Sale ‘Closes The Loop’

If you thought Acxiom’s sale of its data warehousing business to InterPublic Group (IPG) indicated it was out of the advertising data game, think again. Now named LiveRamp after its key remaining asset, the company says it plans to acquire Boston-based Data Plus Math, whose technology helps match up audience profiles and map ad exposure […]


Extreme Reach Extends AdBridge Platform To Media Sellers

Extreme Reach’s creative management platform AdBridge was originally intended to help creative “move at the same speed as media” for advertisers. Now it’s being extended to simplify distribution for media sellers. “What we’ve discovered and what some of our receiving partners have come to us with is their issues have gotten more complicated. They have […]


WarnerMedia Teams with Xandr to Guarantee Advertising Outcomes, Donna Speciale

In addition to unveiling new and returning series, WarnerMedia used its UpFront presentation today to share case studies showing linear television’s impact on business outcomes and discuss its upcoming SVOD and AVOD services. “What I’m thrilled about is that we’re going to be showing a lot of results,” WarnerMedia President of Ad Sales Donna Speciale […]

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