Social Commerce, Metaverses and Blockchain Are Shaping Digital Future: Publicis’s Jeremy Cohen

Technology will keep changing the way marketers tell stories about their brands as they seek to engage consumers on digital platforms. Social commerce, metaverses and blockchain systems are three trends whose importance will become more apparent throughout 2022. “Social commerce is one of these massively growing areas of both engagement and brand interest, and we’ve […]


Advertising Needs to Perform at Every Level of Purchase Funnel: PHD’s Catherine Sullivan

Brand storytelling is evolving as marketers engage consumers through a wider variety of media channels. Those engagements offer a richer set of data signals to help advertisers improve the performance of their campaigns throughout every stage of the purchase funnel. “We’ve been pushing very hard with our clients at PHD that brand and performance needs […]


Cross-Platform Frequency Capping Relies on Solid Metrics: ViacomCBS’s Travis Scoles

Millions of consumers are dividing their time spent with media among a wider range of devices and platforms. That behavior has challenged media buyers and sellers to quantify the reach, frequency and other indicators of advertising’s effect on business outcomes for marketers. ViacomCBS, whose media brands include channels such as CBS, MTV and Nickelodeon (along […]


Discussions About Ad Currency Are Encouraging: Digitas’ Megan Jones

The rapid shift in people’s television viewing habits in the past couple of years has escalated demands for more accurate measurement of that activity. Marketers and media companies seek an advertising currency that reflects the viewership of traditional linear television and newer streaming services. “The investment behind linear still remains quite high compared to where […]


Consumer Experience Drives Cross-Platform Strategies for Brands: Mindshare’s Amanda Richman

The ongoing fragmentation of the media marketplace has given brands more ways to engage with target customers among a wider variety of platforms and channels. Providing those consumers with a consistent experience among those outlets is a key priority for brands as they develop a cross-platform strategy. “We see so many marketers really taking on […]


Audience Data Support ‘Focused Scale’ for Streaming Ads: GSD&M’s Dave Kersey

Marketers that seek to reach target audiences and gauge the performance of their advertising have a variety of data tools to gain a better understanding of consumers. Audience engagement is a key indicator of their actual behaviors, though marketers also can glean insights from multiple sources of data. “It’s not one dataset across the entire […]


Content and Context Work Together for Effective Advertising: OMD’s John Osborn

Brands face greater challenges in reaching consumers who are either constantly bombarded with advertising or who spend more time with ad-free streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. Amid the efforts to gain the limited attention of viewers, brand storytelling has significant value. “We have to earn the respect and the intention and the engagement and […]


Media Companies Will Reinvent Themselves with Technology: Progress Partners’ Domenic Venuto

The significant shift in media consumption habits in the past couple of years has compressed the timeline for technological development. As people spend more time with on-demand content from streaming companies, advertisers are seeking ways to improve cross-platform measurement as they shift billions in media spending out of linear television. Streaming services are “pumping out […]


Advertisers Drive Innovation in Data Usage: MediaWallah’s Nancy Marzouk

Marketers face growing challenges in reaching target consumers as privacy laws give them more control over their personal information. Amid the gradual disappreance of online tracking cookies, advertisers need scalable technologies to manage data that consumers consent to share while also protecting their privacy. Data clean rooms that allow advertisers and media outlets to match […]


Amid Media Fragmentation, Linear TV Still Has Broadest Reach: Fox’s Dan Callahan

LOS ANGELES – Consumers are spending time with a wider selection of media outlets, challenging advertisers to reach them with omnichannel campaigns. Amid this fragmentation, traditional linear television boasts significant scale for major brands. “Linear still provides massive reach and scale. It provides immediacy when you think of live, linear programming – in particular, sports […]


Harness Media, Data & Technology for Best Results: Kinesso’s Jean Fitzpatrick

LOS ANGELES – Advertisers increasingly need a combination of media, data and technology to improve the outcomes of their campaigns. These tools are especially important as the media marketplace grows more fragmented among connected devices and types of content. “We know not all of our clients are going to want the same thing, and typically […]


Original Content Provides Better Context for More Advertising: Tubi’s Mark Rotblat

LOS ANGELES – The audience growth for ad-supported streaming services is driving more marketers to set aside part of their television media budgets to these newer platforms. Amid that shift, they’re also scrutinizing the content that provides the surrounding context for their advertising campaigns, as they’ve done with traditional linear television. “There’s more attention to […]


Innovation Pushes Brand Storytelling in New Directions: NBCUniversal’s Josh Feldman

The Consumer Electronics Show highlights the innovations that have the potential to transform the way people work, play and otherwise spend their time. The media and marketing industries are undergoing their own technological transformation, but some basic principles still apply. “Brands and media partners are innovating at record speeds, but the one thing that has […]


Advertising ‘Nirvana’ Marries Creative with Targeting: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

Marketers find the most success in their advertising campaigns when their messaging is combined with the effective audience targeting. “It’s that perfect merging of art and science, and being able to put together the right creative that’s going to resonate with the audiences,” Brad Stockton, senior vice president of U.S. national video innovation at Dentsu […]


First-Party Data Help With Audience Suppression Strategies: Camelot’s Sam Bloom

LOS ANGELES – Successful advertising campaigns not only depend on reaching the right audiences at the right time, but also minimizing duplicated reach among different media channels. First-party consumer data can help to be more selective with ad targeting on connected TV platforms. “That data can be used in a variety of different ways — […]


TV Ad Metrics Have More Room to Branch Out: Horizon Media’s Alex Stone

The shift in television viewer habits during the pandemic has pushed advertisers to look for ways to measure audiences more accurately. The demand for demographic metrics that reflect consumer behavior has grown, especially after TV ratings stalwart Nielsen asked the Media Ratings Council to temporarily halt the accreditation process in August. “From a demo measurement […]


Broadcasters Shouldn’t Fear Ad-Sales Automation: Beachfront’s Maccaro

LOS ANGELES – The term “programmatic advertising” has negative connotations for television networks that don’t want to see the value of their media inventories plunge. They fear the same “race to the bottom” that was seen in the digital display market, where websites could load up their pages with an almost limitless supply of banner […]


Gamified NFTs Deepen Engagement With Sports Fans: Turner Sports’ Yang Adija

Blockchain technology not only is at the heart of cryptocurrencies, but it also supports the burgeoning field of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), the authenticated digital assets that can be bought and sold like other forms of property. While NFTs have been mostly associated with digital art, they also have applications in sports marketing. Turner Sports, a […]


Frequency-Capping of Ads Is Possible on CTV Platforms: Publica’s Ben Antier

LOS ANGELES – Viewers of streaming services that have commercial breaks are familiar with the phenomenon of seeing the same ad repeated throughout a show. Advertising technology companies are working to prevent these occurrences on connected television (CTV), giving marketers the ability to cap the frequency of their ad placements. “It’s not a difficult problem […]


FreeWheel Names Mark McKee As General Manager to Oversee Global Operations

FreeWheel promoted Mark McKee to general manager to oversee all parts of the advertising technology company, which is a unit of Comcast. In this new role, McKee is in charge of FreeWheel’s sales, product, engineering, operations and support services worldwide, the company announced. He succeeds Dave Clark, who announced his departure after leading FreeWheel since […]

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