MediaMath Integration, Latin America Are Key Opportunities: Infillion’s Gabe Paton

Adtech company Infillion in the past year acquired MediaMath and began to re-establish the adtech pioneer by integrating its technology with its own programmatic brands. The automated buying and selling of advertising will continue to grow as marketers seek to harness customer data more effectively. “The transition to first-party data and cookieless solutions…really provides opportunities […]


CTV’s Ad Tools Deliver Performance, Personalized Audiences: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

The popularity of connected devices such as smart TVs and mobile phones not only has transformed how people watch video programming, but also how advertisers engage with audiences. Connected television provides marketers with a growing range of digital tools. “All the things that were great about television and all the reasons that we wanted to […]


Marketers Seek Clearer Picture of Automated Ad Market: GSD&M’s Dave Kersey

Advertisers in the United States are wasting $22 billion a year in what’s known as the programmatic market, which automates transactions between buyers and sellers of media, according to a study by the Association of National Advertisers. Media buyers are demanding greater transparency from demand-side platforms that provide a gateway into the marketplace. “It’s becoming […]


Consumer Brands, Retailers Are Driving Ad Growth: Uber’s Megan Ramm

Uber Technologies is working to expand its advertising business by touting its unique value proposition to brands. Its ride-sharing and food-delivery apps have geographical and order-history information that can help to determine consumer intentions. “We’re growing rapidly. Our formats are growing rapidly,” Megan Ramm, global director and head of consumer packaged goods partnerships at Uber […]


Reaching Online Shoppers at Checkout Drives Value for Brands: Rokt’s Doug Rozen

Advertising can inform, entertain and inspire consumers on their journey toward a purchase. The moment they’re at an online checkout is key for brands that seek to cross-sell or up-sell other products and services. “The moment that matters most in e-commerce is when somebody has done their browsing, done their shopping, put something in their […]


Revival of MediaMath Elevates ‘Creative as a Service’ in Advertising: Infillion’s Michael Colella

Adtech company Infillion in the past year acquired MediaMath and began an effort to re-establish the adtech pioneer by integrating its technology with its own programmatic brands such as TrueX, NeXt and InStadium. “The TrueX side of our house is the bespoke opt-in creative solutions. When it comes to the MediaMath side, it’s really exciting […]


Seedtag Buys Beachfront to Harness Growth in CTV Advertising

Contextual ad platform Seedtag this week acquired sell-side ad platform Beachfront to expand its business in the growing area of connected television. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. With the acquisition, Beachfront’s technology, premium inventory and expertise in CTV advertising will be integrated into Seedtag’s contextual ad tools to give marketers and media buyers […]


Outdoor Ads Are Seeing Digital Revolution: OAAA’s Anna Bager

MIAMI – Billboards are gradually becoming like outdoor televisions, making digital out-of-home advertising a way to reach on-the-go consumers in a less intrusive way than mobile ads. Combining digital distribution with dynamic creative and localized data adds to its effect. “Digital out-of-home is superhot, and it’s really the big growth area in out-of-home right now […]


AI, Programmatic Dealmaking Shape Global Media Buys: Omnicom’s Ben Hovaness

NEW YORK — Technology is shaping the way brands buy ad placements on various media channels, with tools such as artificial intelligence and programmatic automation becoming more predominant. That’s especially noticeable in the upfront marketplace. “A big part of that is increased generative AI offerings by sellers to smooth the process of creative generation to […]


Influencers Help Brands Meaningfully Engage with Consumers: Omnicom’s Kevin Blazaitis

MIAMI – Social media apps such as Instagram and video-sharing apps such as YouTube have spawned an industry of online personalities who offer user-generated content ranging from makeup tutorials to viral dance moves to reviews of the latest products. Omnicom Media Group is helping advertisers to manage their relationships with influencers and getting the most […]


Outcomes Are Best Barometer of TV Advertising: A+E’s Roseann Montenes

NEW YORK – Digital media channels such as internet search and social networks typically prioritize ad-performance metrics such as click-through rates, viewability and video completion rates. Performance metrics in the past few years have come to television networks as advertisers seek to attribute business outcomes to their campaigns. “We decided that we were going to […]


Shoppable Moments on TV Come With Group Effort: KERV’s Marika Roque

MIAMI – Millions of households have connected their televisions directly to the internet, opening up a digital avenue more interactions between brands and audiences. Digital advertising platform KERV Interactive is working with media companies and retailers to create shoppable television that’s convenient for viewers. Among its recent efforts, KERV has collaborated with NBCUniversal and Walmart […]


T-Mobile’s Andrea Zapata on the Power of Mobile Data

NEW YORK – Smartphones have become digital appendages for millions of people, making mobile devices powerful tools for gathering first-party data about consumer behavior – both online and in real life. T-Mobile Advertising Solutions aims to help marketers harness the data for audience targeting while also protecting customer privacy. “With T-Ads, what we’re able to […]


AI Enriches Retail Media, Especially for CTV: Michelle Weiskittel from Albertsons Media Collective

MIAMI – Artificial intelligence has become more well known among consumers who use the technology in popular text-generation apps such as ChatGPT and in internet searches. In the realm of advertising, AI applications are found throughout the media supply chain. “It’s really AI throughout the workflow from media planning, media optimization and creative,” Michelle Weiskittel, […]


‘We Have Audiences Grouped by Projects, Which No One Else Has’: Home Depot’s Melanie Babcock

MIAMI – Many retailers have set up media networks to sell digital advertising space to brands that want to reach consumers as they shop online. As retailers become suppliers of advertising inventory to the brands that supply products to their stores, the relationships between the two are changing. Brands “have a merchandising relationship, a supply-chain […]


Biddable CTV Delivers Value to Brands and Publishers: OpenX’s Andy Hammond

SAN JUAN, PR – The television advertising market is gradually become more automated as more buyers and sellers adopt software tools that have been used for years with digital display and online video. Amid the expansion of programmatic technology come more opportunities for real-time bidding on connected television ad placements. “Biddable connected TV is really […]


Content Is King Again as CTV Advertising Evolves: Hershey’s Vinny Rinaldi

MIAMI – Many households have shifted their television viewing to streaming video, leading advertisers to set aside a bigger portion of their media budgets to connected television. Determining whether their ads are being seen is a key need for marketers of consumer packaged goods. “Content is definitely king again,” Vinny Rinaldi, head of media and […]


Omnichannel Commerce, AI Are Disrupting Advertising: Omnicom’s Joanna O’Connell

MIAMI – Streaming services have given consumers more control over the television viewing experience, including the ability to interact and transact with advertisers. At the same time, more retailers are selling advertising to brands, giving them a way to convert awareness into shoppable moments. “You have the kind of dynamic of retail media where brands […]


Kroger Teams With Yahoo DSP on Purchase-Based Audiences for Brands

NEW YORK – Kroger Precision Marketing, the grocery chain’s retail media network, is collaborating with Yahoo Advertising to offer purchase-based audiences directly in the Yahoo Demand-Side Platform (DSP), according to an announcement on Tuesday. Yahoo DSP advertisers can now activate Kroger’s audiences to reach the right consumers and to measure campaign results without tracking cookies. […]


‘Don’t Confuse First-Party Data With Identity’: Publicis Media’s Shelby Saville

SAN JUAN, PR – Consumers divide their time spent with media among a growing variety of connected devices, channels and apps, challenging advertisers to obtain a holistic view of people’s behaviors. First-party data that comes directly from consumers don’t provide this insight. “People should know as it relates to first-party data and identity is that […]

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