Programmatic Buyers Are Coming Out of Their Silo: SMG’s Gould

CHICAGO — Roughly 45% of display ads in the U.S. are now bought programmatically, and that’s much too big for programmatic buying to be considered a specialization anymore. For that reason, VivaKi’s AOD trading desk has been moving programmatic specialists over to client teams at Publicis Groupe’s media agencies. “It makes sense that we would […]

VivaKi Lives On After Reorg: SMG’s Delaney

Ad group Publicis’ VivaKi digital division may be moving its programmatic experts out around the group, but that doesn’t mean VivaKi is dead. “VivaKi still lives on,” says SMG programmatic SVP Mac Delaney in this video interview. “It operates the SkyScraper platform, the database for all of the group’s campaign reporting. You still have VivaKi employees dedicated to the AOD operating […]

VivaKi Spreads Its Expertise Across SMG: Delaney

FORT LAUDERDALE — Recent reorganisations within Publicis’ Vivaki unit see digital expertise built up over the latter group’s existence moved from its Audience On Demand division to other agencies within the sister SMG group. The Drum reports on the changes here. “The largest group within AOD – the client services group … those individuals are […]

Changes at VivaKi Bring Closer Alignment with Publicis Media Agencies

LAS VEGAS –  Last year’s  reorganization of digital media agency VivaKi  has lead to a closer working relationship with the Publicis media agencies, says Mac Delaney, SVP, in this interview with Beet.TV He added that VivaKi is  implementing a number new programs and expansion plans,  notably the alliance with Adobe and the acquisition of RUN. […]

AOL Links with Publicis in Latest Programmatic Agency Alliance

AOL Inc. has been working closely with major media agencies including IPG Mediabrands and Havas Media around its programmatic offering. This week, it announced an alliance with the Publicis Groupe.   According to a company statement,  “The move will provide VivaKi, and effectively all agencies inside Publicis Groupe, greater access to premium reserved – including […]

VivaKi’s Marco Bertozzi on the Rise of Sophisticated DMP’s

With the emergence of increasingly sophisticated programmatic technology, advertisers have the opportunity to harness their data to targeted consumers.  To do so, they need to build deeper data management platforms, (DMP’s).  This will be a key conversation next week at the DMEXCO conference in Cologne, says Marco Bertozzi, President of AOD, EMEA and North American Client […]

Ebuzzing’s Daily: We’ll Be 30% Programmatic In Three Years

Online video ad technology group Ebuzzing reckons nearly a third of its business will be made up from automated ad trading, as it increasingly creates private ad marketplaces with trading desks. “We work with Xaxis, Accuen, Vivaki and these trading desks to build our specific, high-quality marketplaces,” according to the company’s north America GM Jim Daily. “Our […]

Publicis Programmatic Head Beringer: No One Solution Fits All

CANNES, France – While there has been considerable conversation in programmatic media circles about a movement away from open exchanges to private exchanges, it’s not a matter of choosing one solution,  but of both, says Stephan Beringer, President of Audience on Demand at VivaKi, the digital unit of the Publicis Groupe. We spoke with during […]

Premium Publishers Faster To Programmatic In EU: AOD’s Bertozzi

CANNES, France — It’s commonly thought that the European market is generally adopting so-called “programmatic” ad automation and trading techniques later than the US. But it looks like the quality publishers there are buying in with greater gusto. “Premium publishers in Europe, they seem to have got involved in this much earlier,” according to Marco […]

VivaKi’s AOD Wants Industry Platform For Native Ads

LONDON — It’s only natural that native advertising articles exist only on the websites of the individual publishers who sell and create them – after all, they depend on the tone and content production skillset boasted by that publisher. But Danny Hopwood wants native’s small reach to break out of their creators’ own confines, with […]

Netflix is Building In-House Programmatic Ad Buying Operation, Kathy O’Dowd Explains

SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix is building an in-house programmatic operation with the primary goal  to build brand awareness, explains Kathy O’Dowd, Senior Director, Programmatic Buying for Netflix in this video segment.   Both O’Dowd and Mike Zeman recently joined Netflix from VivaKi, the big media agency. In this segment from the Beet.TV summit on programmatic […]

Netflix Embracing Programmatic Video Advertising in New Marketing Push

SAN FRANCISCO –  Netflix is embracing programmatic video as a means to raise visibility of Netflix as an entertainment brand –  not as a service which had been the past marketing objective, explains Mike Zeman, Director of North American Marketing, in this interview with Beet.TV Zeman, who joined Netflix last year from the giant media […]

YuMe Presents: the “London Sessions,” the Next Stage of the Media Revolution, Hosted by SMG and VivaKi

LONDON –  Beet.TV is producing a series of interviews about the current state and forecast for digital video including programmatic, real-time marketing, social media and related topics on November 12.   Very cool to have so many ad agency executives and publishers to be part of the series which will be taped at the London headquarters […]


For VivaKi’s AOD Video Director, “Content is King”

NAPA, CA –  As brands engage in buying video in an automated, programmatic marketplace, it  is essential brands and publishers are properly aligned, explains Cheryl Stump, Director of Video at VivaKi’s Audience on Demand unit, in this interview with Beet.TV “Content is king,” and getting the match-up right  is an essential part of the agency’s […]

VivaKi’s Hopwood: UK Broadcasters to Sell Online Video Ads In Real-Time

COLOGNE — The UK’s TV networks have spent the last few years building up their distinct cross-platform catch-up services against which to sell pre-roll ads. Now they are showing interest in letting some of those ads be bought by programmatic, real-time bidding algorithms. Speaking to Beet.TV, Danny Hopwood, the EMEA platform head for ad group […]

Ad Creatives Need To Adopt Programmatic Testing, Starcom’s Tracey Paull

Much of the energy in advertising nowadays is coming from data-driven algorithms that super-target just the right ads to just the right audiences, as this recent Sunday Times feature pointed out, noting the death of creative “mad men”. But two ad tech executives speaking at Beet.TV’s Chicago programmatic video ad summit said algorithms can serve […]

Programmatic Ad Buying to Transform Publishers’ Sales Teams, SpotXchange’s Jeremy Straight

CHICAGO – With the rise of online ad exchanges and real-time bidding systems, many are wondering what purpose publishers’ own in-house sales teams have anymore. That question was tackled by video ad exchange SpotXchange‘s business development SVP Jeremy Straight during Beet.TV’s recent Chicago programmatic video advertising summit. “Publishers realize the same efficiencies that maybe the […]

As Programmatic Buying Becomes Ubiquitous, Research Must Follow, Starcom’s Paull

CHICAGO — As programmatic buying becomes more widepread, agencies are spending less time convincing clients to try it and more time making the deals, says Tracey Paull, Senior VP and Digital Media Director at Starcom in an interview with industry analyst Ashley Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds at the Beet.TV Programmatic Video Advertising Summit. Many clients try […]

Programmatic Buying to Surpass One-Quarter of Digital Video Ad Spend in 2104

CHICAGO — Given the increasing interest from premium publishers in programmatic buying, video ad marketplace SpotXchange is betting that more than one-quarter of all video ad spend will be of the programmatic variety by 2014, says Jeremy Straight, Senior VP Business Development at SpotXchange in an interview with Beet.TV. Digital video ad spend is slated to […]

VivaKi’s Chris Paul: Ad Sweet Spot is Experiential and Addressable

CHICAGO — So-called “programmatic” online ad-buying technology may help advertisers eliminate waste by targeting specific users, but the best campaigns include a blend of programmatic and conventional, according to one advertising executive. “The combination of experiential marketing and addressable marketing is where you find the real sweet spot and the best ROI in your marketing […]