How Personalization Drives Spotify Ads: Bertozzi

COLOGNE — Music is inherently personal. And, when Daniel Ek co-founded Spotify a decade ago, it didn’t take long for the company to embed that fact in the software. Soon, playlists became the order of the day. But that is not the only way music personalization can manifest. And listeners themselves may not be the […]


Spotify’s Bertozzi Fast-Forwards From Playlists To ‘Multi-Sensory’ Music

LAS VEGAS — When Spotify was growing up, its founder Daniel Ek often talked at length about the gravitational force of the playlist. Where albums once dictated how consumers accessed music, and MP3s atomized the album, playlists would be the new unit of consumption. But, even as it dives more heavily in to podcasts, now […]


Bertozzi Sings Spotify’s Praises For Data-Driven Advertising

CANNES — He is better known to Beet.TV viewers as the man who helped grow Publicis’ programmatic advertising business. But this year Marco Bertozzi jumped out of the agency world and in to a music subscription startup, when he was named Europe VP and head of sales for Spotify. Why music? Because Spotify has a […]


Publicis, WPP Execs See Programmatic TV Coming In To View

LONDON — After revolutionizing online display and digital video ad sales, many expect so-called “programmatic” technology to shake-up the TV advertising industry, too. Even a sliver of the $79bn US TV ad industry would be worth a small fortune. But indusstry opinion appears divided on whether “programmatic TV” will take off any time soon. However, two […]


Direct-Response TV Will Get Specific: Publicis’ Bertozzi

LONDON — Marketers have always regarded television as the big box that can reach a mass audience, the medium at the top of the funnel that fuels initial consumer awareness. But times are a-changing, and new technology means targeted television can serve advertisers just like laser-guided online ads can. “TV can absolutely be a performance medium,” according to […]


Programmatic TV Has Turned A Corner: SMG’s Bertozzi

It is the medium most desired by programmatic ad-tech execs, who can sniff a slice of a $70 billion advertising industry. But TV is still only on the path to programmatic, not yet at full conversion. Still, one ad group man says the prospects for that tipping point are now looking a lot healthier, five years […]


Keeping Programmatic Operations at Agencies, back in Vogue: SMG’s Bertozzi

In a world of abundant ad-tech superpowers, many newly-empowered advertisers have begun to wonder if they couldn’t take on some of the traditional functions they previously outsourced to agencies. But the tide may be turning, as some of those agencies decide it’s safer to stick than to twist, says one senior agency exec. “The concept […]


Programmatic Can Modernize Performance Marketing: SMG’s Bertozzi

As a discipline, performance marketing is both the ultimate in efficiency and on a worrying path. But the tactic, in which buyers pay only for measurable results, now stands ready to be rejuvenated, says a leading ad-tech exec. “The modernization of performance marketing has still got a long way to go,” according to Marco Bertozzi, the […]


Bertozzi Assumes Global Performance Head at Starcom MediaVest Group

Marco Bertozzi, who had been at the Publicis’ VivaKi unit, as President of Global Clients, has transitioned to a corporate role at Starcom MediaVest as CEO of Performance Marketing, a new position. According to the report in Digiday which first reported the news, his job will be: to draw on SMG’s current resources both from existing […]


Publicis Marks One Year With Adobe Always-On Partnership

COLOGNE — Some folks in communications are starting to get excited about greater prospects for connecting up advertising and marketing. VivaKi, the advertising group Publicis’ digital unit, is now celebrating the “first birthday” of a partnership with Adobe to do just that. The so-called “Always-On Platform” gives all Publicis agencies access to Adobe’s Marketing Cloud suite, […]


VivaKi’s Bertozzi Sees Advertisers’ Programmatic Confusion Dissipating

CANNES — The rise of automated, super-targeted advertising known as “programmatic” has been complex and fast. Sometimes, ad tech players have not helped themselves by obfuscating their offering in obtuse language. But one of the key execs in the space says he observers advertisers increasingly wrapping their head around the prospect and its potential. “We’ve […]


Creatives Must Catch Up To Programmatic: VivaKi’s Bertozzi

LONDON — Digital ad systems referred to as “programmatic” have revolutionized the targeting and trading of online inventory. Next up, they are going to need to get creative. “Technology has really focused on the area of targeting and direct response and unfortunately has left the creative industry behind,” Marco Bertozzi, global clients president at Publicis’ VivaKi […]


VivaKi’s Marco Bertozzi on the Rise of Sophisticated DMP’s

With the emergence of increasingly sophisticated programmatic technology, advertisers have the opportunity to harness their data to targeted consumers.  To do so, they need to build deeper data management platforms, (DMP’s).  This will be a key conversation next week at the DMEXCO conference in Cologne, says Marco Bertozzi, President of AOD, EMEA and North American Client […]


Ad Buyers Don’t Have To Abandon Open Exchanges: VivaKi’s Bertozzi

WPP ad group GroupM made waves earlier this year when it announced it would no longer buy online ads from open exchange marketplaces, as first reported by Beet.TV. But rival Publicis’ VivaKi digital unit doesn’t think that’s necessarily the right strategy. “If you limit yourself by saying you’re doing one thing or to the other, […]


VivaKi’s Bertozzi Explains Ad Tech Alliance with Amazon

The recent deal signed by ad agency Publicis’ digital unit VivaKi to buy ads from Amazon’s new self-service display tool crystallizes the outfit’s ethos, says company exec Marco Bertozzi. “The Amazon announcement is the fruition of 18 months of working with them -it’s a case study for exactly what we’re trying to do with our […]


Premium Publishers Faster To Programmatic In EU: AOD’s Bertozzi

CANNES, France — It’s commonly thought that the European market is generally adopting so-called “programmatic” ad automation and trading techniques later than the US. But it looks like the quality publishers there are buying in with greater gusto. “Premium publishers in Europe, they seem to have got involved in this much earlier,” according to Marco […]


VivaKi’s Bertozzi: Video Puts Retargeting In A New Dimension

LONDON – Those ads that follow users around the web with a banner for a vacation after they browsed for a vacation may soon be more than just banners. “The ability to retarget someone with a video as as opposed to just a display ad adds an interesting new dimension,” the EMEA president of Publicis-owned […]


VivaKi’s Bertozzi: Clean Up The Big Ad Views Fraud

LONDON — How many users really viewed your video ads last week? Guess again – the number may be lower than you think, thanks to unscrupulous publishers who play videos out of view or without consumers even asking. “Fifty percent of ads, apparently, in display aren’t seen,” Publicis’ VivaKi EMEA MD Marco Bertozzi tells Beet.TV in this […]


VivaKi Sees Growth in Programmatic Video Buying

LONDON – Recently, there’s been immense growth in the programatic video buying space, says Marco Bertozzi, managing director of Europe, Middle East and Asia for Vivaki. Beet.TV spoke with Bertozzi in this video interview at the Publcis Investor Day in London. The Chicago-based digital advertising solutions company, has expanded into France and Spain. Currently, VivaKi is using all cookie-based data used […]