The BeetCast Debut: Sir Martin Sorrell on What Motivates Him and Views on Changing Marketing Landscape

LONDON — He wasn’t happy with the circumstances of his departure from WPP in 2018, the giant advertising holding company he founded. With S4 Capital, he is proving a point: he can create an agile, digital-only marketing enterprise, says Sir Martin Sorrell in this interview. Today (November 9) S4 released impressive Q3 results. We spoke […]


YuMe Presents: the “London Sessions,” the Next Stage of the Media Revolution, Hosted by SMG and VivaKi

LONDON – Beet.TV is producing a series of interviews about the current state and forecast for digital video including programmatic, real-time marketing, social media and related topics on November 12. Very cool to have so many ad agency executives and publishers to be part of the series which will be taped at the London headquarters […]