CHICAGO – With the rise of online ad exchanges and real-time bidding systems, many are wondering what purpose publishers’ own in-house sales teams have anymore.

That question was tackled by video ad exchange SpotXchange‘s business development SVP Jeremy Straight during Beet.TV’s recent Chicago programmatic video advertising summit.

“Publishers realize the same efficiencies that maybe the agencies are seeing,” Straight told interviewer and Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Swartz. “Maybe (they) don’t have a sales team of 300 people now because (they are) able to leverage some of the efficiencies (they are) gaining in programmatic means.

“Who knows if that will happen? We’re not here to replace a publisher’s sales team but to really give them the efficiencies of scale.”

Indeed, Straight said data yielded from programmatic can also help ad sales teams. “If I’m a large publisher and I can see Samsung is buying my inventory, I might go to that trading desk and say ‘My inventory is in high demand with you right now – can we put together a programmatic deal and run this through my platform?'”