Much of the energy in advertising nowadays is coming from data-driven algorithms that super-target just the right ads to just the right audiences, as this recent Sunday Times feature pointed out, noting the death of creative “mad men”.

But two ad tech executives speaking at Beet.TV’s Chicago programmatic video ad summit said algorithms can serve creatives, too – if creatives let their output be subjected to efficiency testing.

“I haven’t seen a dynamic solution that creative-tests dynamic creative,” said Starcom digital media director and SVP Tracey Paull.

“We need to go back to partners like our creative testing partners and get them to really figure out dynamic creative testing, so that the same principles we’re using at television and all the other places, we can actually then apply to get smarter creative.”

TubeMogul CEO Brett Wilson echoed Paull’s views, adding: “The promise of programmatic is it streamlines everything. To the extent that you are going to multi-variant test different pieces of feedback, you can get really quick feedback.

“It’s pretty easy for someone at a media buying agency to load in different creatives with that exact same media and audience objectives, measure what’s working in real-time and optimize. In practice, that doesn’t happen enough.”