OpenX’s Real-Time Guarantees Offer Best Of Both Worlds

In the last couple of years, private ad trading marketplaces have given ad sellers the efficiencies offered by programmatic trading technology, but by ringfencing premium inventory off from open-market fodder. Now ad tech platform vendor OpenX is launching its take on the concept to offer a best-of-both approach of its own. Its “real-time guaranteed” technology (RTG) […]


LiveRail’s Mark Trefgarne on RTB vs. Programmatic Guarantees

SAN FRANCISCO – The delineation between private vs. open exchanges and real-time bidding (RTB) vs. programmatic guarantees is driven by the needs of the publisher says Mark Trefgarne, CEO of the supply-side video ad tech company LiveRail, in this interview with Beet.TV Earlier this summer, LiveRail was acquired by Facebook. We spoke with him for […]


Mindshare’s Powell: Advertisers Need Price Stability

Mindshare wants to deal in real-time ads – but it hates the price spikes that can be associated with the mechanism. The group’s north America MD James Powell tells Beet.TV he needs “inflation-immune pricing”… “Strong publishers aren’t necessarily dumping all their good content in to a programmatic sphere at the moment. And, even if they […]


TubeMogul’s Brett Wilson: Audience Guarantees for Programmatic Becoming Pervasive, Quickly

NAPA, CA – One of the most significant developments in the move to programmatic video advertising buying is the rapid emergence of audience guarantees via Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings (OCR), says Brett Wilson, CEO of video ad tech company TubeMobul in this interview with Beet.TV commentator Ashley Swartz. Over the past 12 months, audience guarantees […]


Omnicom’s Trading Desk Chief Josh Jacobs on the Evolving Role of the Media Agency

While the introduction of enterprise software is changing the nature of the media buying landscape, the media agencies’ role is what it has always been, which has been “to bring price efficiency” into the media buying process, explains  Josh Jacobs, CEO of Accuen, the trading desk unit of the giant agency holding company Omnicom. We […]


Magna Global Links Client Data Segments with AOL’s Platform, Brunick

Magna Global, which recently announced an alliance with the  AOL unit, will be integrating into, allowing the big media agency to buy media against their client data segments via the platform, explains Michael Brunick, SVP for Programmatic at Magna Global, a unit of Interpublic’s IPG Mediabrands, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke […]


Kellogg Partners w/ BrightRoll, Google and Yahoo for Programmatic Ad Efforts

The Kellogg Company is one of the first big brands to embrace programmatic buying.  It is implementing its solution with BrightRoll, Google and Yahoo serving as its DSP partners, says Bob Arnold, Director of Digital and Social Media Strategy at Kellogg, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him at the BrightRoll Video Summit […]


Programmatic Revolution will Create a “Tale of Two Cities” Among Publishers, Warns Rubicon’s Jay Sears

Advertising agencies are inexorably moving to an automated. programmatic  system of buying inventory and publishers who don’t automate soon, will be left behind in a sort of “tale of two cities,” warns Jay Sears, GM of Revv at the Rubicon Project, the LA-based ad tech company that automates buying and selling of advertising. Sears moderated […]


Videology Expands Programmatic Offering to Publishers with New Product

Videology, the video advertising technology platform, which has been developed and deployed primarily for advertisers and marketers who are on the “buy” side of the programmatic marketplace, is expanding its publishers with a new product called Revenue Engine. Yesterday at the OMMA Video conference, we spoke with Todd Bender, VP of Product Supply at Videology […]


Xaxis’ Grether: Programmatic Video Stragegy Differs Between U.S. and Europe

COLOGNE — It may be a global industry, but advertisers in the US and Europe exhibit different approaches to the programmatic, automated ad targeting prospect that is now revolutionizing video ad buying, says one company in the know. “In the US, it’s all about performance,” Mark Grether, COO of Group M’s in-house data targeting agency […]


WPP’s Programmatic Unit Lauches ‘Xaxis TV’ – Brian Gleason Explains

Xaxis, the fast-growing programmatic media buying unit of WPP’s GroupM media holding company, has launched Xaxis TV, a new product for TV planners  that provides “broadcast like quality” to online planning as Brian Gleason, Managing Director of Xaxis North America, explains in this video interview. We spoke with Gleason last week at the Beet.TV leadership […]


Xaxis’ Schlickum: ‘Europe Has Adopted RTB More Carefully Than US’

COLOGNE — “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed,” wrote sci-fi novelist William Gibson. And that’s exactly the landscape for so-called programmatic and real-time automated ad bidding techniques. “The way publishers have engaged with the programmatic space in Europe has been much more careful – they’ve thought about it much more,” […]


Xaxis’ Schlickum: ‘Video Next For Programmatic Ad Disruption’

COLOGNE — Automated, programmatic ad-buying technologies are disrupting the display advertising market. And, increasingly, they will do the same for video ads, says one exec. “From an advertiser point of view, the idea of audience targeting is something they’re extremley keen to do across video as much as they are across other places,” Caspar Schlickum, […]


AOL’s Lord: Machines Will Take Over Madison Ave Like They Did Wall Street

COLOGNE — Don’t call it “Rise Of The Machines”, but AOL’s new ad chief reckons real-time ad bidding algorithms will soon do much of the grunt work currently done by Mad Men and women. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the DMEXCO industry conflab, AOL Networks’ Bob Lord says: “Traders on the floor (of Wall […]


AOL’s ‘AdTech’ Unit Targeting Premium Publishers for RTB

COLOGNE — The emergence of real-time, programmatic online ad buying is usually seen as a race toward cheaper ad pricing and, therefore, appealing more to lower-tier publishers. But, speaking to Beet.TV at DMEXCO, the CEO of AOL’s ad server business, AdTech, says he is hoping to appeal to bigger publisher brands, some of which are […]


Nielsen “Fueling” Real-Time Bidding for TV Planning

NEW YORK – Nielsen is pursuing the growth in real-time bidding with new tools that help link programmatic buying to TV data, says Randall Beard, Global Head of Advertiser Solutions, Nielsen during an interview with Beet.TV. “We are fueling programmatic buying and real-time bidding of digital audiences based on individual TV plans, so you can […]


TV Ads Could Soon Be Sold Programmatically, Magna’s Todd Gordon

The key efficiency new-wave digital media sales holds over TV is clear – super-targeting through addressable, automated and programmatic buying models. But TV ads could soon be sold using the same techniques. “The technology to do that in digital display is a lot further along than in linear TV – but we believe that, over […]


VivaKi’s Unkel: Patient Spenders Leading Programmatic Push

The advertisers who are pushing out ahead in the new world of programmatic and automated online ad buying are those who are prepared to accept that returns will be generated only after initial outlay. That’s according to the products and services VP of Publicis’ VivaKi digital group, Kurt Unkel. “One of the fund challenges in […]


Publicis, Omnicom Merger: It’s about “Big Data” says Maurice Levy

In his comments about the merger of Publicis Groupe and Omnicom, Publicis CEO Maurice Levy explained advertising has reached a new era, where “Big Data” is driving how advertising is both created and delivered.   Explaining how marketing and media is being transformed by technology, he is quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying:  “exponential […]


Rumors Of Cookies Death Are ‘Greatly Exaggerated’

CHICAGO — New European laws, consumer revolts and unsupportive devices… these are testing times for cookies, the client-side files that transport user data to advertising networks. But 2013 may not mean the end of the cookie is nigh. “The rate of which cookies are going away is greatly exaggerated,” advertising data group eXelate‘s chief marketer Khurrum […]

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