VivaKi’s Stump: ‘Fraud’ Fears Are Real But May Be Over-Stated

The realization, by advertisers, that many of the views they buy in video are faked by nefarious bots is serious – but not necessarily as serious as The Wall Street Journal recently suggested, according to one ad agency exec. “It was a little sensational,” VivaKi Audience On Demand video director Cheryl Stump says of the […]


VivaKi Leans on Fraud Prevention Tools & Metrics as Programmatic Expands

As the programmatic marketplace continues to expand, media buyers need to make sure they have tools in place to battle fraud, says Cheryl Stump, Director of Video at VivaKi Audience on Demand during an interview with Beet.TV from the BrightRoll Video Summit. “We see the correlation between brand lift and engagement when the player is viewable, […]


For VivaKi’s AOD Video Director, “Content is King”

NAPA, CA –  As brands engage in buying video in an automated, programmatic marketplace, it  is essential brands and publishers are properly aligned, explains Cheryl Stump, Director of Video at VivaKi’s Audience on Demand unit, in this interview with Beet.TV “Content is king,” and getting the match-up right  is an essential part of the agency’s […]