Forrester Report: Media Companies & Advertisers Keen on Targeting, Multi-Device Planning

COLOGNE, Germany — As online video moves past its early growth stages, advertisers and media agencies believe it can play a key role in boosting overall advertising revenue and CPMs for their businesses, according to a Forrester study, commissioned by Videology. Video has the potential to drive the effectiveness of ads thanks in part to more data-driven […]


EU TV Embracing Data Faster Than US: Videology’s Jamboretz

Traditionally, US customers adopt digital technology faster than those elsewhere around the world. But, when it comes to embracing new, data-driven approaches to selling video advertising, European broadcasters have got out of the gate first. “The interaction between TV and digital distribution channels is actually way more linked up than we’ve been seeing in the […]


DDB’s Chief Creative Officer: Data Alone Doesn’t Create Brand Relevance

COLOGNE – Data alone isn’t the answer to better ads. Creativity, insight and relevance still reign, says Amir Kassaei, IBC Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide, in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Minds, at DMEXCO last month. The problem with data is that it’s not always used to foster value, he says. Data […]


France’s Alenty: A Future With Multiple Video View Metrics

COLOGNE — One segment of company amongst the burgeoning video ad tech vendor space helps advertisers work out whether their ads on increasingly busy websites are actually ever viewed by distracted users. So how do these outfits report back? Laurent Nicolas, president of French viewability measurer Alenty, says he sees two emerging methods. “One levels needs […]


“This is a Huge Issue:” The Advertising Biz Has Gone Global, Ad Age’s Michael Learmonth

COLOGNE – With the advent of  global media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, the advertising industry has gone global — and this transformation is having a profound impact on the  agency business.  He calls it a “huge issue.” That is one of the takeaways of Michael Learmonth, Deputy Managing Editor of Advertising Age of the […]


Adobe Puts “Satellite” In The Cloud For Broader Tag Management

COLOGNE — After buying specialist tag management service Satellite just this summer, Adobe has already integrated the outfit’s product line-up in to its own Marketing Cloud service suite. Satellite claims to speed up clients’ website load times by consolidating external analytics and other server calls in to a single call. “We focus on helping customers […]


Microsoft Wants To Help Brands Reach All Users All Day

COLOGNE — Microsoft wants to make its entire product line-up a billboard opportunity. The company wants brands to ride its many platforms and products to reach users, whether that’s via Windows 8, smartphones, gaming or Skype. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in a homeworking scenario, a stay-at-home mom scenario, an auto researcher scenario,” says corporate […]


Adobe’s Loeffler: Running Video Ads Is Not Enough

COLOGNE — Simply running ads to monetize online video is not enough, according to one figure in the space. “One of the things we’re addressing is the fragmented device space,” Adobe’s senior technology evangelist Jens Loeffler says in this video interview with Beet.TV. “This is not the desktop browser anymore. You’re dealing with a very […]


VivaKi’s Hopwood: UK Broadcasters to Sell Online Video Ads In Real-Time

COLOGNE — The UK’s TV networks have spent the last few years building up their distinct cross-platform catch-up services against which to sell pre-roll ads. Now they are showing interest in letting some of those ads be bought by programmatic, real-time bidding algorithms. Speaking to Beet.TV, Danny Hopwood, the EMEA platform head for ad group […]


Automation Looms Large at Global Media Show in Germany

COLOGNE – The takeaway from  this year’s DMEXCO conference was about automation — and technology advancement around advertising, reports Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz in the second-day round up of the show. She says that while technology is making progress, their was very little discussion about the creative. She wonders when the schism between technology and creativity […]


Digital Media Trade Show in Germany Has Record 26,000 Attendees

COLOGNE – DMEXCO,  the two-day ad tech and media conference, had  a record 26,000 attendees, says Christian Muche, co-founder of the conference in this interview with Ashley Swartz for Beet.TV In the video, Muche details the development of DMEXCO and an update on this year’s event which attracted advertising agencies, adtech companies, publishers and an […]


SMG CEO Laura Desmond: “Mobile Is Going to be the Channel for all Content”

COLOGNE — Video is a global business and global phenomenon, but from a brand point of view, the industry could benefit from more scale and collaboration, says Laura Desmond, CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV from DMEXCO. “The first challenge is scale,” she says. “What can be done in Germany and […]


Xaxis’ Schlickum: ‘Europe Has Adopted RTB More Carefully Than US’

COLOGNE — “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed,” wrote sci-fi novelist William Gibson. And that’s exactly the landscape for so-called programmatic and real-time automated ad bidding techniques. “The way publishers have engaged with the programmatic space in Europe has been much more careful – they’ve thought about it much more,” […]


Xaxis’ Schlickum: ‘Video Next For Programmatic Ad Disruption’

COLOGNE — Automated, programmatic ad-buying technologies are disrupting the display advertising market. And, increasingly, they will do the same for video ads, says one exec. “From an advertiser point of view, the idea of audience targeting is something they’re extremley keen to do across video as much as they are across other places,” Caspar Schlickum, […]


Videology’s Jana Eisenstein: Video Programmatic is Big in Europe, RTB is Next

COLOGNE – While the automation of  buying and selling of video inventory in Europe has become well established, the introduction of real-time bidding is still some months away, says Jana Eisenstein, Director of Publishers Services at Videology, the U.S. video adtech firm. In this interview with Ashley Swartz, the London-based executive gives provides an overview […]