CTV and Retail Media – A Match Made in Advertising Heaven?: TripleLift’s Annie Vines

CANNES — The future of advertising may well lie at the intersection of two of the fastest-growing channels – connected TV (CTV) and retail media. But marrying the two is not without its challenges, says Annie Vines, Senior Director of Business Development at TripleLift, in this video interview with Beet.TV. CTV offers a premium, high-impact advertising […]


Connected TV Brings Digital Capability to Linear TV, Accelerating Growth for Unilever

CANNES — Retail media spending is surging, as more ad buyers turn on to the idea of being seen where commerce happens. But how exactly are the world’s leading CPG companies thinking about retail media when it comes to connected TV (CTV)? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Aaron Sobol, Head of US Media Investment & Partnerships […]


CTV and Branded Content Offer New Opportunities for Molson Coors

CANNES — As younger audiences increasingly turn to ad-supported CTV platforms for their content, marketers are taking notice. For brewing firm Molson Coors, the shift to CTV is about more than just following the consumer. It’s also opening up new possibilities for branded content partnerships that go beyond traditional advertising. “CTV is obviously beyond a […]