Data-Enabled Linnear TV Ad Buying will Reach $1 Billion in ’16, Videology’s Scott Ferber

Big broadcasters, cable nets and MVPD’s are embracing solutions to use their data to sell linnear programming, a market that will reach $1 billion in 2016 and quickly scale, says Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology, an ad tech company that provides services in the sector. Ferber also talks about the future of addressable TV and remarks […]


“Persistence And Pivoting:” Keys To Success For Videology’s Scott Ferber

This time last year, Forbes magazine wrote Scott Ferber “has what it takes to be world-class business builder”. After all, six years after founding the online ad network with his brother in 1998, a 35-year-old Ferber sold the company to AOL for a hefty $495m. Many a founder would have taken the opportunity to cash […]

Addressable Tools Will Drive Programmatic TV, Videology’s Scott Ferber

Programmatic TV will be driven first by addressable tools, says Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO of video advertising technology platform Videology, in an interview with Beet.TV. “The first step where programmatic and addressable will converge in the TV space is on the data side…understanding who is on the other end of the set-top box,” he says, […]

Addressable TV Ads Are ‘Holy Grail’: Videology’s Scott Ferber

COLOGNE — Imagine the highly targeted advertising the web is great at plus the broad reach that only ye olde TV can deliver. Old-fashioned broadcasters have long resisted but are now warming to the idea, says one online video technology boss. “The IP capabilities are so great right now, that makes it easy to focus […]

Videology’s Scott Ferber, We’re Stitching Together the AdTech Stacks

COLOGNE, Germany, Scott Ferber, founder of and Videolgy, sees the future of adtech as an interoperable scenario, not a siloed one amongst various tech vendors.   He sees Videology’s role as “stitching together” the various pieces of the ecosystem.   We spoke with him about the evolving programmatic landscape in this interview at DMEXO. […]

Videology’s Scott Ferber: Video Ads Bring Big ROI to TV Campaigns

LONDON – Using brand survey technology, Videology has discovered that online video with commercial TV ads increases brand awareness in triple-digit percentages, says Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology in this video interview with Beet.TV The survey tracked two alike groups and their spending. The group that was shown the ads, versus the group that was not, […]

Videology’s Ferber On 4x Ad Impact And Brands’ Cross-Platform Surge

What is the relative marketing impact of advertising in different kinds of digital video? Many debate the benefits of so-called “premium” video but, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Videology CEO Scott Ferber breaks out a three-tier stratification of that construct, with with different impact ratios for each: 4:1 – Full episode player (eg. Fox, NBCU, […]

Videology Seeks To Be The Unified Platform In The Advanced Television Space, CEO Ferber explains

While converged television and video advertising software provider Videology started on the demand-side of the ad business, it’s also had good traction on the supply side. Now it wants to be the unifying factor in making advanced TV the most effective and efficient it can be for both sides of the table. “What we’re trying […]

Start ‘Em Young: Affinity Is Born Early: Videology CEO Ferber

MIAMI — You may find yourself deciding between two cars, or cans of beans or a hotel chains this week. But when did your judgements about the brands involved really begin? Earlier than you might think, according to one ad-tech exec helping brands capitalise on targeted video and TV ads. In fact, in a world increasingly dominated […]

Facing ‘Consumption Fragmentation,’ TV And Video Providers Embrace Converged Data Solutions: Videology’s Ferber

Advertisers and agencies were the first to embrace data to plan and measure the results of television and video advertising campaigns. But with MVPD’s and content publishers experiencing “consumption fragmentation” across devices other than television screens, media companies are now getting on board. “That’s where the business is heading,” says Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO […]

Videology Eyes Programmatic’s Missing 99% With AT&T Deal, CEO Ferber explains

The emergence of programmatic ad trading technology in to digital video and TV has not yet garnered as many dollars as it has conversation. But that could change with deals like the one Videology has struck to power programmatic linear TV ads for AT&T. Announced last week, the deal will see AT&T allow a group […]

Marketers Need to Build Brand Affinity for Years, Videology’s Ferber says

LAS VEGAS –Marketers need to ensure that they are reaching consumers not only at the moment of purchase, but years before when they are beginning to develop affinity for products, says Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO of Videology, in this taped interview from CES. For example, if a car buyer first hears about a Lexus when the […]

Addressable TV Limited Today, Mainstream Tomorrow: Videology’s Ferber

FORT LAUDERDALE — The ability to target individual TV sets with custom advertising is real and it’s here – but you’re going to have to wait a couple more years before it gets really real. With deployments from Cablevision, Comcast, DirecTV and DISH Networks, the number of targetable TV sets is growing but, lately, we have heard still-optimistic executives sound […]

Videology’s Ferber: The NewFronts is a “Futures” Market too

The two-weeks of presentations in New York of digital video offerings by publishers in what is called the Digital Content NewFronts, is emerging as “futures” market for video buying, akin to TV’s Up Fronts, says Scott Ferber, CEO of video ad tech company Videology, in this interview with Beet.TV He says both the TV and […]

Videology’s Ferber: Content And Context Underpin Video Ad Buys

Super-efficient online ad targeting is allowing advertisers to hone in on specific audiences, whatever they’re watching. But that doesn’t mean the traditional business of advertising against premium content will die, says ad tech vendor Videology‘s CEO Scott Ferber. “Premium publishers in online video … they’re sold out,” Ferber tells Beet.TV during a sit-down at the Consumer […]

Videology’s Self-Serve Ad Platform Reboots The Business Model

MIAMI — At the end of a year in which the “transparency” debate and the arcane structure of agency and tech platform fees have come under pressure, some vendors have begun to accede to demands for a new way of working. Case in point: Videology, one of the leading providers of technology to enable advanced […]

AppNexus, Tru Optik Deal Delivers Audiences In 75 Million OTT Households: Tru Optik’s Andre Swanston

Under the partnership announced this week between AppNexus and Tru Optik, publishers will be able to pre-segment their connected-TV inventory and have private marketplace deal ID’s to control access to the inventory. “From a technological and logistical standpoint, it’s really a huge step forward for the entire industry,” says Andre Swanston, CEO and Co-Founder of […]

#BeetRetreat Miami: Targeted TV, It’s About to Scale

Program Agenda: Wednesday, November 15 Meet the Retreat | noon – 3:00pm Informal networking for all participants plus speaker prep with moderators. Pool deck.  Other meeting place is the hotel libreary on the second/mezzanine floor.   Separately, one-on-one video interviews in the production room. Registration | 3:30 – 3:50pm George Foyer, Level E Session Begins in George […]