Super-efficient online ad targeting is allowing advertisers to hone in on specific audiences, whatever they’re watching. But that doesn’t mean the traditional business of advertising against premium content will die, says ad tech vendor Videology‘s CEO Scott Ferber.

“Premium publishers in online video … they’re sold out,” Ferber tells Beet.TV during a sit-down at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Ferber says advertiser imperatives change drastically with consumer context: “I’m a male who’s 44 years old, who lives in Bethesda, MA. But if I’m watching Barney with my daughter who’s 7 years old… that’s a very different Scott Ferber. Contextual relevance, even though I’m the same audience member, matters.”

That is why Ferber thinks content-based ad buys will go on ruling over spot-based, super-targeted ones. “If people shift the pendulum to all-audience, no content, then that might put a lot of pressure on premium publishers and that would then suggest that the only outlet for them is in the spot market,” he says. “But that’s a pretty big shift and data we’ve seen suggests that’s not happen any time soon – or ever, possibly.”