Back to the Future: How Tumblr is Reviving the Animiated GIF, David Karp Explains

MONACO –  (Published 11.11.12) The animated GIF, those quirky, short moving images introduced way back in the day by CompuServe in 1987, are making a comeback, thanks in large part to the easy conversion from video to the GIF, format explains David Karp, founder and CEO of Tumblr, in this interview with Beet.TV Karp explains […]


Tumblr Cozies up to Madison Avenue with Agency Program, David Karp Explains

MONACO (originally published 11/20/2012) – Tumblr, which has been a non-commerical blog platform, has announced an agency program for brands who want to share their messages in the form of “storytelling,” explains founder and CEO David Karp in this interview with Beet.TV


Videology Targets Advertising with Behavioral Data on 80 Percent of Online World

In order to more effectively target video adverting for brands, the global video advertising services company Videology has organized some 80 percent of the behavioral data of the video markets it serves, says Scott Ferber, founder and CEO in this video.


Broadcasters, Cable Nets to Use Programmatic Buying Via Agency Desks, Scott Ferber

MONACO — Premium video publishers want to participate in the rise of real-time buying, but they’ll likely do so as part of agency trading desks, says Scott Ferber, CEO and chairman of digital video ad platform Videology, during a panel session at the Monaco Media Forum moderated by Beet.TV’s Executive Producer Andy Plesser.


Unruly Preps New Tools for Branded Video Analysis

MONACO – Social video platform Unruly Media is launching new tools in the new few weeks to better track and measure the emotional responses to viral videos. The goal is to help agencies and marketers attach a framework and metrics to social video so it’s not just a once-a-year proposition, says Scott Button, founder and […]


eMarketer’s Ramsey Sees Big Upside in Video around “Magnetic” Content

MONACO – There wil be a huge, tranformation change in the television, with mass advertisting migration to digital video in about five years, but one of most important trends to watch right now is the emergence of “mangetic” content – or company-sponosored, informational video says Geoff Ramsey, Chairman  and co-founderof eMarketer, in this interview with […]


Audience Development Company AlphaBird Focuses on Show Development

MONACO – Online audience development company AlphaBird is expanding through acquistions, and broadening into more original Web development, says Chase Norlin, CEO of AlphaBird, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Monaco Media Forum. 


Magnify Shifts to Video Curation Model

MONACO – To help publishers make sense of the plethora of Web video, technology firm has shifted its business to focus on curation of online videos via its video discovery and content management platform, says Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Monaco Media Forum. 


The Weather Company Expands Video Operations with Huff Post Editor Hire

MONACO – The Weather Company, formerly know at the Weather Channel, is expanding its digital video programming  beyond strictly weather reporting, explains David Kenny, CEO in this video interview with Beet.TV


Akamai Touts Deep Analytics Products for Video

MONACO – Akamai, one of the world’s leading providers of cloud infrastructure and CDN services, is expanding its media services with a range of deep analytics tools, explains Bill Wheaton, SVP and GM of Media, in this interview with Beet.TV


Digitas Readies Digital NewFronts Program as the IAB Assumes Organizational Role

MONACO — Digitas, the big digital advertising agency, launched the Digital NewFronts in 2008 as its own show to bring brands and content creators together in a marketplace for digital media.  Last year it morphed into a month-long extravaganza with 15 partners including AOL, Google/YouTube, Hulu, Microsoft and Yahoo.


AOL to Launch Brand Video Engine “Goviral” in the U.S. in January

MONACO – AOL’s Goviral, the London-based, global company for the distribution of brand videos, will launch in the United States in January, says Rene Rechtman, CEO and founder, in this interview with Beet.TV


Say What? BuzzFeed has 30 Million Monthly Unique Visitors w/ Zero Banners

MONACO — BuzzFeed, the fast-growing digital news publisher, will average 30 million unique monthly visitors this year, but won’t host a single banner ad, says founder and CEO Jonah Peretti. He explains in this video that the publisher’s monetization effort is strictly around “social advertising.”


Video Discovery Engine Taboola is Helping Brands Get Views

MONACO — Taboola, the video discovery and syndication platform which helps news publishers, including the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, the New York Times, and TMZ, increase video views, is now working with brands who are seeking increased views, says Adam Singolda, CEO in this interview.


Online Video is Multi-Million Dollar PR Biz for London’s UBM

MONACO — UBM plc, the London-based corporate parent of PR Newswire, is powering the syndication of customers videos via a network of thousands of Web sites and providing tools to “socialize” video campaigns for customers, says David Levin, CEO, in this interview with Beet.TV


Digitas CEO: The “Future of Marketing” is Real-Time Brand Immersion; Making Tide Trend on Twitter

MONACO — The big digital ad agency Digitas has rolled out a branded content platform dubbed BrandLIVE which allows advertisers to produce and distribute  original content and social media in real-time, often in reaction to news events, explains Colin Kinsella, CEO of Digitas North America, in this interview with Beet.TV


Madison Avenue is Approaching the Tipping Point for Programmatic Buying, Adobe’s Mellor

MONACO — A small amount of ad buys will be brokered over a three-martini lunch, but by and large the ad world is hurtling towards programmatic buying as the norm, says John Mellor, VP of Strategy and Business Development for Digital Marketing at Adobe.


BuzzFeed Does Video with Ze Frank, LA Studio and YouTube Partnership; Readies Hollywood Coverage

MONACO – BuzzFeed is making a commitment to original video with the recent acquistion of Web video pioneer Ze Frank, the building of an LA studio and a partnership with YouTube, explains Jonah Peretti, CEO and founder, in this interview with Beet.TV


IPTV Innovation in France: Dailymotion App on Microsoft’s Xbox is Platform for Orange TV Channels

MONACO — In a major alliance with Microsoft, France Telecom’s Orange is delivering its offering of television channels to its customers  via the Dailymotion app on the Xbox in France, explains Stephanie Hospital, EVP for Digital in this interview with Beet.TV


AOL Ad Chief: We’re Going “Native” with Branded Video

MONACO —  As AOL has been increasing its video operations via AOL On, a video syndication business along with its Web original programming, there is a growing big opportunity in “native” video advertising, says Ned Brody, Chief Revenue Officer of AOL, in this interview with Beet.TV

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