Advertisers and agencies were the first to embrace data to plan and measure the results of television and video advertising campaigns. But with MVPD’s and content publishers experiencing “consumption fragmentation” across devices other than television screens, media companies are now getting on board.

“That’s where the business is heading,” says Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO of video advertising platform Videology, which along with AT&T AdWorks will sponsor Beet Retreat 2016: The Transformation of Television Advertising, which is scheduled for Nov. 16-18 at the Royal Palm South Beach in Miami.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Ferber frames his thesis: “How do we get the one of linear TV plus the one of digital video together to make 11 as a value proposition to the advertiser?”

Although 77% of U.S. TV viewing still occurs on TV screens, the other 23% is expected to grow rapidly. As a result, “Both MVPD’s and publishers are experiencing consumption fragmentation,” says Ferber.

This trend is spawning converged solutions from Videology and others to enable TV and video providers to offer advertisers cross-device campaign opportunities that are “measurable by television standards against the television guarantees of age and gender, but yet bring all the wonderful data and targetability and addressability that the digital world has become used to,” Ferber says.

While the demand side of the industry was the first to employ data for better campaign targeting and measurement, that’s changing quickly. “What we’re seeing now is that the supply side is aggressively adopting and embracing data-driven solutions to packaging up their own media and selling that back to advertisers,” Ferber says.

Beet Retreat 2016: The Transformation of Television Advertising will focus on the dramatic transition in television, including the rise of “addressable” TV, programmatic TV, advertising around VOD and “TV everywhere.” During three days of in-depth, staged sessions, video interviews and networking activities, attendees also will explore the state of content distribution and consumption via cable, satellite and OTT services.

The Beet.TV event will feature these and other speakers:

Matthew Bayer, SVP, Advanced TV, Cadreon/IPG

Mike Bologna, President, Modi Media, GroupM

Dan Bruinsma, Chief Investment Officer, GroupeConnect (Publicis’ unit for Bank of America)

Jason Brown, VP, Head of National Sales – AT&T AdWorks

Tim Castree, Managing Director, N.A., Videology

Brad Danaher,Television Partnership Director, Experian

Michael Dean, VP, Programmatic & Data-Driven Sales, Disney ABC Television Group

Dave Downey, CEO, Invidi

Scott Ferber, CEO, Videology

Adam Gaynor, VP, DISH Media Sales

Nick Johnson, SVP, Digital Ad Sales Strategy, Turner

Noah Levine, SVP, Revenue Operations, Fox Networks Group

Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C Insights

Lou Paskalis, SVP, Enterprise Media, Bank of America

Jamie Power, Managing Partner, Modi Media, GroupM

Tracey Scheppach, EVP, Publicis Media Exchange

Jonathan Steuer, Chief Research Officer, Omnicom

Kevin Smith, SVP Comcast Media 360

Matt Spiegel, SVP, MediaLink

Ashley J. Swartz, CEO, Furious Minds.

Also present will be senior executives from Acxiom, Cardlytics, Clypd, DISH, Eyeview, comScore, FreeWheel, Integral Ad Science, Tivo Research, WideOrbit and others.