Comscore’s Bagdasarian: Linear TV Must Be Part of the Performance Story

As the media landscape continues to evolve, advertisers are increasingly focusing their spending on streaming and Connected TV (CTV). However, the shift is not without its challenges, and a comprehensive video strategy must incorporate linear TV, streaming, and online video, says Steve Bagdasarian, Chief Commercial Officer at Comscore, in this video interview with Beet.TV editorial […]


A GPS For Media: Comscore’s Ruthruff Believes In Measurement ‘Triangulation’

The media industry is riding a wave of innovation, and Comscore believes the best approach to combine it all. Although traditional measurement providers are coming under scrutiny in the multi-screen, cross-device era, Senior VP of TV & Cross-Platform Analytics, Joe Ruthruff, says layering the best data sources the way ahead. Beet.TV spoke to him at […]


‘We’ve Arrived’: Comscore’s Hinnant Heralds The Multicurrency Transition

CANNES — Sometimes, you wake up to find some of the most seismic and long-anticipated changes have already happened. For advertising, at the center of this change is the transition to multicurrency measurement. But that is a process that Comscore’s Chief Revenue Officer, Carol Hinnant, believes has already been successfully undertaken. Navigating the Multicurrency Transition […]


Programmatic TV: A New Era of Efficiency and Audience Targeting

CANNES — TV ads may never been bought fully programmatically – but that doesn’t mean they can’t demonstrate effectiveness and innovation. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Angela Rodriguez, Global Head of Sales for Comscore’s Proximic, highlights the duality of concerns and opportunities brought about by the shift of traditional television content […]


How Multi-Currency Happens: Comscore’s Gotch On Up-Skilling & Embracing Local Change

CANNES — The last couple of years has seen a veritable Cambrian explosion in alternative TV currencies. Right now, many a broadcaster is implementing a solution to add to or replace Nielsen for the multi-platform world. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tara Gotch, EVP, Commercial, Comscore, explains what that roll-out entails, and why it is […]


NBCU Taps Comscore & Innovid To Give Local TV Advertisers ‘A Multi-Currency Future’

Amid a flurry of activity ahead of the 2023 TV upfront ad sales period, NBCUniversal is the latest to new measurement capabilities, thanks to new partnerships with two measurement suppliers. The company says it will transact on Comscore across local markets and will use Innovid’s InnovidXP to derive cross-platform, outcome-based KPIs for local marketers. In […]


Comscore Taps Purchase Data To Help Measure Ad Impact

If you are trying to be the media measurement provider of choice, in age of outcomes, leveraging the point of sale can move the needle. As more media buyers look to attribute ad exposure to customer purchase, more players in the space are looking toward purchase data. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Carol Hinnant, […]


New Currencies Are Old News: Comscore’s Carol Hinnant

SANTA MONICA — If 2022 is really the year when “alternative” currencies began to be used to measure TV consumption, Carol Hinnant must feel like she is living Groundhog Day. Sparked by splintering consumption patterns and issues surrounding the main measurer of traditional TV, Nielsen, MVPDs have started to use a range of new measurement […]


The Road To Alt Currencies: Comscore’s Hinnant

CANNES — Although 2022 is the year when alternative measurement and currency systems got most attention in the media marketplace, Carol Hinnant feels like she has been living the future for a long time already. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer, Comscore, says her company has long been an “alternative”. But, […]


The Recipe For A New Currency: Comscore’s Wilson

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – In 2022, media owners are testing out a host of new measurement and currency options. All of that is aimed at weaning the industry off its historic reliance on panels. But what exactly will currency success look like? In this video interview with Beet.TV’s Rob Williams at Beet Retreat San […]


Comscore’s ‘Everywhere’ Gets A Phased Roll-Out: Wilson

After a “decade” preparing its big cross-platform measurement future, comScore is giving customers each piece of the puzzle as soon as they become available. The company recently announced Comscore Everywhere, what it’s calling “a true single-source unified cross-platform measurement solution”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, comScore chief commercial officer Chris Wilson explains how and […]


‘Comscore Everywhere’ Befriends Fragmentation With Cross-Screen Measurement

In response to the cry for standardization of complex, proliferating media metrics, a growing glut of cross-platform currencies is expanding by the week. In the latest such announcement, Comscore is launching Comscore Everywhere, what it’s calling “a true single-source unified cross-platform measurement solution”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore CEO Bill Livek explains the […]


A Basket Of Currencies, Complete Coverage: Comscore’s Livek On The Future Of Measurement

LOS ANGELES — Bill Livek didn’t ask for much for Christmas this year – only a revolution to ensure that every TV set in every room in America is fully measured. At Beet Retreat Santa Monica in November, there was a growing belief that the TV industry, which had long depended solely on Nielsen’s panel […]


Comscore’s Hinnant: Massive, Passive Measurement Is A Panel-Beater

If a tree falls in a forest, but two observers disagree on what exactly happened, did it really make a sound? That is the key question which has suddenly engulfed the craft of TV measurement, as Nielsen’s admission it may not have measured pandemic TV audiences as well as beforehand has caused TV execs to […]


Addressable Ads Promise Outcome-Based Metrics: Comscore’s Scott Worthem

National broadcasters increasingly will make more of their advertising inventory addressable, giving marketers a way to show different commercials to different households during the same programming. Instead of being limited to two minutes an hour among multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), addressable advertising will become a bigger part of the 14 minutes an hour that […]


Three Trends Rebooting TV Measurement: Comscore’s Algranati

In 2021, TV isn’t just “TV” anymore”. Once upon a time, TV ads were sold against rough demographics. Now that internet-enabled TV services are bringing targetability and data, TV is changing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore’s chief product officer David Algranati says that is prompting a re-assessment of how “TV” must be measured […]


How To Solve Identity & Safeguard Privacy: Comscore’s Gantz

BOSTON –  Deprecation of third-party cookies and now Apple’s decision to make its IDFA mobile ad system opt-in by consumers will have a profound impact on how advertisers can target audiences across screens. So how can ad buyers adapt and change tactics? Apple is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use […]


Racial Diversity Programs Must Address Systemic Racism, Comscore’s Tershone Phillips

For this young Black woman, the road to a prominent post as product manager at Comscore, started with a pivotal diversity fellowship at ABC TV during her college years.   But is wasn’t easy:  She felt ostracized by her peers but yet she insisted that her voice be heard.  She learned from senior executives who mentored […]


Comscore & LiveRamp Partner For ‘Reliable TV Information’: Livek

Comscore is seeking a “holistic view” of audience behavior because newly “thrifty” advertisers are demanding accurate data on the effectiveness of ad spend. In this video interview with Beet.TV, CEO Bill Livek says the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing more brands to seek even greater accountability. To that end, he hopes a recently-inked partnership with ad-tech […]


Context & Audiences, Targeting In Tandem: Comscore’s Gantz

As privacy regulation has dampened some aspects of advanced user targeting and as the deprecation of cookies looms near, marketers are seeking an alternative way to get the best fit. One of the leading contenders – contextual targeting, the practice of seeking out ad inventory adjacent to particular kinds of content, rather than targeting individual […]

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