Programmatic TV will be driven first by addressable tools, says Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO of video advertising technology platform Videology, in an interview with Beet.TV. “The first step where programmatic and addressable will converge in the TV space is on the data side…understanding who is on the other end of the set-top box,” he says, adding that a smooth delivery process and better measurement will also help usher addressable TV into the programmatic arena.

Already, programmatic buying has taken hold of digital advertising, and moving into TV is a natural next step. About 8% of TV ad executives are currently buying TV ads programmatically, but about 12% have said plan to increase their spending this year.

For that to happen, programmatic TV must be automatic, data-driven, and cross device, Ferber says. “We need fluidity of data, flexibility of media and the fusion of technology where we bring old and new methodologies under one fixed platform,” he says. He expects investments in programmatic TV to ramp up first from traditional linear buying groups at media agencies.

Videology recently partnered with Mediaocean on a platform that enables joint TV and web video buying, a pair-up that may drive more programmatic TV buying.

Last week, Beet.TV reported that WPP’s addressable TV agency Modi is working with Videology.

Ferber was interviewed by Beet.TV at the TV Of Tomorrow show in New York last week.