Campbell Soup Company Warms To True Digital Marketing ROI

CANNES, France — The company whose main product was immortalized by Andy Warhol looks like sticking with TV fame for a lot more than 15 minutes – but that won’t stop it trying to make the medium more accountable. the Campbell Soup Company integrated marketing VP Yin Woon Rani tells Beet.TV: “We’ve put our content in […]


Videology’s Hallam: Video Targeting Is About More Than Age And Gender

On-demand video advertisers are now beginning to target their spots using richer data. That’s according to video ad tech firm Videology’s international product manager Catherine Hallam. “Although VOD has been primarily age- and gender-targeted, now up to a maximum of 60 percent of campaigns only use age and gender,” Hallam told Beet.TV’s recent London Video Ad […]


Videology’s Scott Ferber: Video Ads Bring Big ROI to TV Campaigns

LONDON – Using brand survey technology, Videology has discovered that online video with commercial TV ads increases brand awareness in triple-digit percentages, says Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology in this video interview with Beet.TV The survey tracked two alike groups and their spending. The group that was shown the ads, versus the group that was not, […]