LONDON – Using brand survey technology, Videology has discovered that online video with commercial TV ads increases brand awareness in triple-digit percentages, says Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology in this video interview with Beet.TV

The survey tracked two alike groups and their spending. The group that was shown the ads, versus the group that was not, had a difference in purchasing that created a three-to-four-digit percentage increase in returns on investment.

Ferber said he hypothesizes that the use of TV-like advertising on devices consumers interact with in such close physical proximity, such as PCs and tablets, heightens engagement, eliminates distraction and increases ad effectiveness.

“The engagement that people in sight, sound, emotion creative has been shown to drive sales historically the best of any creative format,” says Ferber. “That’s why TV has the largest, single media spend in the world. About 40 percent of all media is spend in TV.

We spoke with him at the FT Digital Media Conference in London last week.

– Katy Charles

Disclosure:  Videology sponsored of coverage of the FT event.

UPDATE: Announced Today – Videology has raised $60 million in capital. The Series D financing round was led by Catalyst Investors; other participants included New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Valhalla Partners, Comcast Ventures and Pinnacle Ventures.