Forbes Ups its Native Advertising with “BrandVoice”

LONDON – With the same publishing platform used by its staff and its network of 1,000 contributors, is increasing branded content in the form of articles published on brands’ microsites.   The company is publishing about eight such articles a day and is expanding into branded video projects, says Mike Perlis, President and CEO of […]


SaaS Billing Provider Vindicia Finds Traction with Growing Paid Web Content

Vindicia, a provider of SaaS billing, marketing and CRM, is finding traction as an increasing amount of Web programming is moving to a paid scenario. In partnership with Ooyala, which provides video analytics, Vindicia allows marketing teams of digital content providers to be more creative in pricing and bundling of their services. Hoffman says he sees a growing […]


Programmatic Buying Takes Hold in UK Market

LONDON – Programmatic buying is growing quickly in the United Kingdom and beginning to take hold not only in display but in online video as well, says Nicholas Bidon, UK Managing Director Xaxis. About 12 percent of ad spend in the UK in 2012 came from programmatic buying and this sector of the market is on […]


Videology Platform Targets Audiences across Screens

LONDON – Videology, a platform that allows brands to connect with specific audiences, reaches viewers across devices. Users that once watched television primarily can now be targeted via screens they are using more frequently – tablet, mobile and PC, says Anne de Kerckhove, managing director of France and Southern Europe for Videology. Beet.TV spoke with de […]


Britain’s Big Journalism Site Changes Focus, Increases Views

LONDON – Rather putting resources around widely reported journalism stories such as the Leveson inquiry, Britain’s leading journalism blog,, has decided to focus on original reporting.  This has meant lower article count but greater page views says Sarah Marshall,  Technology Editor, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with her recently at the FT […]


VIDEO: SoundCloud has Advertising Audio Play

LONDON – SoundCloud, the Berlin-based sound sharing site, sees 10 hours of audio uploaded by users every minute, says Eric Wahlforss, Founder and CTO.  “It’s very much like YouTube or Instagram,” says Wahlforss. “On Instagram you share a photo, on YouTube you share video, on SoundCloud you share audio.” Beet.TV spoke with Wahlforss in this video […]


Livestation, World’s Largest “Legal” Portal for Live News, Has Data Product

LONDON – Over the last twenty years, the amount of news channels have increased by 700 percent, says Lippe Oosterhof, CEO of Livestation. With so many news channels, news rooms are competing for audiences. Livestation’s consumer platform, which allows users to watch live news across devices, also collects viewing data. This Livestation streaming data can be utilized by […]


Cross-Channel Video Retargeting on the Rise, VivaKi Says

LONDON – Retargeting opportunities across video and other channels are growing due in part to technology from Google’s DoubleClick and Videology, says Geoff Smith, Head of Activation at VivaKi, during an interview with Beet.TV at the recent FT Digital Media Conference in London.


Videology’s Scott Ferber: Video Ads Bring Big ROI to TV Campaigns

LONDON – Using brand survey technology, Videology has discovered that online video with commercial TV ads increases brand awareness in triple-digit percentages, says Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology in this video interview with Beet.TV The survey tracked two alike groups and their spending. The group that was shown the ads, versus the group that was not, […]


Advertising with Facebook Expands Brand Reach

LONDON – With more than 1 billion users worldwide, advertising with Facebook can help brands reach more users, says Christian Hernandez, UK and Pan-Euro director of Facebook. Beet.TV spoke with him in this video interview at the FT Digital Media Conference. Hernandez says advertising with Facebook is compelling due to the scale of reach and the education […]


WPP’s Martin Sorrell Eying Tech Acquisitions: We are “Math Men, not Mad Men”

LONDON – WPP is eying investments and acquisitions around technology platforms which power media buying, says CEO Sir Martin Sorrell in this interview with Beet.TV.  He says we are now “math men not Mad Men,” a reference to the popular television show about advertising. In this extended conversation taped at the FT Digital Media Conference, […]