COLOGNE — Imagine the highly targeted advertising the web is great at plus the broad reach that only ye olde TV can deliver. Old-fashioned broadcasters have long resisted but are now warming to the idea, says one online video technology boss.

“The IP capabilities are so great right now, that makes it easy to focus on just digital video,” tells Videology CEO Scott Ferber tells Beet.TV in this recorded panel interview with LUMA Partners founder Terence Kawaja at DMEXCO. “However, the big opportunity is truly linear feed. We’re focused on the 20% (of industry revenue) – but the 80%. is the big opportunity.

“Very traditional television media buyers are now starting to say, ‘If I could have the data and the addressability of the internet, I would love it.’ They’d love to be able to pick up behavioural oriented data from the internet that they don’t really have in the traditional demographic information (sets) sets.”

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