When video ad-tech operator Tremor Video sold part of its business to Taptica of Israel in August, it meant a $50mn price tag for the sale. But, to Tremor CEO Mark Zagorski, it means more than that.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Zagorski says ad-tech platforms which count both ad buyers and sellers as customers can suffer from a conflict of interest.

“It is now a totally unconflicted business,” Zagorski says. “It doesn’t have a demand-side platform to create friction in the marketplace for it.”

But that is not the only kind of inertia removed by the sale. By selling off, Tremor is also doubling down on its fastest growth and its biggest shot.

“It wasn’t core to where we think the big opportunity is for us, moving forward – the sell side of our business is growing at 83% … has very strong technology,” adds Zagorski, who joined in June after being a Nielsen EVP.

“OTT is a booming space. The stats we’re seeing – in the next three to four years, 50% of all television inventory will be delivered through some type of connected TV platform.”

Following the sale, Tremor Video has about $80mn in capital to invest in its new technology, Zagorski has previously said.

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