In a landscape where ad tech integrations can be as complex as they are necessary, Index Exchange is launching a new platform designed to simplify interconnectivity.

Launching in beta, Marketplaces is an effort to support integrations without duplication across the ecosystem.

Simplifying Ad-Tech with Marketplaces

Casale outlines a vision where manual integrations, a persistent source of friction, become a thing of the past.

“Publishers today want to make sure that they’re accessible to all demand, but have less resources than ever.”

Marketplaces, according to Casale, leverages Index’s extensive integrations to “allow all kinds of value creators – whether they’re from commerce, media, data providers or curators – to bring new ad spend to publishers using all of our existing piping so that publishers don’t have to lift a finger.”

Monetization and Scalability

Casale’s approach to monetization is as strategic as it is user-centric, focusing on the elimination of barriers to adoption.

“What we’ve decided is to not take any additional fees so that all of our Marketplace ad spend gets into the publisher’s ad server,” he says, emphasizing that this model ensures that partners see “all of their ad spend realized and higher win rates and better results for marketers and also better CPMs.”

This approach is not just an operational shift, but a strategic maneuver designed to disrupt the traditional ad tech fee structures and incentivize rapid scalability and adoption.

Forging New Partnerships

With the launch of Marketplaces, Index Exchange didn’t just introduce a product; it wants to establish a new ecosystem.

“We’re really excited to have launched with about a dozen partners,” Casale notes.

Agencies on board include Omnicom Media Group UK (OMG UK) and dentsu Japan groups. Other partners are AdChat, Adelaide, Integral Ad Science (IAS), IRIS.TV , JWPlayer, LiveRamp, Multilocal, Reklaim, and

These partnerships are indicative of Marketplaces’ dual appeal to both the buy side and the sell side, with a primary goal to “drive more working media spend to our publishers.”