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TV News Is Under-Valued, The Solution Is Fewer Ads: BoA’s Paskalis

Ad slots in TV news programming are not being sold at a high enough rate - but new developments which are reducing the number of ads seen by audiences could, ironically, end up raising their price.That is the view of one man making media buying decisions at one of the world's leading financial services institutions.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lou Paskalis, Bank Of America's Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement and Media Investment, discusses the relationship between price and volume.He [...]


Chips In Overdrive: Gotlieb’s 2020 Tech Horizon

If you thought you knew technology, think again.Whilst software has reigned in a predictable pattern over the last few years, engineers are now on the cusp of applying several breakthroughs that are all about physical innovation.Irwin Gotlieb knows it. The WPP advisor, INVIDI board member and former GroupM CEO is a veteran Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attendee, and he says January's 2020 show will be slightly different."We always talk at CES about what is possible, as well as what is [...]


Brands Need More Creative Assets: BoA’s Paskalis

Banks needs to get creative in order to reach unique customers in different ways.The new opportunities presented by a plethora of different marketing channels mean brands need to generate more messaging in more formats and more combinations than ever before.That is according to the man who spends advertising money for Bank Of America.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lou Paskalis, Bank Of America's Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement and Media Investment, says: "Creative has never been more important than it is today. [...]


Cadreon’s Mantel: Addressable TV Plans Can’t Happen in a Silo

With addressability becoming much more advanced, the challenge lies in educating clients around the new opportunities available. In an interview with Beet.TV, Larene Mantel, vice president of advanced TV and emerging channels for Cadreon explains how this is both an exciting and challenging position.In addition to linear, there’s now addressability available in VOD and OTT among others. This allows companies like Cadreon to build scale, especially when there’s little hesitation from clients. According to Mantel, there’s a lot of education [...]


A+E’s Garner Plans More “Lively Places” For OTT TV

A+E Networks plans to launch more library-based TV channels for OTT platforms, after this December switching on "Lively Place" on Samsung smart TVs.Lively Place is a scheduled collection of library programming from A+E's roster of unscripted lifestyle shows, for free with ad support.It is available via Samsung TV Plus, Samsung's own gateway to over-IP TV services on its TV sets."It's the first of what we hope will be more fast channels, free ad-supported streaming television channels that we will curate [...]


Cadent Rings In 2020 With 4INFO Acquisition

2020 has barely begun but, already, it looks like we are in another wave of ad-tech consolidation - this time, driven by the opportunity to make connected TV ad buying smarter about audience targeting.Cadent, a company helping deliver addressable ads to connected TV and data-driven ads to linear TV, announced it will acquire 4INFO, a company whose software supports the creation of identity graphs, linking together distinct parts of audience members' scattered profile data.Writing about the deal, Cadent CEO Nick [...]


The Quest For Total TV: Gottlieb Seeks The Full Picture

Everyone wants better data. The trouble is, with so many platforms to measure, getting a holistic understanding is proving challenging.Now there is a burgeoning number of vendors aiming to capture viewer behavior from across multiple media screen types.In this interview with Beet.TV, Irwin Gottlieb says the quest continues.The former GroupM global CEO says: "If I put my media buyer hat on, my media investment hat on, I think the quality of data needs to be scrutinized."I think the winner in [...]


Hearts & Science CEO Matts: Buyers Should Look at Streaming the Way Consumers Do

The streaming war looks different across the industry. In an interview with Beet.TV, Erin Matts, CEO of Hearts & Science explains that for buyers, it’s important to look at streaming the way consumers would.According to Matts, consumers think about what role content will play with different partners.“Is it better to license some of that content? Is it better to have a brand name associated with certain kinds of content?” says Matts. “As consumers make decisions, how are they going to [...]


How HBO Max Is Finding Its UX: WarnerMedia’s Toeman

With HBO Max poised to become the latest subscription TV streaming service in May 2020, many are starting to speculate how the offering will shape up amongst a growing competitive set.That's something Jeremy Toeman can help with. HBO parent WarnerMedia in November hired Toeman as chief product innovation officer in its Innovation Lab, which launched in January., Toeman's job will be about a lot more than just HBO Max. But he is already finding that defining the future of attractive [...]


Fox’s Callahan: Next Year’s Opportunity Is Addressability

As the decade turns, networks are exploring new ways to address content on a programming level. In an interview with Beet.TV, Dan Callahan, senior vice president of data and sales innovation for Fox explains how the network is making progress.Callahan explains what opportunities Fox is tapping into heading into the New Year.“For us, the New Year opportunity looks like linear creative ad-versioning with national scale,” says Callahan. “So taking a spot that’s across the Fox footprint nationally and divvying that [...]


Xumo In Advanced Talks for Sale to Comcast, report

If "subscription fatigue" ever becomes a real illness, what will the cure be?A growing number of video services now believes it will be to swing the pendulum back toward advertising business models.News that Comcast's Peacock service will include a significant proportion of advertising funding is galvanizing the industry not to throw the historic model out the window, even in the over-the-top (OTT) internet TV environment.Other players include the Roku Channel, Xumo, Pluto TV and Tubi.This week, the Wall Street Journal [...]


Please Remember the Children of Puerto Rico: Give to the Boys & Girls Club Now

The problems of Puerto Rico may seem daunting and intractable, but for the island members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, their aim is true: Helping children living below the poverty level to reach their full potential. For this wonderful organization, the future glows bright. They are inspiring and they make a difference.As you may know, Kathy and I have owned a home in Puerto Rico for 15 years. We have been deeply involved in galvanizing support for [...]


605’s Noah Levine to Keynote the #BeetRetreat in February

We are pleased to announce that the Noah Levine, CRO of 605, a veteran of Fox and Adobe, will be one of keynote speakers s at the #BeetRetreat, an executive retreat in San Juan, February 5-7.The other keynote speakers are Roundel's Kristi Argyilan, DISH Media's Kevin Arrix, NBCU's Dominick Vangeli, Tubi's Farhad Massoudi and Cadreon CEO Erica Schmidt.We interviewed Levine last month on the rising value of deterministic data in TV advertising planning and measuring performance.   This will be a [...]


Local TV Will Win in Big 2020 as Advanced Targeting Tools from Ampersand, Others Bring “Trust” to the Marketplace

LONDON– How will media buys change during the 2020 election? According to Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious Corp., the focus will shift back to what’s tried and true: television.In an interview with Beet.TV, Swartz explained that digital, digital targeting and social media will continue to be important, but after a tumultuous 2016 experience, many dollars will go back to the medium that has been relied upon by political campaigns for decades.“The reality is that in the final [...]


TVbeat Pooling TV Companies’ Ad Inventory

LONDON -- TV distributors no longer have to hold themselves back by selling ads according to channel. Nor do they have to limit themselves by offering ads only from their own marketplace.TVbeat, a technology company, says they should open up and go wide.In this video interview with Furious Corp CEO Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV, founder Robert Farazin explains what's next."The traditional TV media companies, they have a siloed approach to selling their inventory - not only to selling, but [...]


Cadreon’s Global CEO Erica Schmidt to Keynote the Beet Retreat In San Juan

We are pleased to announce that Erica Schmidt, the Global CEO of IPG's Cadreon unit, will be one of the keynote speakers at the BeetRetreat, an executive retreat in San Juan, February 5-7.The other keynote speakers are Roundel's Kristi Argyilan, DISH Media's Kevin Arrix, NBCU's Dominick Vangeli, 605's Noah Levine and Tubi's Farhad MassoudiWe interviewed Schmidt recently at Advertising Week in New York.   We have republished the the video on this post.The conference in Puerto Rico will explore how consumer [...]


Irwin Gotlieb’s Take On the Streaming Wars

It made all the early running - but can Netflix keep its place at the head of the SVOD pack?Irwin Gotlieb doesn't think so.The veteran media and technology watcher spent years as global CEO of media agency GroupM.In this video interview with Beet.TV, he says he foresees "fall-out" from the streaming wars, which sees several new subscription TV operators launching their own services."The Netflix model is not long-term sustainable from an economic standpoint," Gotlieb says."Netflix achieved a success because they [...]


Target’s Kristi Argyilan, Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt, DISH’s Kevin Arrix, NBCU’s Dominick Vangeli, 605’s Noah Levine and Tubi’s Farhad Massoudi to Keynote #BeetRetreat 2020 in San Juan

Kristi Argyilan, the pioneering advanced advertising executive who has launched Target's media platform called Roundel, will be one of the keynote speakers at the BeetRetreat, an executive retreat in San Juan, February 5-7.The other keynote speakers are Cadreon's Erica Schmidt, DISH's Kevin Arrix, NBCU's Dominick Vangeli, 605's Noah Levine and Tubi's Farhad MassoudiWe interviewed Argyilan recently at Advertising Week in New York.   We have republished the the video on this post.The conference in Puerto Rico will explore how consumer preference [...]


TV Is Great But Complex, Say Stressed-Out Viewers: Viacom Research

Viewers still love TV, they use it to de-stress, and they have more of it available than ever.But the plethora of viewing options threatens to make audiences' lives more complex, not less.That is according to research commissioned by Viacom. The owner of MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Channel 5 recently published Today's TV, an insight report in which it surveyed 10,000 people in 10 countries and conducted interviews plus video monitoring. Amongst the findings:69% of people surveyed feel that [...]


TVSquared’s Smeaton: Performance Metrics Will Be Paramount in the Coming Year

LONDON– In the television industry, the 2010s were marked by a ratings rebellion and a pivot towards impressions. In an interview with Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious Corp. on behalf of Beet.TV, Calum Smeaton, CEO and founder of TVSquared, says there’s still a long way to go as far as performance measurements are concerned.“There’s an argument between performance and brand,” says Smeaton. “Both are important, but I think for a long time it’s been all about brand [...]