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Watermarking Helps to Prevent CTV Ad Fraud: Roku’s Adam Markey

Preventing ad fraud on connected television (CTV) is a collaborative effort among companies throughout the digital-media supply chain. Streaming-device maker Roku works to prevent fraudulent activity on its platform to ensure that legitimate publishers can fully monetize their content and advertisers are getting value for their media investment. “We have a lot of control over what actually happens when apps are [...]


New Ad Models Will Help Data Education: Spark Foundry’s Giacosa

SANTA MONICA -- The launch of ad support on some of the big video entertainment services is clearly going to be a boost for advertising buyers. But the new practice could also mean an increasing education for consumers in advertising and data use practices more broadly. That is according to one ad agency executive who buys for major brands. Adding up In this video [...]


Inclusion, Courage & Growth: Nielsen’s Atai On Measuring Values By Action

SANTA MONICA - Who's behind the glass? For anyone trying to measure viewing of contemporary streaming TV platforms, that is a strategic question. For Ameneh Atai, it is also one she asks herself at times when business challenge demands personal authenticity. Platform difference In this video interview with Beet.TV, Atai, GM, digital audience measurement, Nielsen, says connected TV streaming consumption is fundamentally different from [...]


How Attention Peaks Are Activated: Finecast’s Lewis

SANTA MONICA — All advertisers and programmers want "attention". But, in a distractible world, what is attention, exactly, and how does it get made? In this video interview with Beet.TV, one addressable TV enabler explains what research says about TV and attention. Tuning in Earlier this year, Finecast, GroupM's addressable tv division, published research to better explain attention, which many companies are now aiming to [...]


Ampersand’s Rosen Urges Local Innovation, Sees New Era Of Focus

SANTA MONICA — In a down economy, how do you get bang for buck? Justin Rosen sees a coming era of narrowed focus. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, the SVP, Data & Insights, Ampersand, also urges brands to buy local media using the advanced tools now available. Local tricks Many toolsets in programmatic and addressable TV platforms have gravitated toward serving national [...]


Deal with Horizon Media Helps Optimize CTV Ad Sales: Magnite’s Sean Buckley

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Horizon Media is consolidating its omnichannel media buys through sell-side platform Magnite with a focus on connected television, according to an announcement about their multiyear agreement. The deal expands their relationship and emphasizes supply-path optimization, which is the process of finding the shortest and most profitable path to ad inventory for demand-side platforms. Sean Buckley, chief revenue officer of [...]


CTV Ad Confidence Has Reached A Tipping Point: PubMatic’s Dozeman

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — It may not be the sexiest of industry technologies - but it sure can get results moving. Supply Path Optimization (SPO) is the process of reducing the number of intermediaries in ad-tech until each adds value. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kyle Dozeman, Chief Revenue Officer, PubMatic, explains why it is essential. Extra efficiency SPO has risen in recent [...]


Warner Bros. Discovery Preps New Multi-Screen Measurement Tests

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — When WarnerMedia picked iSpot.TV, VideoAmp and Comscore to provide its future cross-platform TV measurement, it lit the touch paper on the "alt currency" wave. Now it is unpacking its learnings and readying for the next phase in its future TV measurement agenda. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Andrea Zapata, EVP, Head of Ad Sales Research, Warner Bros. [...]


‘C’ Words & The Conscious Uncoupling: MediaLink’s Kassan On Life Under UTA

ORLANDO -- Almost 12 months after strategic advisory firm MediaLink was off-loaded by Cannes Lions organizer Ascential to talent agency UTA, CEO Michael Kassan is happy with the firms' amicable "divorce". Kassan's company joined Ascential in 2017. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the ANA Masters of Marketing, he says the new focus is allowing an expanded focus on words beginning [...]


Higher Digital Ad Costs Push Brands Toward Other Media Channels: Quad’s Josh Golden

ORLANDO – Marketers piled into digital advertising as the pandemic kept many people at home, where they logged onto social media, watched streaming video and shopped online. As people learned to live with Covid-19 and went back to shopping in stores, going to the office and traveling by airplane, marketers have readapted their strategies to reach consumers. “It seems like a [...]


ANA Hopes New Congress Enacts Federal Privacy Law

ORLANDO — When the US' new Congress sits from January 3, 2023, Christopher Oswald hopes it will enact a first federal privacy law that did not get written into law during the last session. The American Data Privacy Protection Act (ADPPA) would finally bring federal auspice to an area of law that states have been enacting for themselves. In this video interview [...]


Audio Has Caught-Up To Video: Audacy’s Benedik

For a few years, audio advertising sat on traditional radio's sidelines, while video surged ahead in capabilities and spending. But that has changed, thanks to recent developments in technology and consumer behavior. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brian Benedik, Chief Revenue Officer, Audacy, draws the trendlines. Programmatic pipes "Audio's caught up to video," Benedik says. "We didn't have programmatic channels, we didn't have [...]


Battling CTV Ad Fraud Is Collective Effort: Butler/Till’s Scott Ensign

Connected television gives advertisers the ability to reach highly targeted audiences, but there are risks that advertising fraud will drain away part of their media spending. Tackling the problem requires a collaboration among advertisers, agencies, media companies, adtech firms and cyberspecialists. “The things that make me optimistic about the space is I see a lot of publishers and brands and agencies [...]


Hollywood, Get Granular: IAB’s Rothenberg Urges Creator Dynamism

ORLANDO -- For several decades, it has been one of the main ways of generating advertiser momentum. Now the Hollywood machine that makes the content that supports the marketing messages needs to change. That is according to the executive chair of the organization representing digital media outlets in their ad journey. Creators rising In this video interview with Beet.TV, Randall Rothenberg of the IAB [...]


Leaders at Nielsen, Ampersand, The Trade Desk, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, MiQ and PubMatic Gather for the Beet Retreat

The Beet Retreat kicks off this week in Santa Monica, California, bringing together the leaders and professionals who are shaping the future of the media industry. This year’s gathering comes as companies throughout the media ecosystem look to forge strong relationships with others as they work together improve the consumer experience and the effectiveness of advertising for brands. Beet.TV is thrilled [...]


Ad Campaign Goals Call for Specialized Metrics: A+E Networks’ Roseann Montenes

ORLANDO – Advertisers often have a variety of goals for different kinds of campaigns, each of which have their own metrics to evaluate performance. Top-of-funnel campaigns generally seek brand awareness and consideration, while campaigns aimed at the lower part of the purchase funnel may measure foot traffic into or sales conversions. “The expectations change with every single phone call that we [...]


What Buyers Want: PubMatic’s Steinberg On The New TV

What do they want? Transparency, flexibility and standards. When do they want it? As soon as possible. The explosion of new possibilities unleashed by the conversion of television into an IP-delivered medium has also provoked a range of challenges. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Robin Steinberg, VP, Revenue, Advertiser Solutions, PubMatic, explains what is top of ad buyers' minds. Flexible future Steinberg recently [...]


How Native Ad Tech Works On TV: TripleLift’s Winkler

ORLANDO — By now, most people understand that "native advertising" means an ad unit presented in a seamless way that fits both the aesthetic and the experience of the container channel. But how can "native" work in TV when the content, by definition, changes on a second-by-second basis? In this video interview with Beet.TV at ANA Masters Of Marketing, Ben Winkler, SVP, [...]


Interest Has Flattened, But Diverse Media Move The Needle: BET’s Carr

In the last couple of years, we have seen an intense upswing in matters of diversity across marketing. But one man in a pivotal position on that topic says that some marketers' interest has waned. In this video interview with Beet.TV at ANA Masters Of Marketing, Louis Carr, long-time president of media sales at BET Networks, explains why diverse media can still [...]


Consistent Media Presence Helps to Build Brands: A&E Networks’ Peter Olsen

ORLANDO – Economic uncertainties are pushing advertisers to scrutinize their media spending and data the help to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns. But an economic slowdown also can create opportunities for brands to build share that drives growth during a recovery. “Marketers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to prove their investment faster than ever, and the challenge is [...]