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“The Obsolescence of Marketing Has Begun, Like It Or Not” Raja Rajamannar, in podcast preview

In a new data-led marketing world, driven by technology, marketers are being left behind.  The obsolescence of marketing has begun, declares Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Business, Mastercard, in this excerpt from an upcoming podcast on Beet.TVIt is imperative that marketers understand AI, Augmented Reality and other emerging technologies to remain relevant.  Already the role of CMO has eliminated from major companies, he notes.Much of Rajamannar's thesis around the crisis in marketing and a way [...]


OTT Shows Key Strength in Impression-Based Targeting: Pinnacle’s Kate Diehl

CHICAGO - The growth in over-the-top (OTT) video services has given advertisers another way to reach households that either canceled cable and satellite services of never signed up for them. Marketers and their media agencies also can get quick access to viewership data, helping them to make adjustments to their campaigns and complement their linear TV buys to reach target audiences.OTT is "a nice extension of our television buys, and that's kind of how it started," Kate Diehl, director of [...]


Fixing The Future Of Identity: Taboola’s Furman

TEL AVIV - How do you continue seeing your users when your eyes have been taken away?That is the challenge facing many publishers and advertisers, as Google's 2022 deprecation of third-party tracking cookies looms.Safari and Firefox have already blocked the practice, which enables cross-domain tracking, whilst Apple has also rolled out a slew of other changes to restrict ad-tracking.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ehud Furman, VP of Audience Extension and Data at publishers' content recommendation and advertising platform Tablooa [...]


Trust, Consent & Identity: Oracle’s Jacobson On Digital Marketing

The new balancing act in digital media? Successfully gaining identity signals on audiences in an era of identifier deprecation, whilst staying on the right side of privacy imperatives.That is how Samantha Jacobson, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Oracle, sees the twin compulsion in ad targeting.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jacobson describes how Oracle, whose Oracle Cloud has become a big player in digital marketing solutions, sees the landscape. Consent-first Jacobson says: "Consent needs to be on the forefront [...]


Mapping The Graph:’s Harrison On Identity

FORT WORTH - With third-party cookies on their way out and the window closing on mobile identifiers, how is an advertiser supposed to target its audience anymore?At home, according to co-founder Paul Harrison.The deprecation of those cookies plus new use privacy controls introduced to iOS are making targetability more difficult.But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Harrison surveys the landscape for solutions. Identity in focus The new black is "identity graphs", software that knits together user profile signals from a range [...]


Merkle’s Merkury ID Goes To MediaMath’s SOURCE

Little by little, inventions and partnerships are working to heal a digital advertising world wounded by the erosion of third-party identity tracking.In the latest, MediaMath's Source buying DSP is integrating another identity solution, purporting to support the identification of consumers across devices on premium publishers' sites, without cookies.The solution is Merkury, the ID graph from Dentsu's Merkle. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Merkle's John Lee outlines the opportunity. From third to first base A recent Digiday survey found 38% of publishers [...]


Pandemic Puts Local OTT In The Spotlight: Roku’s Wnuk

Despite years of focus on national media buys, there is a renewed marketer emphasis on local TV.That is partly because of a new recognition that different media markets have different qualities and consumers, and partly because people are realizing over-the-top TV (OTT) services have the ability to target at local level - like cable before them, perhaps even better.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kristin Wnuk, head of local and director of sales at Roku, explains what is going on. Local [...]


Nielsen’s Addressable Measurement Addition ‘Biggest In A Decade’: Brown

Nielsen expect its latest move in addressable TV will represent "the biggest change to measurement and to the TV currency in at least the last decade".The company just announced it will add measurement of 55 million addressable devices, including smart TV and set-top box return-path data, into its national TV currency ratings.Specifically, Nielsen will add DirecTV (Xandr), DISH, Nielsen Advanced Video Advertising and Vizio data using the Vizio-backed Project OAR standard. It represents a big shift for ad buyers that [...]


Healthcare Media Embraces Programmatic Sales: Haymarket’s Louis Naimoli

Healthcare advertising has tended to be conservative, especially for products like pharmaceuticals that are heavily regulated and are required provide extensive disclosures. However, those marketers are starting to embrace advertising technology to reach healthcare providers as the coronavirus pandemic drives demand for the latest product information.For Haymarket Media, which publishes dozens of titles for medical professionals, the shift to programmatic media buying is transforming the healthcare media marketplace."We've seen a lot of brands move from the traditional way that they [...]


Unlocking CTV Ads: The Basement’s Maher

INDIANAPOLIS -  Connected TV advertising promises super targeting, frequency capping and attributing outcomes back to view exposures.But, lately, that sales pitch has been searching for a buyer.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ira Maher, VP, Media Insights & Technology at The Basement, an advertising agency, says buyers have struggled to find quality inventory, especially in a political cycle. Election effect "It's been a little tight as we get through some of the political windows, depending on the market that we're focusing on," [...]


The BeetCast Debut: Sir Martin Sorrell on What Motivates Him and Views on Changing Marketing Landscape

He wasn’t happy with the circumstances of his departure from WPP in 2018, the giant advertising holding company he founded. With S4 Capital, he is proving a point: he can create an agile, digital-only marketing enterprise, says Sir Martin Sorrell in this interview.Today (November 9) S4 released impressive Q3 results.We spoke about the impact of the pandemic on the economy and digital media and progress and plans at S4.This episode of the #BeetCast is presented by [...]


OTT Platforms Point Way for Cookie-Less Future: Tubi’s Mark Rotblat

LAFAYETTE, CA -- While advertisers are bracing for the end of third-party cookies and mobile device identifiers to track online audiences, providers of over-the-top video services have functioned in a cookieless environment for years. Instead, they have developed first-party data about viewers, and enriched the information with third-party sources."As an OTT company, we have been working to solve the unique difficulties of identity in that environment for the past five years," said Mark Rotblat, chief revenue officer of Tubi, the [...]


My Chat with Sir Martin: “I Have a Point to Prove” – An excerpt from the new BeetCast podcast

LONDON - He wasn't happy with the circumstances of his departure from WPP in 2018, the giant advertising holding company he founded.With S4 Capital, he is proving a point: he can create an agile, digital-only marketing enterprise, says Sir Martin Sorrell in this interview with me for our new podcast called the BeetCast.Today, S4 Capital announced strong growth and profits for Q3This video is an excerpt of an extended conversation we had about the pandemic, the transformation of digital media, [...]


Local News Provides Superior Targeting for ‘Conquesting’: New York Interconnect’s Charlie Holmes

Local news programming this year has seen strong viewership growth as audiences seek the latest information about the pandemic. For advertisers seeking to convert viewers into new customers -- especially as their buying habits change dramatically — local news also provides more concise targeting for both regional and national brands."We found that a lot of the marketers took advantage of local news coverage, and especially the credibility that came with this," said Charlie Holmes, senior vice president of sales at [...]


Three Levels Of CTV Ad Optimization: Publica’s Antier

PALO ALTO -  Connected TV is booming, offering advertisers powers like household targeting, geo-targeting frequency-capping.But, where automated systems book the ads, there is also a risk of creative ending up in undesirable positions.That is why ad server vendors like Publica are working to introduce optimizations.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ben Antier, Co-Founder, Chief Product and Operations Officer, Publica, explains three ways ad buyers need greater control over connected TV ad placement. 1. Ad break "The biggest challenge is the ad break," [...]


Digital Lessons Apply to CTV Media Buys: Coke’s Chris Price

Millions of U.S. households are connecting their TVs directly to the internet as on-demand video services supplement or replace their cable and satellite subscriptions. To reach those consumers, marketers are dedicating a bigger portion of their media budgets to over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) platforms, making verification and viewability metrics more important."We're seeing an increased role for CTV in our plans," Chris Price, head of global digital marketing and media transformation at Coca-Cola, said in this interview with Beet.TV. [...]


Finding The Value Of CTV: NitroC’s Doyle

Television and digital media are colliding in the shape of internet-connected TV.For advertisers, that presents the opportunity for enhanced targeting and greater control.But, across the industry, people are learning what works and establishing what CTV should cost.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lee Doyle of the NitroC agency paints a picture of an evolving medium. What's working? Given limitations in CTV's feature set, like identification challenges, many in the industry believe CTV is best when it looks a lot like TV - [...]


What GroupM Wants From Connected TV: Sweeney

One of the world's biggest media-buying agencies is rapidly increasingly its spending on connected TV ads for clients.But GroupM is still kicking the tyres of a burgeoning range of suppliers.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Sweeney, chief investment officer for GroupM US, describes spending trends and his wishlist for platforms. Growing spend "We're increasingly spending and investing more and more dollars against advance TV, and this year's upfront," Sweeney says."We probably grew another 25% on top of 25% the year before. [...]


Election Advertising will Move Brands To Connected TV:’s Moore

PHOENIX - With election campaign ads flooded the TV airwaves, some other TV advertisers are turning to connected TV to get their message across.More than $1 billion has now been spent on TV ads for the 2020 presidential election in just 13 states.In this video interview with Beet.TV, James Moore, CRO of ad-tech supplier, says that is prompting other advertisers to seek another option. Election ad effect Moore says election candidates, too, are using connected TV "with the primary goal, obviously, [...]


TV Must Embrace Digital-Style Buying: Ampersand’s Pangis

Can a "GRP" transform into a "CTR"? The evolution of TV metrics may not be so, well, linear - but Nicolle Pangis believes that television must quickly learn to speak digital's language if it is to truly benefit from the connected TV opportunity.Pangis is CEO of Ampersand - the initiative of Comcast, Cox and Charter designed to make the buying of addressable TV easier - and sat down for a video interview with Beet.TV after the group launched a new [...]