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Digital Video Drives Demand for More Linear Targeting: Xandr’s Pete Doe

Television advertisers are seeking the same kind of audience targeting features they've grown to expect among digital channels, a demand that will help to support the growth of addressable advertising on national TV. Measuring the effectiveness of those campaigns will be a key part of the next stage of linear TV's evolution. "A lot of what's happened in the last few [...]


Physician-Focused Ad Market Is Changing Fast with Programmatic Growth: Klick Health’s Jacob Lustig

Advertisers in the healthcare and drug industries have more tools to reach medical professionals and their patients as the media landscape evolves. Viewers are watching video content on multiple devices, including digital platforms that are selling more of their advertising inventory through automated auctions. "The fastest change in the programmatic space has been on the healthcare professional side," Jacob Lustig, vice [...]


Ad Serving is the Foundation of a CTV Tech Stack: Publica’s Ben Antier

The television advertising marketplace is undergoing a major shift as marketers seek to reach audiences who are watching more video on internet-connected devices. The digital transformation makes ad servers a fundamental part of the way video publishers help those marketers get seen by viewers. "For publishers, ad serving is the foundation of a tech stack. It's where you're going to decide [...]


Consumer Experience: Key is to Converged Video’s Future, Forrester’s O’Connell

Proper frequency management and the introduction of interactive, personalized ad experiences are are among the key elements essential for the success of advertising in converged TV, says Joanna O'Connell, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research in this #BeetCast podcast. The session is guest hosted by industry consultant and advisor Jon Watts. O'Connell points to important innovations including Hulu's pause ads and [...]


CTV Offers More Data Insights for Marketers: Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady

Millions of U.S. households are hooking up their TVs directly to the internet, opening a pathway for advertisers to reach them through the growing number of video streaming services. As consumers split their viewing time among those digital channels and more traditional linear TV, marketers are adapting their media strategies to reach them. Cadillac, the luxury car brand owned by General [...]


Streaming Complements Linear TV to Engage Sports Fans: Disney’s Danielle Brown

The absence of live sports during the onset of the pandemic challenged sports leagues and broadcasters to provide programming that partly filled the void. For Disney's ESPN, that meant getting creative with its approach to providing everything from documentaries like "The Last Dance" about NBA legend Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls to reformatting events like the NFL Draft. "This experience [...]


CTV Shows Key Advantage with Data-Driven Ads: NBCUniversal’s Mike Reidy

Audiences can access a wider variety of content on digital platforms and gain more control over the viewing experience as they connect their TVs directly to the internet. That change in viewing habits creates a win-win situation for viewers and the marketers that seek to reach them. "For viewers right now, it's the Golden Age of Television," Mike Reidy, senior vice [...]


Samsung Scales Up Ad-Buying With DSP, PMP

Five months after launching its own demand-side ad platform (DSP), Samsung Ads is amassing audience scale and technical capability to become a major ad publishing player. As connected TV advertising evolves, it seems the OEMs whose screens are being viewed are sitting pretty on top of primary user behavior data. Vizio leverages such data through its Inscape subsidiary, and Samsung is [...]


Re-thinking Ads For CTV: Xumo CEO Petrie-Norris

LAGUNA BEACH, CA - Between January and October, ad-supported VOD service Xumo saw a 2.5x increase in its user base - but the shape of the audience is not the only thing that is changing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO of the California company acquired by Comcast in February, says he wants to reboot the form of [...]


Virtual Signage Raised Visibility on TV Sports During the Pandemic

PHILADELPHIA - The absence of fan attendance at sporting events for most of last year led advertisers, broadcasters and teams to develop other ways to reach fans who were stuck at home. Virtual signage that was only visible to TV viewers became more prominent as marketers shifted some spending away from in-stadium campaigns. "We've spent a lot of time trying to [...]


AT&T, Others, Honored with Emmy for Addressable TV Innovation

In a recognition of the technical advancements in addressable TV, AT&T and WarnerMedia along with others in the sector have been recognized by the National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS), and will be honored with a Technology & Engineering EMMY® Award in October. The honor was bestowed on AT&T "By developing technology that enabled the company to divide its [...]


Younger Sports Fans Want More Control of Viewing: Amplifi’s Mike Law

Sports fans will find a way to watch their favorite players and teams, giving advertisers a way to participate in programming among a wider variety of devices. Amid the fragmentation of the media market, audience-based targeting is central to reaching those fans, especially younger consumers. "Whatever you're a fan of today, you can find that sport. Younger audiences like that -- [...]


IAS is Integrated into Twitter & Other Social Platforms Will Follow, CEO Utzschneider

In December, Twitter announced the integration of third party verification vendors to validate advertising in its live feed. Integral Ad Science is one of the providers and its CEO Lisa Utzschneider expects that other social platform will follow, responding to intense marketers' demands. This was one of the topics covered in this podcast episode of the #BeetCast, guest hosted by industry consultant [...]


Contextual Targeting Is Back in the Media Mix, Channel Factory’s Jed Hartman

Contextual targeting, the very basis of traditional advertising for publishing, which has receded in recent years with the growth of audience targeting tools, is coming back as marketers demand a safe, suitable environment for their advertising message, says Jed Hartman, President of Channel Factory, US. Hartman, former Chief Revenue Officer of the Washington Post, explains the value of contextual targeting on [...]


NBCU in Global Alliance with Twitter

A partner with Twitter since 2013, NBCU is expanding its alliance globally to bolster the two companies' longstanding advertising and content operations. This new collaboration covers Twitter markets globally and spans the NBCUniversal Sky footprint worldwide. As part of the expanded agreement announced late last month, Twitter will provide broader sales support for NBCUniversal's advertising partners, which empowers global, national and [...]


Magnite to Acquire SpotX from RTL Group for $1.17 Billion: Michael Barrett on Why This is the Time for AdTech

In a major merger in the adtech and advanced TV industry space, Magnite has acquired SpotX from RTL, the European broadcast giant, for $1.17 billion in cash and stock, the companies announced this morning. Later in the morning, Beet.TV did this video interview with Magnite CEO Michael Barrett about the deal and what it means for the industry. The adtech veteran reflects [...]


30 Seconds To Infinity: Callahan on How Fox Is Re-Inventing The Ad Break

Traditional TV advertising may have settled on a commercial break consisting of 30-second commercials a long time ago. But, in the internet-connected TV (CTV) era, the old shapes are being rebooted. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dan Callahan, SVP of data strategy and sales innovation at Fox, describes how new technology is ushering in a wave of innovation that is re-thinking [...]


Sports Are Key Part of ‘Always-On’ Marketing: Rocket Mortgage CMO Casey Hurbis

DETROIT - Live sports are a key part of Rocket Mortgage's strategy to reach a broad group of consumers, whether they're looking to buy their first home or refinance an existing loan. The lender is active in its sports marketing programs throughout the year, and quickly revamped its plans as the pandemic led to the temporary suspension of live sports [...]


Digital Audio Drives Ad Growth for Radio Broadcasters: WideOrbit’s John Morris

The growing audience for advertising-supported streaming audio is driving a shift in media spending as marketers seek to reach listeners of music and podcast programming. The portability of smartphones and the popularity of unlimited mobile data plans help to reach consumers wherever they are, while smart speaker ownership is rising among connected households. "I've been in audio for about 20 years, [...]


Audience-Based Targeting Provides More Flexibility to Reach Sports Fans: Effectv’s Melanie Hamilton

The temporary suspension of live sports last year dramatized the importance of audience-based targeting for advertisers. As sports leagues resumed operations without fans attending games during the pandemic, viewership jumped in the second half of the year and marketers sought to reach them more effectively. "There became huge pent-up demand for these loyal sports viewers," Melanie Hamilton, head of enterprise sales [...]