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Teads’ Brown: Attention Can be a Proxy for Outcomes – But the Industry Needs to Get Prepared

Teads is leaning into measuring attention - for one simple reason - it drives results brands care about. While there has been a great deal of interest in tracking attention in the ad world, much of it has been focused on finding better ways to evaluate creative or media outlets. But through its research, Teads has found a strong correlation between [...]


Capabilities Join Content In TV’s Upfront Ad Season

As the TV industry heads into what The New York Times has called its "$20 billion week", the annual upfront ad sales season looks a little different. Traditionally, TV networks have used the May period to showcase their upcoming slate of content, in the hope of securing year-long ad commitments. But, while content is still on show, now capabilities are just as [...]


Horizon’s Campanelli: Why Uncertainty Defines This Year’s Upfront

The TV upfront buying mechanism has already endured a pandemic and a recession in the past few years. Now, throw in inflation, economic figures that run the gamut, and a writers strike, and you're left with a market that nobody has ever seen before, let alone predict. "The key word is uncertainty," said Dave Campanelli, EVP and Chief Investment Officer, Horizon [...]


From Upfront To On-The-Fly, TV Ad Sales Are Changing

In an undulating business environment, "agility" and "flexibility" have become key words for media buyers who are becoming used to digitally-empowered trading tactics. That poses a challenge to TV networks that have traditionally secured a large part of their year's ad spend in May's annual upfront season. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Charlie Holmes, SVP Sales at NY Interconnect, explains why [...]


Help Us to Build Schools in Remote Regions: Team Dayā’s Jay Sears

The dizzying changes in U.S. media and advertising technology can make it easy to forget that many people worldwide don’t have access to a basic education. Team Dayā, a not-for-profit group started by ad-tech executives, is working to build schools in lesser developed countries to help boost literacy as a key step in lifting people out of poverty. “Many places where [...]


LG’s Matta: Discovery is CTV’s Biggest Challenge

The connected TV opportunity for brands keeps surging, in large part because consumption keeps growing exponentially. Those two trends should continue - assuming people can find the content they want to watch. Right now, that's easier said than done-and may be getting tougher. "Inventory is always going to be a challenge," Serge Matta, President at LG Ads Solutions told Beet.TV at the [...]


Vision Is Key Trait for Leaders: Progressive Insurance’s Remi Kent

MIAMI – Leaders can best inspire people by sharing their ideas in ways that have resonance among their colleagues. That can be challenging as more seek personal meaning and fulfillment from what they do at work. “The most important traits for a leader are, number one: vision, and having that clarity and being able to rally people behind that vision,” Remi [...]


Audience Targeting & Business Confidence Will Drive This Year’s Upfront TV Ad Deals

As marketers head into another TV upfront ad sales season, this year effectiveness and efficiency are likely to be even higher on buyers' shopping list. For Chris Harris, that boils down to finding the right audience. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Harris, VP, Advanced TV Ad Sales, AudienceXpress, explains the dynamics he is seeing play out. The State of the TV Marketplace Harris [...]


Beyond The Buzzword: Habu Aims Clean Rooms ‘Upstream’ In Client Conversations

At this point, it may seem like "clean room" solutions have gained widespread understanding in the media business. But the tech, which allows for data collaboration while maintaining consumer privacy, still has a ways to go. In this video interview with Beet.TV at LUMA Partners' Digital Media Summit, Noah Fenn, VP, Consulting Partnerships, Habu, explains how he is trying to educate the [...]


Omnicom’s Pagliuca: We’ve Made Major Progress on Cleaning up Supply Chains in Digital

Cleaning up the digital advertising maze has been a five year journey for Omnicom According to Megan Pagliuca, Chief Activation Officer at Omnicom Media Group, the journey started with publishing lists of ad tech partners the agency didn't want to work with. But that only got the company so far. Today, OMG only works with a select list of suppliers, and [...]


JIC Standards Can Help Drive Innovation in Media Market: GroupM’s Mike Fisher

Major buyers and sellers of television advertising this year formed a Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. A key goal is to set some common standards that make the media marketplace more efficient. “Standards are important to create innovation,” Mike Fisher, executive director of investment innovation at GroupM, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike [...]


Mediahub’s Piner: TV Advertising Requires a “Human-First” approach

Too often, media buyers see potential customers as 'users' or targets.' They forget that advertisers are in the business of telling stories to real people. That's the assessment of Michael Piner EVP, Advanced Advertising Mediahub. "The idea here is, that we're trying to get to humans. Not screens, not platforms. Humans," he told Beet.TV. "Their behavior is unpredictable." According to Piner, leaning [...]


Good Leadership Is Grounded in Solid Values: Kerv’s Marika Roque

MIAMI – Motivating work colleagues to do their best is a key trait of a leader, and it can be challenging as organizations grow. “You have to be able to transition from being the owner -- the one who knows it all -- to being able to delegate and to foster that ownership in the people who work for you.” Marika [...]


Rooster Teeth’s Levin: SVOD is the Toughest Business in Media

Rooster Teeth was supposed to own the YouTube ecosystem for gaming. Then the company was poised to build out an independent, viable subscription video service. Then the company was supposed to help AT&T learn gaming and Gen Z. Today, Rooster Teeth has evolved - or pivoted - to become a fan community for fans of animation, gaming, and web video in [...]


JIC Seeks to Lower Barriers Among Media Walled Gardens: NBCUniversal’s Kelly Abcarian

Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies this year formed a Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. A key goal is to eliminate the barriers among companies that want to protect the privacy of their customers while also finding ways to harness first-party data to make the advertising market more efficient. “Our biggest [...]


IAB’s John: The CTV Inflection Point is Here

Just in time for the 2023 NewFronts, the IAB released new research on the growth of video ad spend universe. Perhaps not surprisingly, connected TV spending is booming. So much so that it's quickly becoming on par with traditional TV, Eric John, Vice President, Media Center, IAB told Beet.TV. "CTV is an incredibly high focused area for brands," he said. It's expected [...]


Shoppable TV Excites PHD’s Klein At IAB NewFronts

In a rapidly changing media ecosystem, big in-person events uniting buyers and sellers still have resonance. Case in point - at the IAB NewFronts, a showcase in which digital publishers present their offerings to buyers, Beet.TV heard from several media agency executives excited by the opportunity to hear from publishers. In this video interview at the event in May 2023, Katie Klein, [...]


Advertisers Ready To Go All-In On Alternative Currencies: VideoAmp’s McCray

In TV over the last couple of years, one of the hottest topics has been the emergence of alternative currency and measurement barometers with which TV ads can be traded. Many broadcasters have begun offering buyers alternatives to Nielsen, ones that can also document cross-screen viewing. Now, one of the main suppliers of such systems says he believes many advertisers, at the [...]


Kargo’s Harry Kargman Aims To Disrupt CTV Landscape With Innovative Ad Formats

In 2003, Harry Kargman founded Kargo, a company developing creative ad formats for mobile publishers. Now Kargo is making headway with Kargman's vision of bringing "art" to "advertising". In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kargman explains recent innovations. Taking mobile innovation to TV Glass Kargman is setting his sights on transforming the connected TV (CTV) landscape by bringing the company's heritage of mobile innovation [...]


First Free, Ad-Supported Television Set Readies for Primetime

A new entrant into the consumer electronics market, Telly, today is giving new meaning to the term FAST – free, ad-supported television – with the first two-screen smart TV that's also free to consumers. The set eliminates the cost to viewers by showing paid advertising. The device has a high-definition display for watching movies and shows, a built-in soundbar and [...]