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Riding Ads’ Third Wave: Microsoft’s Vision for Revolutionizing Retail Media

MIAMI — The digital advertising landscape is witnessing a seismic shift with retail media rapidly emerging as its most dynamic frontier. "Retail media is the third wave of digital advertising," asserts Lynne Kjolso, VP, Global Partner & Retail Media at Microsoft. In this video interview with Beet.TV, She paints a picture of an industry on the cusp of transformation, driven by technological innovation and [...]


Omnichannel Commerce, AI Are Disrupting Advertising: Omnicom’s Joanna O’Connell

MIAMI – Streaming services have given consumers more control over the television viewing experience, including the ability to interact and transact with advertisers. At the same time, more retailers are selling advertising to brands, giving them a way to convert awareness into shoppable moments. “You have the kind of dynamic of retail media where brands are finding ways to get closer [...]


T-Mobile’s JP Colaco on Delivering Omnichannel Addressability at Scale

In a media landscape fraught with uncertainty as cookies crumble, could mobile fill the gap? JP Colaco thinks so. The media and ad industry veteran joined as T-Mobile Advertising Solutions' SVP & Chief T-Ads Officer in 2023 after executive stints at WarnerMedia, Apple, Hulu, and The Walt Disney Company. At its IAB NewFronts pitch, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions offered up several new initiatives. New for [...]


Kroger Teams With Yahoo DSP on Purchase-Based Audiences for Brands

NEW YORK - Kroger Precision Marketing, the grocery chain’s retail media network, is collaborating with Yahoo Advertising to offer purchase-based audiences directly in the Yahoo Demand-Side Platform (DSP), according to an announcement on Tuesday. Yahoo DSP advertisers can now activate Kroger’s audiences to reach the right consumers and to measure campaign results without tracking cookies. “We're really excited to partner with the [...]


How Grocery Owner AD Will Grow Retail Media Through Omni-Channel

As more retailers enter the space and as forecasts for its size grow, one retail operator has its own big target for making money from retail media. Stop & Shop owner Ahold Delhaize is a global grocery supermarket chain, with a goal of making a billion euros from non-grocery revenue like advertising and data by 2025. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Bobby Watts, [...]


‘Don’t Confuse First-Party Data With Identity’: Publicis Media’s Shelby Saville

SAN JUAN, PR – Consumers divide their time spent with media among a growing variety of connected devices, channels and apps, challenging advertisers to obtain a holistic view of people’s behaviors. First-party data that comes directly from consumers don’t provide this insight. “People should know as it relates to first-party data and identity is that they are inherently not the same,” [...]


Roku and The Trade Desk Partner to Enhance TV Ad Control

These days, at their annual ad pitches, companies don’t only tout their content slate. In 2024’s IAB NewFronts, the tech targeting offering is being showcased, too. At its event in New York today, Roku announced it would let The Trade Desk customers harness its automated content recognition (ACR) data, in a sign that the leading US streaming platform is lighting-up more programmatic [...]


Measurement Is Foundation for Retail Media Growth: CVS Media Exchange’s Praveen Menon

MIAMI – Retail media networks are comparable newcomers to the advertising market, and they’re growing more sophisticated as marketers seek to attribute the effects of their media spending on business outcomes. To enhance these metrics, retailers can harness the troves of data about the purchase histories of their customers. “Measurement is the foundation that really allows brands and agencies to invest [...]


Sports Programming Delivers Engaged Streaming Audiences: Fubo’s Dina Roman

MIAMI – The National Football League captures most of top-ranked audiences for television, an ongoing indicator of the power of live sports in helping brands to reach consumers. Those audiences can be targeted more precisely with streamed sporting events. “What we're finding is that marketers are very, very interested in sports because they know that people are aggregating around these big [...]


Rethinking Relevance & The Paradox of Choice in Advertising With Rokt’s Rozen

SAN JUAN, PR — The ad industry has grown up talking about the “right ad to the right people at the right time”. But is “right” really what’s relevant? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Doug Rozen, CMO, RokT, distinguishes between the “right” ad and the “best” ad. "The right ad is all about being personalized, the best ad is taking it a step [...]


‘DE&I Is Under Attack’: Index Exchange’s Goode On Embedding A Commitment To Good

MIAMI — Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), as well as sustainability, cannot be tick-box company exercises. After the initial rush of such initiatives, some companies have embedded their commitments as integral strategies for long-term growth, according to Index Exchange's Chief Marketing Officer, Lori Goode. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Goode, who now leads the programmatic ad company’s DE&I initiatives, explains their strategic importance. Regulations [...]


Retail Media Network Extends Shopper-Marketing Efforts for Brands: Costco’s Mark Williamson

LAS VEGAS – Costco doesn’t have a public relations team and spends very little on advertising. However, the warehouse chain seeks to build its retail media network by giving brands a way to reach millions of members whose purchase histories are well documented. “It's a really good time to be starting fresh in retail media,” Mark Williamson, assistant vice president of [...]


Marketers, Publishers Seek Holistic View of Programmatic Deals: FreeWheel’s Jon Mansell

SAN JUAN, PR – FreeWheel, the adtech platform owned by Comcast Corp., introduced for the 2024 upfront and NewFront season a tool to help marketers manage their ad spend among different media channels. Called Allocation Module, it also provides publishers with a holistic view of spending against upfront commitments. “In the last few years, a lot of the upfronts have actually [...]


Mastercard’s Cheryl Guerin: Blending Content with Commerce for Impactful Engagement

MIAMI — In a digital age where the lines between content and commerce continue to blur, Mastercard is seizing the opportunity to innovate for impact, especially for small businesses. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the POSSIBLE conference, Cheryl Guerin, EVP of Global Brand Strategy & Innovation at Mastercard, shares her insights on how the company is harnessing live experiences to benefit [...]


Consumer Journeys Offer Many Paths to Brand Engagement: TikTok’s Jorge Ruiz

SAN JUAN, PR – Social-video app TikTok in the past six years since its launch has emerged as one of most popular media platforms, especially among Gen Z consumers. The app does face the possibility of being banned in the United States because of national security concerns. In the meantime, it seeks to capture people’s attention with viral videos while [...]


At Microsoft Advertising, Richman Balances Gen-AI Advantage With Human Connection

MIAMI — What would you do with advertising if you had one of the world’s leading large language models at your fingertips. Amanda Richman would balance AI with humanity. The former Mindshare North America CEO joined Microsoft Advertising as VP, Global Media Sales, in March 2024, just as advertising interest in AI was piquing. Microsoft, of course, has a significant position [...]


People’s Shopping Data Underpin Ad Targeting: Instacart’s Suzanne Skop

MIAMI – Shopping habits changed dramatically during the pandemic as millions of consumers brought groceries online for the time. Delivery service Instacart is a pivotal part of that shift,  and is building on its shopper data with a growing advertising business. “We're going beyond just grocery, and that gives us an incredible opportunity to see the different use cases for how [...]


Ulta Beauty’s UB Media Glows Up Retail Media With a Spark of Joy and Robust Data

In beauty retail, standing out means more than just offering the best products; it involves creating an experience that resonates with consumers and advertisers alike. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Alyson Soderberg, Sr. Director at UB Media, the advertising arm of Ulta Beauty, shared her insights into what she sees as the advantages of the beauty category. For her, the trick to [...]


The Future of Advertising is Machine Learning-Driven: Moloco’s Simon

SAN JUAN, PR — In a digital age where artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzzword on every tech enthusiast's lips, it’s easy to get swept up in the futuristic allure of generative AI. But according to Dave Simon, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Moloco, the true power player in advertising is not as much AI itself, but the machine learning technology that underpins it. In this [...]


Identity Begins At Home: TransUnion’s Rudich On Post-Cookie ROI

SAN JUAN, PR — As the digital landscape continues to fragment, advertisers face the daunting challenge of reaching consumers who are scattered across an ever-expanding universe of media channels and platforms. For Gillian Rudich, the complexity of today's ecosystem necessitates a sophisticated approach to understanding and engaging with audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rudich, VP, Strategic Partnerships at TransUnion, emphasizes the importance [...]