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Publicis’ Nicole Whitesel: TV Measurement Is Like a ‘Game of Thrones’ Scenario

It’s not an exaggeration to compare the current state of TV measurement to a “Game of Thrones”-like scenario, according to Nicole Whitesel, the evp of advanced TV at Publicis Media.During a fireside chat with Jon Watts, co-founder and managing partner at MTM London at the Beet Retreat, hosted by Publicis Media, Whitesel explained why clients are “terrified” of current measurement strategies across linear TV, data-driven linear TV and advanced TV, mainly because multiple partners and approaches are required to get [...]


LiveRamp’s Metcalfe Entices MVPDs To The Audience-Buying Future

It all started when Gap wanted to show baby clothes ads to shoppers who had already purchased similar items in stores.Now the business of marrying different consumer data sets is a big deal, and identity solutions are the glue that helps advertisers smartly target consumers across different media channels.But one of the technology vendors helping enable that opportunity is having to counsel TV broadcasters how to shed concerns and embrace the future of audience-based ad buying.In this video interview for [...]


Streaming Wars Are Not A Zero-Sum Game: Forrester’s Nail

After the battle is over, who will be declared victor?So far in the rush to launch new paid streaming TV services, pundit opinion has focused on how providers' library strengths and finite household capital will end up crowning a winning provider.But Jim Nail doesn't see things so black-and-white.Rather than betting on Disney to kill off Netflix, as many sections of the tech press may depict it, the Forrester Research principal analyst is betting on a more mixed ecology emerging. Streaming wars "2020 [...]


The Industry Has to Come Together to Solve Fragmentation and Friction in TV: Zenith Media’s Vendetti

For Neil Vendetti, president of investment at Zenith Media, solving for fragmentation in TV and video advertising will be the focus of the industry in the years ahead.Talking to Jon Watts, the co-founder and managing partner of MTM London at the Beet Retreat, a half-day Beet.TV event in New York hosted by Publicis Media, Vendetti says that while the TV industry has changed largely for the better over the last 10 years, it’s also become more challenging for advertising agencies [...]


Brands Need To Break Data Silos: LiveRamp’s Grammier

The new opportunity to find the optimum TV audiences across data-driven OTT and even linear services all depend on using audience data.But how that data comes in to execution varies.In this video interview with Beet.TV, one vendor helping brands bring it to life for advanced TV ad buying explains the different levels of sophistication with which buyers are bringing audience data to bear.LiveRamp TV managing director was speaking with Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail. Brands "The brands have the data or are [...]


Jo Ann Ross Tapped to Lead Ad Sales at Combined ViacomCBS

As part of the merger of CBS and Viacom, Joann Ross will head sales for the combined ViacomCBSSean Moran, sales head of Viacom, will be leaving the company according to a report in Variety.We interviewed Ross earlier this year and are republishing with this news.


Under LiveRamp, Data + Math Eyes International Expansion: Hoctor

Data + Math wasn't looking to get acquired for $150 million - but it happened anyway.In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CEO and co-founder of the TV advertising attribution vendor says, before its sale to LiveRamp earlier this year, the company was actually attempting a fundraising.So, whilst LiveRamp is a friend with benefits for Data + Math, Hoctor views being part of the LiveRamp family as having funding for growth. Over the next year, he is planning two such [...]


TV Companies Partnering Better With Agencies: Amobee’s Smolin

TV companies in 2019 have been getting better at working with ad agencies to help sell ads in ways that take advantage of advanced TV's new tricks.That is the view according to one executive who sits at the nexus of TV, ad-tech and agency professionals.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Philip Smolin, chief strategy officer of Amobee, paints an optimistic picture of evolution."The really good news is we're seeing, I think, across the board in the last six months or [...]


There’s a Data Arms Race Going on Right Now: Zenith Media’s Hartofilis

Advanced TV has become a buzzword, being used as a bucket term to capture everything changing about the television and streaming industries. Nicholas Hartofilis, evp of national video activation at Zenith Media, has a productive outlook on what he wants to see from the industry in the next decade.“Have [advanced TV] be a complete choice in what targets we can apply, the ability to actually get to a point of true automation, going full end-to-end, and being able to do [...]


TV Companies Uniting Against Duopoly: OpenAP’s Levy

Getting US TV companies together and on the same page to come together in their shared interest may sound like herding cats.But, in 2019, David Levy found the door relatively easy to push on.The CEO of OpenAP, a consortium through which several broadcast companies are teaming to make it easier for advertisers to buy across their channels, was speaking with Beet.TV about a new initiative to enable direct campaign buying.Under its first iteration, the two-year-old consortium is the means through [...]


New TV Platforms Must Unite To Reduce Friction: MTM’s Watts

In the emerging future of television advertising, many opportunities lay ahead on the high seas. But, on the horizon, do advertisers see islands, or new lands for settling?In this video interview with Beet.TV, MTM co-founder and partner Jon Watts says the new-wave US TV market is leading the way in new capabilities - but, often, companies are racing ahead on their own, making it more difficult for ad buyers to easily place their money."In Europe... they're all grappling with the [...]


New TV Value Chain Must Play As A Team To Reach Scale: FreeWheel’s Baer

In a confusing sea of a hundred "point solutions", you could forgive a client for ending up asking "what's the point?"Case in point - the emerging world of connected TV offers huge potential for precision targeting, even marrying up that process with traditional linear TV buying.One of the leading technology suppliers helping deliver that future acknowledges that there are too many vendors all trying to do the same – and that reaching the kind of scale to which traditional TV is [...]


Cannes Lions 2020: Focus on Business Outcomes, Purpose and Sustainability, Content Chief Charlotte Williams Tells Beet.TV

LONDON – The content agenda for the Cannes Lions festival in 2020 is now open for applications, and the year’s agenda themes have been set. The festival will host discussions around the most important topics influencing and shaping the creative and advertising industries. But most importantly, Charlotte Williams, Cannes Lions’ vp of content, wants to ensure that attendees walk away with not just big ideas, but action plans for meaningful business outcomes.“The program is more focused on business outcomes and [...]


Publishers Must Collaborate For Planning Scale: Janus’ Shimmel

Janus Strategy & Insights president Howard Shimmel complains that many parts of the industry have not come together in order to make available data that could be used for planning advanced TV media buys at scale."It's a hope," he says. "I've always been surprised that the advertisers have not forced Facebook to be more collaborative. It's really different to play in a planning space versus retain the necessary data to drive yield on an individual deal."I think it's really important [...]


Cannes 2020: Brand Marketers to Take to the Palais Stage as The Festival Ramps up CMO Activations

LONDON – Strong businesses lead to strong creative and marketing strategies, and vice-versa. Simon Cook, the managing director of Cannes Lions, believes that companies who win awards at the festival are directly impacting the health of the brands they work for.In a conversation with Beet.TV at the Cannes Lions headquarters in London, Cook says that recipients of creative marketer of the year consistently worked for companies that were experiencing all-time high share prices at the time they won the award. [...]


How Will Roku-dataxu Change Advertising?: Forrester’s O’Connell

This week was amongst the biggest of the year for ad-tech deals, as over-the-top (OTT) TV platform provider Roku announced its plan to acquire dataxu, a demand-side ad-buying platform, for $150 million.Roku is the leading provider of add-on OTT devices, according to Strategy Analytics, and is also present natively inside many TV sets. In recent years, it has building on that footprint by branching out in to ad sales. Dataxu offers tools ad buyers use to find viewers on connected [...]


Mythbusting with LiveRamp Video GM Allison Metcalfe

As advanced TV, addressable TV and connected TV all evolve, confusion around best practices is bound to arise, particularly as advertisers navigate new methods of audience identification, targeting and measurement. During the Beet Retreat, a half-day Beet.TV event in New York hosted by Publicis Media, Joanna O’Connell, principal analyst at Forrester Research, asked LiveRamp Video gm Allison Metcalfe to clear the air on some commonly held assumptions about TV and identity.Myth 1: Advanced TV is addressable TV – if you [...]


Publicis’ Nicole Whitesel: Risk-Taking Is Central to Transforming the Upfronts

As advanced television takes a greater hold on the industry as a whole, Nicole Whitesel, EVP of Advanced TV at Publicis Media, believes that exploring unfamiliar territory is an essential step in connecting with advertisers and other networks. Whitesel was interviewed at the Beet Retreat at Publicis by Joanna O’Connell, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.“Seven, nine years ago in digital, it was a wild wild west,” says Whitesel. “Everyone was running all these ad networks and DSPs and [...]


‘Platform Surfers’ Convert From Combined Linear, OTT: Samsung Ads’ Evans Shows Research

TV advertising used to be so straightforward. Now the emergence of subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) has changed the game, whilst the new wave of advertising-funded VOD (AVOD) is shaking it up again.But, as much as conventional wisdom suggests a large-scale viewer migration to over-the-top offerings, what is really happening behind the glass?That is what Samsung Ads asked recently, when it carried out research on the viewing habits of 45 million US owners of Samsung Smart TVs plus 200 million connected devices. [...]


PepsiCo Uses Propensity Model around Purchase Data for Upfront TV Buying

The future of TV looks a little different than it did five years ago. And, at this pace of change, it even looks different than it did five months ago.Today, subscription video has boomed, but the following wave of advertiser-supported VOD services is also emerging in its wake.Preparing for an internet TV world that won't only be about subscription, brands and technology providers convened on a panel at Advertising Week New York, moderated by eMarketer analyst Nicole Perrin, to discuss [...]