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Addressable Ads Promise Outcome-Based Metrics: Comscore’s Scott Worthem

National broadcasters increasingly will make more of their advertising inventory addressable, giving marketers a way to show different commercials to different households during the same programming. Instead of being limited to two minutes an hour among multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), addressable advertising will become a bigger part of the 14 minutes an hour that national networks sell themselves. "Addressable advertising on [...]


Viewers Seek Instant Gratification from Digital TV: UM Worldwide’s Katey Gault

TORONTO - Television viewing habits have grown to resemble the consumption of digital media as video-on-demand platforms become more popular. Consumer demand for instant gratification in their viewing experience is changing their tolerance for structured commercial breaks. "We're quickly recognizing that that is not how consumers want to consume content in a digital environment where they're used to that instant gratification [...]


TripleLift Investment Funds Next Innings For CTV: Lewine

TripleLift, the ad-tech company that was founded to enable scaled and automated trading of native ad formats for publishers, is taking an investment from Vista Equity Partners to fund its continuing push into connected TV (CTV). Vista, a enterprise software investment firm with 480 private equity deals under its belt, already owns several leading ad-tech platforms. In this video interview with Beet.TV, [...]


After The Cookie, Spark Has A New Ad Recipe, Giacosa Says

Traditional ad-targeting and measurement methods like third-party cookie matching and mobile identifiers are crumbling, it's true. But many in the industry are not as pessimistic as some may have you believe. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lisa Giacosa, president of Publicis Media agency Spark Foundry, suggests that the erosion of the accepted infrastructure also carries with it opportunities to do something [...]


Optimization Lets Marketers Look Forward With Ad Spend: Univision’s Dan Aversano

Audience data will play a bigger role in this year's upfront sales season as TV networks tout their strengths in reaching consumers among a bigger variety of platforms. Ad-based video-on-demand (AVOD) services will be more prominent amid the broad shift to media consumption on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. "The upfront this year in some respects will be [...]


Clinical Data Underpin Improvements in Healthcare: Komodo Health’s Lauren Stahl

Among the healthcare industry's many innovations in improving care is the analysis of data about patient outcomes. Komodo Health has created a "healthcare map" that applies artificial intelligence to track about 325 million U.S. patients to identify unmet needs throughout the healthcare value chain. The goal is to help payers, providers and drug makers in achieving better outcomes while also [...]


AVOD Platforms Provide Broad Reach with Less Ad Load: Amplifi’s Cara Lewis

Consumers who connect their TVs directly to the internet are becoming more accessible to marketers through the growing number of ad-based video-on-demand services. AVOD platforms are gaining many viewers that had been lost to the cord-cutting trend, reaching greater scale for major advertisers. Advertisers are "looking for where we can basically scale outside what's happening in the overall video space. With [...]


Asian Americans: We Can’t Be “Invisible” Anymore, Yin Woon Rani

For many of us, the issue of hate against Asian Americans hasn’t been talked about. But through hate crimes, fostered by the pandemic and economic strains, this has become a pressing matter for us to understand and address, particularly for those of us in the marketing and media industries. To put this in perspective is one of our industry’s leading voices, [...]


The Cookieless Cookie Co.: How Mondelēz Went All-In For Consumer Data

It may be one of the world's largest snack companies, with brands like Cadbury, Milka and Oreo. But, when it comes to digital marketing, Mondelēz faced two big challenges: As a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, retailers and not Mondelēz own the data about its customers. The looming deprecation of digital identifiers like third-party cookies posed an additional problem. In this [...]


Addressable TV Is Too Complex, Buyers Say. Verizon Media Wants To Change That

The new power of connected and addressable TV technology offers a remarkable promise - the ability to transform TV from a one-to-many medium in which everyone saw the same ad, to one in which advertising is customized for individual households. Getting there has been a slog - and buyers still say the process is too complicated. A survey of brands and ad [...]


‘Hispanic Market Should Be Foundation in Marketing Plans’: Univision’s Donna Speciale

Advertisers seeking to reach a high-growth consumer group must have a strategy for the Hispanic market. With Generation Z emerging as the most multiethnic group in U.S. history and the Hispanic population forecast to expand 20% to 74.8 million people this decade, marketers can't ignore a huge market with growing spending power. "The Hispanic market should be a foundation in your [...]


Comcast Lets Fox Sell VOD Addressable Ads on Set-top Boxes

In a further sign that industry companies are coming together to help all boats rise, Fox and Comcast have done a deal through which addressable, household-targeted ads can be sold in Fox-portfolio on-demand video viewed over Comcast Xfinity boxes. The deal sees FreeWheel become the technology enabler for Fox channels including its AVOD service Tubi to display addressable ads to viewers [...]


Identity Graphs Are Learning To Talk To Each Other: OpenAP’s Davis

In the detritus left by the crumbling of classic digital audience identifiers like cookies and mobile signals, a plethora of tech companies and publishers alike has been building up identity technology of its own. An 'identity' graph is the collection of data points from disparate devices that, when pieced together, add up to indicate a single person’s holistic media behavior. For a [...]


CTV Has Crossed The Linear Frontier: Trade Desk’s Sims

For so many years, ad buyers' complaint was that the connected TV (CTV) ecosystem had too little inventory. Well, after an explosion of new services and a tsunami of viewer adoption, that has changed. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tim Sims, chief revenue officer of The Trade Desk, says CTV has crossed the threshold. CTV's tipping point Sims says the pandemic in 2020 [...]


Addressable Advertising Is Top Priority for TV: Dish Media’s Kevin Arrix

Addressable television is a key priority for marketers that aim to personalize their advertising among different households that watch the same programming, a new survey suggest. Almost half (46%) of brands and agencies said optimizing emerging channels is their top priority in 2021, according to a survey by Forrester Consulting published today. Dish Media, the advertising sales group of satellite and [...]


Wavemaker’s New Toolset: Geospatial, ML & Identity

The life of a modern media exec is all about balancing amazing new capabilities with traditional tech that is actually drying up. Case in point - GroupM agency Wavemaker is having to negotiate the ongoing deprecation of audience identifiers like cookies. But, even as it does so, the agency is embracing advanced new tools, says US executive director for data and product, [...]


Ad-Spend Intelligence Gives Our Sales Teams Big Advantage: Fox’s Michael Falco

Information about media spending provides a roadmap for advertising salespeople looking for an advantage in the marketplace. For Michael Falco, executive vice president of revenue management and strategy at Fox Corp., data about categories of industries have been most important amid the disruptions of the pandemic. "It was such a fluid marketplace, and a lot of our clients were trying to [...]


With Facebook & Instagram: ‘We’re Driving Commerce Through Our Content’: NBCUniversal’s Evan Moore

With e-commerce sales expanding faster than the advertising market, the integration of content and commerce has become a bigger priority for media companies. The pandemic sped up this convergence as consumers shunned brick-and-mortar stores and spent more time shopping from home. NBCUniversal, which today is hosting its One21 event to showcase its One Platform that gives advertisers a way to reach [...]


Prove It: Why AVOD Ad Sellers Are Winning, Says TVSquared’s Kinsella

What exactly is the power of advertising via connected TV (CTV)? Not just targeting but also fine-grain measurement of the kind that TV advertisers never had before. That is according to one tech executive who helped a US supermarket chain use CTV to great effect. Win-win for Winn-Dixie In this video interview with Beet.TV, TVSquared president Jo Kinsella says her company recently helped southern [...]


‘We’ll Look for Flexibility at Ad Upfronts’: Molson Coors’ Brad Feinberg

The upfront advertising sales season this year comes amid the continued disruptions of the pandemic to people's viewing habits and shopping behaviors. The crisis also has led to concerns about the availability of quality programming as the health crisis creates turmoil for studios and producers. "This year's upfront is going to look different than it has in the past," Brad Feinberg, [...]