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Alcohol Brands Tap CTV To Find Lost Linear Viewers: Constellation’s D’Souza

Alcohol brands have been facing a triple whammy lately: Traditionally heavy investors in TV ads, the channel is losing viewer share. Many younger consumers are turning away from alcohol itself. The pandemic closed bars, distancing consumers further from the tipples. Constellation Brands, an agency representing beer, wine and spirit brands, is fighting back by tilting toward connected and streaming TV - [...]


Canoe Turns Up The Heat On Linear Addressable: Pizzurro

The company conceived as an ambitious cable industry effort to insert ads in interactive TV says it is forging ahead with enabling addressable ad targeting for linear networks. In the last few months, it has added linear addressability to 22 million homes in its footprint of 38 million. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Canoe's sales and marketing SVP Chris Pizzurro explains [...]


Mobile Data Help to Avoid Ad Duplication: GSD&M’s Dave Kersey

Consumers are dividing their time spent with media among a wider variety of platforms and devices, challenging marketers to reach audiences without overexposing them to same advertising. Amid the growth in video consumption on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones, advertisers are working with multiple connected TV (CTV) platforms to build scale. "Duplication is certainly a challenge in the [...]


Talking About Building a “Responsible Media Future” with GroupM’s Kirk McDonald

It’s been nearly 2 years since many of us gathered in Cannes. I wish we were going back next month, sadly we’re not. We’ll be there next year. But the conversation around the pace of creativity and innovation and change remains constant, if not accelerated. Marking the two years since Cannes, we are doing a very exciting program with GroupM and the [...]


‘Wild West’ Addressable TV Needs Standards: AMC’s Bayles

Converged addressable TV advertising is now a reality that advertisers can take advantage of today. But, to make the opportunity truly soar, the new-look TV industry needs to work on harmonizing the way such ads are bought. That is the view of Kristine Bayles, Vice President of Advanced Advertising Sales at ‎AMC Networks. Reforming the 'wild west' In this video interview with Beet.TV senior [...]


Hearst Leans On Partner Tech To Smoothe Complexity: Lustgarten

If connected TV technology seems to make it easy to target TV ads at individual households, well, tell that to the people charged with making the spaghetti soup of a system work together. As powerful as CTV can be, a common complaint is that it remains too complex. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Al Lustgarten, Senior Vice President, Technology & Information [...]


Tubi Is Game-Changer in Reaching Cord-Cutters: Fox’s Suzanne Sullivan

Advertisers have more ways to reach audiences who are consuming media on a wider variety of devices, including smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones. Fox Entertainment aims to help brands to connect with consumers, whether they watch traditional linear TV or streaming video services like Tubi, which parent company Fox Corp. bought last year. "Tubi has changed the game for us," [...]


Mobile Data Enable Audience Targeting on CTV: MediaCom’s Jeff Liang

Marketers are finding ways to harness mobile data to improve their audience targeting as consumers spend more time with digital media. To avoid overexposing consumers to the same ads among different connected devices, such as smart TVs and mobile phones, brands combine different sources of data to gain more insights into media consumption behavior. "We essentially leverage platform-specific technology providers using [...]


Location Data Offer Insights on Power of CTV Ads: Foursquare’s Glen Straub

As the economy reopens and people start going out more often to stores, restaurants, theaters and concert venues, marketers are looking for more indications that their advertising campaigns are having a positive effect on real-world behavior. As brands buy more ads on connected TV (CTV) platforms, location data can help to hone their efforts to reach target audiences. "We are helping [...]


This Upfront, Brands Are Switching On To Addressable-First TV Ad Strategy: GroupM’s Soch

Up until now in the maturation of advanced TV ad targeting, many agencies and their clients had merely been dipping their toe in the water. That is now changing, with more of them apparently seeing reason to flip their ad strategy on its head. In this video interview with Beet.TV senior adviser Jon Watts, GroupM's Executive Director, Specialty Channels, Jen Soch says [...]


Discovery/WarnerMedia Deal Will “Freeze” the Field, GroupM’s Wieser

The news of news of the Discovery-WarnerMedia deal will likely slow down momentum around entrance of the ad-supported impact of HBO Max, offering an opening for expansion for the streaming offerings from NBCU/Comcast and ViacomCBS, suggests Brian Wieser, Global President of Business Intelligence at GroupM, in this interview with Beet.TV There are many other implications of the mega deal which could [...]


Convergence, Diversity Lead NewFront Themes: Digitas’s Jodi Robinson

The surging popularity of streaming services in the past year has made the convergence of digital video and linear TV more of a reality. This year's NewFront marked a watershed moment in the ongoing evolution of digital video as media consumption shifts to connected devices like smart TVs. " Fourteen years ago, when we established the NewFront, it really was to [...]


Tentpole Events Drive Live Viewership of Hispanic Audiences: Univision’s Dan Riess

Spanish-language television giant Univision is undergoing a significant transformation amid a merger with Mexico's Televisa and plans for a global expansion into streaming video. During today's UpFront sales presentation, Univision is showcasing its live viewership and upcoming tentpole events. "We're talking primarily about growth, and the concept of growing with Univision. It's a unique promise we can back up because of [...]


HBO Max Will Offer Harmonious Mix of Content, Ads: WarnerMedia’s JP Colaco

WarnerMedia hosts its upfront sales presentation on May 19 amid high expectations for its HBO Max streaming service that will start carrying advertising in June. The company also will showcase upcoming programming that builds on its vast library of intellectual property from the past 100 years. "Brands have an opportunity to take part in this IP," JP Colaco, head of advertising [...]


Matrix Solutions’ Gorman Sees Gateway To Media’s Future

In a hectic world of media convergence, publishers and TV networks face a challenge - as they seek out the opportunities in new platforms, they also create administrative overhead and complexity. That is why the ecosystem of software designed to help them is so rich. One vendor of such software has been operating since 1992 - but Matrix Solutions has its eyes [...]


Linear TV Isn’t Going Away: Beachfront Media’s Maccaro

With on-demand viewing options still exploding, it may seem like linear viewing is on its way out. But that's only half the story. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the chief executive of one TV ad-tech company says linear has a future. Viewing habits converging VOD and linear viewership could be on course to equal each other, at 50% of total viewing, by 2031, [...]


Mobile Data Support Personalized Healthcare Marketing: Starcom’s Melissa Gordon-Ring

The widespread usage of smartphones has provided an important source of data for healthcare marketers seeking to understand consumer behavior. That information underpins more personalized interactions with target audiences and ongoing relationships with key consumer groups. "Customer data is incredibly valuable," Melissa Gordon-Ring, executive vice president and managing director of Publicis Groupe's Starcom unit, said in this interview with Beet.TV. "Publicis [...]


NBCU’s Touts “One Platform” Offering at its Upfront

Peacock has the same primetime reach of the NBC network and is now considered the "third network," joining Telemundo and NBC, says Mark Marshall, President of Advertising and Partnerships at NBCU, in this interview with Beet.TV Given the streaming reach, the focus for NBCU at its Upfront is a unified, cross-platform offering called One Platform. The new programming slate, the core of [...]


Linear Addressable TV Is ‘True Convergence Point’: Discovery’s Huda Kazi

The growth in households that connect their TVs directly to the internet offers advertisers a way to reach consumers who seek the flexibility to watch linear and on-demand programming. With this year's launch of streaming service Discovery+, parent company Discovery aims to broaden and diversify its audience. The launch of Discovery+ preceded this week's announcement that Discovery and AT&T plan to [...]


TV Ad Volumes Are Exploding: Comcast’s Nunn

The increasing ability to digitally-target linear TV ads plus the new capability to dynamically assemble those ads for individual households, when taken together, sound like super-powers. But, if they are not careful, some TV ad sellers and buyers also end up feeling the extra complexity that goes hand-in-hand feels like Kryptonite. A new thought leadership project, What Next for the TV Advertising [...]