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Attribution Bringing Ad Spend Back To Local TV: TVSquared’s Kinsella

Local TV ad sales execs, in recent years, have come under pressure from online channels that can prove their worth and from national TV that can deliver mass-reach campaigns. But the emergence of digital attribution technologies plugged in to local TV ad sales now promises to bring ad spending back to local TV operators. That is according to one TV ad-tech platform which is watching an in-flux on money back to certain operators. "We've seen (certain) automotive dealers double their spend (with) local [...]


Swartz’s Four Takeaways From Beet Retreat In The City

After 11 sessions, audience debate and a reception at the new headquarters of GroupM Worldwide at f the World Trade Center, what did it all boil down to? On August 7, Beet.TV convened executives from advertising, media and technology companies for Beet Retreat in the City, “We’re Going Local!”, an afternoon of hashing-out how new technology can help local TV grow ad spend by giving advertisers new performance super-powers. What did it add up to? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ashley [...]


Local Media Will Propel Addressable TV Spending: MTM’s Jon Watts

Why would an advertiser want to precision-target individual TV-viewing households when who they really want to reach is...  everybody? That is a key question being asked of the emerging technology of "addressable TV", which supports such targeting. eMarketer has revised down its 2019 forecast for US addressable TV ad spending, from the earlier $2.54bn to $2bn, attributed to connected TV platforms gaining a faster share of spend that traditional MVPD platforms will. Another inertia effect appears to be that national advertisers, who have [...]


Beyond Cars, Comcast’s Instant Impact Goes Large: Brendan Condon

What happens on the road can also go off-road. That is what Comcast Cable's Spotlight ad sales division is thinking about one of the software suites it launched to power new-wave TV ads. The group's Instant Impact is an analytics platform that shows the impact on web traffic from airing an ad on Comcast, within 30 minutes of transmission. Initially, Comcast Spotlight rolled it out to car sales advertisers. But now Instant Impact is about to gain wider impact. "We started with the automotive [...]


As Viewers Turn Off, TV Targeting Can Boost Ad Sales: Janus’ Shimmel

How do you generate more revenue when one of your main customer groups is turning away in droves? Offer something wonderful to your other key customer group. As US TV viewership declines, more companies are coming to think of the new capability of advanced viewer targeting as a way to ratchet up advertiser value from those viewers who remain. "Generating incremental ratings is very hard because of the hyper-competitive environment with SVOD and other other forms," says Howard Shimmel of Janus Strategy & [...]


Going Deep at the #BeetRetreat 8.7: Comcast Spotlight Goes Down The Funnel For TV Attribution With TVSquared

A little over a year ago, Comcast Spotlight decided to assemble a measurement team to prove that linear television works beyond just upper-funnel performance metrics. The ad sales division partnered with TVSquared on a mission that is intended to extend to VOD and IP-delivered TV. “We absolutely know that we have to get beyond the core linear product because we want to essentially be platform agnostic,” says VP of Research & Insights Andrea Zapata. “Just as we are now network agnostic [...]


D2C Brands Use TV To Measure Web Visits: CBS’s Ross

They may be natively digital, but the new wave of direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce brands is being built, in large part, through advertising on television. And one major TV network's ad sales chief says the old box in the corner can give these sorts of brands the digital capabilities they need. "If you look at something like or Wayfair, these are brands that four or five years ago nobody had really heard of," says Jo Ann Ross, CBS president and chief advertising [...]


Local Cable Operators Can Excel At Addressable: EY’s Balis

TV platforms have been gaining super-powers which allow them to help advertisers precision-target individual households and control their ad frequency. Until now, it has been mostly the large national networks and OTT platforms benefitting from the new tools. But local players don't have to be left out. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Janet Balis, EY global advisory leader for media and entertainment, says local cable operators can excel at the opportunity. "We expect that national media entities bring a strong degree of [...]


Next Week at the #BeetRetreat: How Addressable Will Scale In 2019: MODI Media’s Cestaro

eMarketer forecasts that ad spending on addressable TV platforms (those which allow buyers to target viewers or households) will constitute 3.7% of total US TV ad spend in 2019, an overall market which is now otherwise in marginal decline. If the new technology is going to help restore growth to TV ad revenue, it is going to need to go large. In other words, more TV operators are going to need to put more addressable technology in more viewers' homes. But that is [...]


Next Week at the #BeetRetreat: NCC Media’s Ivins On Real-Time Campaign Measurement, Attribution Partners

As television advertising measurement evolves from probabilistic to deterministic, it’s sparking a related evolution. The end result could be called high-speed marketing mix modeling (MMM) on cruise control. “I think we’ll get to the day where it’s always on, real-time measurement,” says Bob Ivins, Chief Data Officer of NCC Media. Not that long ago, MMM was the sole answer to advertising/marketing attribution, when sales were seen as a function of everything. “Distribution, price, promotion and TV activity. You would get all of [...]


Granular TV Attribution Boosts Local Ad Spending: TVSquared’s Kinsella

Local cable operators are able to turn around declining TV ad spending when they add technology which demonstrates how TV ads drive outcomes like website visits. That is according to one executive who is seeing advertisers double their TV ad spending as a result. "For as long as we started this company, people have been talking about TV media dollars going away, declining," says Jo Kinsella, TVSquared chief revenue officer, in this video interview with Beet.TV. "Actually, what we've seen is, especially in [...]


At the #BeetRetreat: Addressable is for Linear TV, Too: Amobee’s Schleider

Internet-connected television devices are giving marketers the ability to precision-target ads to individual households. But the "addressable" TV advertising opportunity doesn't have to start and end simply with an all-targeting approach to a TV campaign. Some marketers are using the new-wave of addressability features to support an old-fashioned linear TV ad campaign, too. That is according to an exec whose company is helping them use connected TV in a spectrum of ways. "Connected TV is for all brands," says Aleck Schleider, Amobee SVP client [...]


AT&T’s Xandr Adds A+E, AMC & Cheddar To ‘Community’ Ad Marketplace

It is only two months old - but now the new digital marketplace for ad trading that has just been built by AT&T is announcing three new non-AT&T supply partners. "Community", the platform created by AT&T's Xandr ad-tech unit, will support buying ads in content owned by A+E Networks, AMC Networks and Cheddar, Xandr announced. Community debuted in May, a new marketplace allowing advertisers to place video ads in AT&T-wide brands and across different screen types. That includes WarnerMedia’s CNN, TNT, TBS, [...]


The Time For TV Performance Is Now: TVSquared’s Kinsella

What does $150 million get you in ad-tech these days? If you are the new-look LiveRamp, it gets you Data Plus Math - the price which the reconstituted Acxiom is reportedly paying for the Boston-based data-matching company. But, if you a rival of Data Plus Math, that eye-popping deal isn't a threat, it's to be welcomed. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jo Kinsella, TVSquared chief revenue officer, issues a message to Data Plus Math. "We were actually really happy about that deal [...]


Trusted Local News Is The Next Scale Increment: OMD’s Mirsky

CANNES -- At this point in the evolution of media, many major-brand advertisers are looking far beyond local news as a marketing channel. To many, news itself has become a problematic channel, whilst the increased scale offered by national or global distribution has proved more attractive. But some of that could be about to change, as ad agencies seem keen to rediscover the strengths of local media. To fully capitalize, however, they are looking for some upgrades to be made. In this video [...]


Advertisers Broke Local News, Can They Fix It? United For News’ Jenen

CANNES -- Many observers saw the future destruction coming. Craigslist's local ads posed a clear threat to classifieds, social networks presented rival sources for community news; all began long ago. Still, local news publishers, when they were in the throes of attempting to build their own digital platform, often found it hard to see that the world had already fallen from beneath them. At fault? As advertisers have followed audiences to alternative online channels, the economic model for local news has evaporated. Now [...]


Marketers Must Perform Like ‘Conductors’: LEGO Group’s Goldin

CANNES—At LEGO Group, marketing people are the “uber conductors of the symphony” that drives product innovation and business outcomes, according to Global CMO Julia Goldin. This is because the musically inclined Goldin considers conductors to be “not people who just orchestrate and coordinate,” she explains in this interview with Beet.TV at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. “Their job is to envision a piece of music and bring it to life in a way that it’s never been heard before," [...]


Beyond Metrics, Brands Want Longer, Slower Relationship: Nielsen’s Krepsik

CANNES -- They say "When you are holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail." But some at media measurement company Nielsen don't necessarily think measurement is the solution to every brand problem. Case in point - the company's global head of analytics Matt Krepsik thinks brands should actually look beyond merely media measurement, and beyond counting existing audience members, to return to bringing in new audiences in the first place. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Krepsik issues a call-to-arms for [...]


Ad Tech & Content Tech Should Be The Same:’s

CANNES -- In media environments, the historic separation between "church and state" - editorial and commercial - has long served newsrooms well. But what if emerging technology imperatives said that both sides could now benefit more from shared interest? "When you look at the kind of the technologies that underpin this entire industry, you've always had this world of advertising technology and then content technology," says Daniel Harrison of, a video technology vendor. "But very rarely have they really spoken together. "If [...]


The Recipe For Performance TV: TCA’s Wollet

Once upon a time, TV's mass reach and limited analytics meant the the box in the corner of the living room was a top-of-funnel, brand-building marketing medium. But a new generation of technology, a new wave of direct-to-consumer brands and a strategic re-awakening at ad agencies are changing that story. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Natalie Wollet, president of The Cross Agency (TCA), a Cross MediaWorks company that is focused on using new-style TV as a direct response channel, explains how [...]