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Apple’s IDFA Change Will Hurt Consumers & Apps: IAB’s Mitchell

SAN FRANCISCO -  Apple has always tended to play by its own rules. That was the case when its first staff were toiling in a garage to build their first machines, and it is the case today when it is making profound changes to the fabric of advertising software.Besides the deprecation of third-party browser cookies in Safari, the company also plans to make IDFA, its Identity For Advertisers toolset, opt-in only by iOS users.That is going to come with significant [...]


Political Campaigns Vie for ‘Big Screen’ Access: Xandr’s Steve Truxal

Political campaigns will kick into high gear after Labor Day weekend in the final stretch toward Election Day on Nov. 3. Those weeks will bring a jump in media spending, especially in swing states that are still too close to call.For Xandr, AT&T's digital advertising exchange, this year's election season is notable as political campaigns seek voters on a broader range of media outlets. In addition to linear TV that has the broadest reach, those channels include over-the-top and streaming [...]


Inclusive Marketing More Important Than Ever & Music Drives the Conversation

LOS ANGELES -- As America becomes more diverse, marketers must develop advertising campaigns that emphasize inclusion while also reaching audiences among a wider variety of media channels, says Lisette Arsuaga, co-founder of the ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), in this episode of "Vevo Everywhere: A Beet.TV Leadership Series on Evolving Content Distribution."She explains unique opportunities for marketers to associate with music and music videos in particular.AIMM is an alliance of advertisers, media, research companies, trade organizations and [...]


‘Omni-Video Is Critical Going Forward’: Dish Media’s Kevin Arrix

Advertisers are looking for more flexibility in reaching audiences among a wider variety of video platforms, including traditional linear TV and the growing number of digital channels. Dish Media is giving marketers more choices, most recently in its partnership with Verizon Media announced this month.The deal gives advertisers using Verizon Media’s demand-side platform (DSP) automated access to Dish's household addressable ad inventory. Those media placements can reach households that either watch linear TV or have connected their TVs directly to [...]


Apple Delays IDFA to Relief of the Advertising Business

Update:  Apple announced that the expected changed in IDFA this month will be delayed to 2021.  We have republished our August 5 interview with Bill Tucker of the ANA who heads a new industry consortium organized to push back on the new plans at Apple and Google.Can the advertising industry convince the world's biggest tech companies to row back their plans to limit audience tracking?A new consortium of ad industry trade associations and brands thinks so.The brand-new Partnership for Responsible [...]


Russia Not Getting Reach As Facebook and Twitter Tighten Controls; The Problem is Homegrown: Washington Post’s Dwoskin

OAKLAND -  Russian operatives are still trying to sow disinformation and discord into the 2020 presidential election, but they are not achieving the reach they enjoyed in 2016, notes Elizabeth Dwoskin, Silicon Valley reporter for the Washington Post. She cites more effective controls and staffing at Facebook and Twitter.This week, Facebook banned a so-called liberal site sponsored by the Russian effort, as she noted in her report. The project achieved very modest reach, she explains in this interview with Beet.TVThe [...]


Rishad Tobaccowala: Business In Post COVID-19 will be the “New Strange”

CHICAGO – With so much of business and society halted globally for well over six months by the pandemic, the post COVID-19 world will look different with new businesses forming around new customers and new technologies. It won't be the "new normal" but the "new strange."It will also be a time when companies must embrace a more of people-focused ethos with a commitment to training.These are some thoughts of Rishad Tobaccowala, author of the book Restoring the Soul of Business, [...]


Note to Black Entrepreneurs: Venture Capital is “Not on Your Side”

Getting a meeting with venture investors for Black entrepreneurs is nearly impossible. The venture community is "exclusionary, leaving us at a disadvantage," says Donnovan Andrews, a media entrepreneur in this interview with Beet.TVWhile some businesses need outside funding, he urges Black founders to first build a sustainable business model.Andrews is the founder and CEO of a thought leadership event and publishing business called Overture Global.  He recently launched a content studio as part of the company called Ensemble with #OscarsSoWhite [...]


Contextual Targeting Will Rise As Cookies Fade: Kargo’s Harry Kargman

Online audience tracking is undergoing a major upheaval as consumers demand more control over their personal privacy, challenging the adtech industry to develop better ways to help marketers reach target consumers. Digital publishers that deliver those viewers to advertisers aren't immune to the upheaval as contextual targeting becomes more pronounced.For mobile ad exchange Kargo, the recent acquisition of adtech company Rhombus is a chance to expand its range of ad formats while offered audience targeting that doesn't use third-party cookies. [...]


Connected TV Drives Growth in Audience Identifiers, Tapad’s Mark Connon

Consumers are using a wider variety of connected devices to view content, challenging marketers to reach target audiences and measure the results of their advertising campaigns. Connected TV is adding another dimension to this environment, providing another source of data that marketers can harness to improve their targeting.For Tapad, which specializes in helping companies identify consumer groups among a variety of devices including mobile and desktop, the growth in connected TV is significant. Tapad has developed a cross-device identity solution [...]


REWIND: ‘Second-Screening’ Will Be Key for Sports Coverage: Disney’s Rita Ferro

Editor’s Note:  We are republishing this informative conversation between Bill Koenigsberg and Rita Ferro with an added introduction from Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB. The VAB is partner to Beet.TV in this 12-part series. This video was originally published in June.  This is one of  the segments from the series of selected videos we are re-publishing this month. We call this highlight series “Rewind.”  Andy PlesserBroadcasters have experienced a dearth of live sports with the suspension of operations by [...]


REWIND: Peacock Will Bring Innovation to Free, Ad-Supported Streaming: NBCU’s Laura Molen

Editor’s Note:  We are republishing this informative conversation between Bill Koenigsberg and Laura Molen with an added introduction from Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB. The VAB is partner to Beet.TV in this 12-part series. This video was originally published in June.  This is one of  the segments from the series of selected videos we are re-publishing this month. We call this highlight series “Rewind.”  Andy PlesserNBCUniversal is getting into the streaming game with next month's rollout of Peacock, setting [...]


Rise Of The TV Bots: How Fraudulent Apps Are Poaching CTV Ads

The problem of ad fraud has become all too familiar for many working in the industry, spawning a collection of companies that aim to root it out.But, whilst many people think digital ad fraud stops at display and video, it has also crept in to emerging connected TV platforms - and now it is growing fast.DoubleVerify's (DV) new Global Insights Report 2020 lifts the lid:Q1 2020 CTV fraud was 161% up on the prior year. Since March 2019, DV [...]


Better Planning Needed For Connected TV Ads: Kantar’s Tillou

LOS ANGELES -- Ad buyers want the world of TV to throw off its analog past and begin offering planning, buying and measurement tools more akin to those they have become accustomed to in digital.So media measurement firm Kantar is partnering with Tru Optik, an identity resolution service for connected TV, to better tackle digital planning.This month, Tru Optik announced it was launching a connected TV-centered, self-service component for its Data Marketplace, enabling brands and agencies to log in and [...]


‘We’re Rallying to ‘Eventize’ the Super Bowl’: ViacomCBS’s Jo Ann Ross

The Super Bowl is the biggest televised event, giving advertisers a chance to reach a massive audience with "tentpole" campaigns that often set the tone for the entire year. The big game is currently scheduled for Feb. 7, though the coronavirus pandemic has made the outlook for the National Football League's season more uncertain.ViacomCBS, whose CBS network is carrying the Super Bowl on linear TV and digital channels, is bracing for the possibility that the game won't have fans in [...]


‘It’s Up to Us to Close the Deal’ on Promoting Equality: BET Networks’ Louis Carr

Editor’s Note:  We are republishing this highly candid, informative conversation between Bill Koenigsberg and Louis Carr with an added introduction from Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB. The VAB is partner to Beet.TV in this 12-part series.  This is one of three segments from the series we are re-publishing this month. We call this highlight series “Rewind.”  Andy PlesserThe media and marketing industries can play a key role in promoting racial diversity, a topic that has become more pronounced [...]


‘We Have Opportunity to Drive Addressability Forward’: Vizio’s Adam Gaynor

Television advertising for years has been the best way to reach mass audiences, and ongoing technological advancements are helping to refine its reach with better targeting. Addressable TV advertising is poised to grow with upgrades to the ad-delivery infrastructure and integration with audience data that will shape the marketplace in the next decade.Adam Gaynor, who this week was named vice president of network partnerships at Vizio, has been immersed in the effort to develop addressable advertising for most of his [...]


Connect Digital Ads to TV Viewing: Verizon Media’s Markman

LOS ANGELES -  TV audiences have more viewing choices than ever as technology transforms the media landscape, making measurement more challenging for advertisers. Verizon Media is taking steps to help marketers measure their omnichannel marketing efforts, most recently with the rollout of a service that provides more in-depth audience data to connect digital ads with TV viewing.Advertisers and their agencies that use the Verizon Media demand-side platform can now attribute TV show tune-ins to ads that appear on mobile, connected [...]


Signal CEO Weinstein Sees ‘Best Of Both’ In Sale To TransUnion

CHICAGO -- With its sale l to TransUnion, Signal CEO Lisa Weinstein hopes the pair-up can be a "game-changer".In the deal announced on Monday, TransUnion said it is acquiring the 11-year-old company, which started as BrightTag, to advance its ability to offer consumer data and identity information to marketers.Signal's core offering was tag management, a way of managing ad trackers from multiple vendors all together. It has branched out to support first-party audience data for advertisers.Deal terms were not disclosed. Identity [...]


Context Fuels Brand Suitability: ZEFR’s Nicol

LONDON -- The early-pandemic kerfuffle during which many advertisers blocked news sites from their ad-buying lists using "brand safety" tools seemed to teach the industry one thing - news is actually very safe, but it isn't necessarily suitable for every brand.That's why more companies in 2020 are starting to talk, instead, about "brand suitability".But what is brand suitability, and how can advertisers find it? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ross Nicol, EMEA VP of sales for ZEFR, explains. Safety vs suitability "Where ads [...]