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Acxiom’s Baudino: Companies Need to Prioritize People-Based Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO– Data is more relevant than ever, and clients and partners are becoming more educated about it. Because of this, they’re able to ideate much more effectively. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, John Baudino, gvp of publisher and platform partnerships for Acxiom, explains that as the ecosystem changes, by sticking with the roots of people-based marketing and ethical data sourcing and management, companies can stay ahead of the curve of privacy and legislation.At the foundation of the [...]


eBay’s Scott Kelliher: Flexibility, Not Standardization, Is Key to Success

SAN FRANCISCO– Contextual targeting has become increasingly part of the industry conversation now that the cookie is going away. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, Scott Kelliher, head of brand advertising and partnerships at eBay, explains how contextual has been a part of his company’s strategy for some time now.There are a number of different data sources available now to help shape consumer intent. For eBay, consumer intent is pretty much built in. When someone comes to their site [...]


Covid-19 Shows Social Networks Can Fight Misinformation: eMarketer’s Enberg

VIA BEETCAM -- They have spent the last few years getting in hot water for struggling to combat misinformation. But could coronavirus be the moment social networks prove they can guide users to accurate news when they really want to?That could be the case, according to eMarketer senior analyst for global trends Jasmine Enberg.The pandemic was plagued by the early spreading of misleading information by bad actors, and dodgy purported cures and causes for the virus persist. But, asEnberg wrote in [...]


Personalized Ads Are Going Up-Funnel: Jivox’s Nesamoney

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The concept of custom ad personalization has been around for many years, with more-recent crystalization around the idea of "dynamic creative optimization" (DCO).Often, ad buyers decide they want to swap out elements of an ad when they can see a consumer close to the point of purchase.But that is changing, says one executive whose company facilitates the capability."When brands started using personalization, it was primarily lower funnel activities. ... conversion-oriented - (for example), somebody saw a [...]


Helping the Neediest: Jay Sears is Aligning the Ad Tech Industry to Build Schools in Underdeveloped Communities Globally

Team Dayā is a foundation that raises money to build schools in underdeveloped communities in other countries. In an interview with Beet.TV, Team Dayā’s founder and veteran ad tech executive Jay Sears gave a bit of history behind the company and explained how folks in the advertising and technology industries can help.Team Dayā started in November 2018 and has since raised over $100,000 from the advertising and tech industry. They completed construction of their first school in Dhayapur, Nepal, in [...]


A+E Networks Seeks TV Attribution Next-Gen: Heftman

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The ability to track a consumer business action back to an ad exposure is one that has existed in digital media for some time.Now advanced connected TV platforms are getting in on the "attribution" act.Plain old linear TV can promise advertisers the same power - but more complex attribution techniques need to emerge over time, says one TV ad sales leader."At A+E, we are trying to move from a world where the only data that matters [...]


Digiday’s Morrissey: In a Crisis, Advertisers Should Think About Actions, Not Words

VIA BEETCAM– As the editor in chief of Digiday and president of Digiday Media, Brian Morrissey is at the forefront of how a media company is adapting to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and overseeing coverage of how industries like advertising are adjusting.“This is a massive story – it’s touching every single company and industry we cover across three brands,” says Morrissey in a remote interview via BeetCam. Digiday Media owns media and marketing publication Digiday, fashion and [...]


Innovation Or Instinct: What’s Stopping Advanced TV?: Beet Retreat Panel

SAN JUAN, PR -- What's to blame for lack of forward momentum in advanced TV targeting? Is it inadequate technology or executives who are not yet ready to embrace it?At Beet Retreat San Juan 2020, a panel dubbed Investment and Innovation – Where Next? chewed over that topic:Tal Chalozin, CTO & Co-Founder, Innovid Michael Parkes, CRO, VideoAmp Philip Smolin, Chief Strategy Officer, AmobeeChicken or egg? Moderator Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp, kicked off by asking what was to [...]


EDO’s Scott Grunther: Don’t Ignore Insights at the Middle of the Funnel

There’s currently great potential to evolve and enhance linear TV measurement in a way that could b currency-grade. In a Beet.TV townhall interview with Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious Corp, Scott Grunther, CRO of EDO, explained how defining impact and reaching scale are important steps.Grunther says that EDO is focused on how to capture the moment of impact for an ad, and specifically how to capture impact at the middle of the funnel.“Everyone was at the top [...]


NCSolutions’ Brothers: ‘The Right Buyer Is Worth the Added CPM’

The ad industry is heading away from mass reach to smarter reach, says NCSolutions’ CRO Lance Brothers. In a townhall interview with Jon Watts at February’s Beet Retreat in San Juan, Brothers explained how his company is helping advertisers and ad sellers navigate the shift. It starts with helping the industry understand what attribution means in action.“We’re a provider of data. What we see is an interesting confusion in the market around what attribution means. People think it means something [...]


‘Lead With Soul’: Tobaccowala’s Five Ways To Go Beyond The Virus

VIA BEETCAM -- When Rishad Tobaccowala decided to write a book on rebalancing business, he didn't think it would landing in the middle of a global pandemic that threatens to up-end business and reboot the world as we know it.But that's what is happening.The senior advisor of media agency holding group Publicis, an ad industry veteran, has complained that too many businesses have followed the path of math.In Restoring The Soul Of Business, which was published by HarperCollins in January [...]


Lotame’s Yeung Seeks Open Framework After Cookies

As the clock runs down on third-party cookies, many different methods and technologies purport to offer the solution to targeting consumers.But Amy Yeung thinks that proliferation may be bad.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amy Yeung, the general counsel and chief privacy officer of Lotame, an audience data company, says she wants to see more collaboration."I'm hoping that, as well as many other leaders in the mar-tech ecosystem, can come to some sort of transparent and open framework," Yeung says. [...]


How Virus Will Hit Ad Spending: SMI’s Fennessey

VIA BEETCAM -- Fears that COVID-19 will hurt the global media industry are spreading as fast as the coronavirus itself.But which parts of the ecology will suffer most, and how exactly?In this video interview with Beet.TV, James Fennessy, CEO of Standard Media Index (SMI), offers his view.SMI has sight of advertising trends because it “cleans” almost $70 billion of US advertisings spend this year, piped straight from agency booking systems.Ad agencies give SMI their invoices indicating between 70% and 95% of [...]


Batelle’s Recount Grows Distribution At Apex Of Politics & Virus

VIA BEETCAM -- He helped found Wired and The Industry Standard, two of digital business' totemic publications.So, when John Batelle launches something new, people sit up and take notice. That's what Batellte has done again in launching The RecountDelivered in videos under five minutes and launched alongside journalist John Heilemann, The Recount already has a mailing list audience of 50,000 and aims to focus on politics in the 2020 presidential election year. At least, that was the aim until coronavirus [...]


Please: Remember the Neediest in This Time of Crisis — Our Family, the Children of Puerto Rico

We are all dealing with an enormous crisis. While most us will manage, many of those less fortunate will fall.  Those who currently live below the poverty line will face critical challenges.  We need to remember them, wherever they live, and help as best we can.Last month in Puerto Rico, at the Beet.TV executive retreat, we spoke about endemic child poverty  on the island and what can be done.   We presented a fireside chat with  Olga Ramos, the president of [...]


Simulmedia’s Morgan: We Must Look Beyond Tentpole Events to Reimagine Advertising

VIA BEETCAM– How do we reallocate advertising money when major tentpole events are taken out of the buying schedule? In a BeetCam interview, Dave Morgan, CEO and founder of Simulmedia, explains that it’s going to take a massive industry shift to move away from a calendar that relies on live events.The macro change that will take place in the TV industry will be massive dislocations and reallocations of billions of dollars worth of media advertising spend over the course of [...]


Comscore’s ‘Epidemic Safety Filter’ Lets Brands Opt Out Of Virus News: Gantz

VIA BEETCAM -- Is coronavirus good or bad for advertisers and their publishers?The thirst for information about the pandemic is widely seen as driving a flight of audience to trusted news sources.So you may think that advertisers would be happy with the traffic boost.But some ad buyers are unhappy with the nuance of the virus stories they are being placed against.In response, Comscore has just launched an "epidemic brand safety filter", a brand safety segment inside its activation suite, which [...]


Nielsen’s Bradbury: Consumption Won’t Trail Off Due to Coronavirus, but It Will Change

VIA BEETCAM– As people stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, data is showing an increase in media consumption across all platforms. This may come as no surprise, but in a BeetCam interview, Peter Bradbury, chief commercial officer of Nielsen Global Media US, provided greater detail around exactly how much of an increase there has been so far.This uptick is consistent with other major events like the Snowpocalypse and other weather phenomena, and also in line with the behaviors [...]


Re-Think Ad Supply From The Source: MediaMath’s Steinberg

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Five months after MediaMath launched a new platform aimed at reconstituting commonly-held digital ad trading practices, the technology vendor says it continues to hold talks with more potential partners.In October, MediaMath launched a new initiative, Source, that makes several promises all at once, including:100% “accountability” by the end of 2020, meaning “full visibility into supply path mechanics and costs” etc. 100% “addressable” by the end of 2020, meaning “real humans that brands can reach”, versus mere [...]


Streaming Wars Heat Up: FOX to Acquire Tubi for $440 Million

The OTT streaming service Tubi will be acquired by Fox Corporation, it was announced today.Last month at the Beet.TV executive retreat, we interviewed Tubi CRO Mark Rotblat about the company.  We have republished the interview and story with today's news:It may be a fundamentally different business model, but there is one thing advertiser-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) services have in common with their subscription (SVOD) siblings - the importance of the content catalog.Still, that fact does not give Mark Rotblat sleepless nights.The [...]