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Forrester’s O’Connell: Data Privacy Is a ‘Big Force’ Shaping the Future of Advertising

SAN JUAN, PR– Forrester Research vp and principal analyst Joanna O’Connell believes that she was early to the topic when she and her colleague researched the cross-channel video advertising landscape at the end of last year. A long will change, she says; right now, brands are mostly piecing together their disparate video planning, buying and measurement strategies.But undeniably, O’Connell says, the future of advertising includes video in a big way. But before advertisers can reach their potential with video, the [...]


Fragmentation Is The Real Challenge: LiveRamp’s Hoctor

SAN JUAN, PR -- John Hoctor started Data+Math with the idea that TV was “under credited.”Meaning that the medium as a whole was not getting the credit it deserved and was thus becoming undervalued.  “What we set out to do was to apply larger data sets to the problem,” says Hoctor, who is now LiveRamp’s GM of Measurement, following the acquisition of his company.  “We felt like the traditional ways of measuring TVs performance were really failing the industry. And [...]


MAGNA Global’s Anson: ‘We Have to Come to a Common Currency’ for TV Measurement

SAN JUAN, PR– When it comes to the division between linear and digital, addressability and measurement are two considerations that continue to be redefined. In a conversation with Alan Wolk, co-founder of TV/REV, at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Julie Anson, director of strategic investment in advanced TV at MAGNA Global, gave some insight as to how her company is approaching these two areas.Addressability is a term that is becoming more widely used. Rather than simply relating to set [...]


SVOD Will Make Ads More Valuable: ViacomCBS’ Zilberbrand

SAN JUAN, PR -- Whilst the rise of subscription video (SVOD) services in the last five years may have conditioned people to expect that paid digital services would become the norm and TV advertising will wither away, that is not quite the full story.In a more nuanced version, there are two other dynamics playing out:In parallel, the rise of new ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) services, aiming to snare ad spend from buyers now locked out of SVOD arenas. Increased targeting [...]


Omnicom’s Maron: Connected TV at Its Full Potential Will Be ‘Amazing’

To Courtney Maron, the managing director of enterprise partnerships at Omnicom Media Group, the most exciting part of connected TV is that it combines the familiarity of linear with the targeting of digital. For now, however, that excitement is still about potential rather than the current reality.“We’re not necessarily there yet when it comes to being able to get the measurements that you want,” Maron tells Beet.TV. “But we do know that we are going to get there. And to [...]


The Goal Is To Lessen The Ad’s Disruption: Hulu’s Davidov

SAN JUAN, PR —Asaf Davidov, Hulu’s Director of Ad Sales Research, has seen the company grow rapidly over the past five years. When he joined in 2015, they had just 10 million subscribers, a number that's now grown to 30 million subscribers and 72 million ad-supported uniques.In terms of upcoming opportunities, Davidov spoke of how Hulu is attempting to make their data set stronger by working with their measurement partners to try and identify all members of a household (rather than [...]


Turning Search Activity Into An Actionable Metric: EDO’s Scott Grunther

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — EDO (short for Entertainment Data Oracle) is looking to capture from “middle of the funnel” metrics for TV advertising by tracking matching search activity to ad activity.“Search is an ideal measure of consumer intent,” notes EDO’s Chief Revenue Officer Scott Grunther. “It starts with the premise that people are watching with a device in their hand or on their lap, and if the ad triggers interest or engagement, the first thing they are going to [...]


Attention May Be The Most Important Metric Of All: TVision Insight’s McGuinness

SAN JUAN, PR —“TVision is a data and analytics company. And what we focus on is measuring something that’s never been measurable before, which is how do people actually watch TV. “That provocative statement from TVision  President Luke McGuinness sums up the company’s approach to TV measurement. TVision recruits panelists who agree to use TVision's measurement device, but McGuinness says that the company's secret sauce is that their cutting edge technology is able to provide second-by-second viewing data, along with an [...]


Overcoming Concern On Viewer Data Sharing: 605’s Horner

SAN JUAN, PR -- These days, most broadcasters are busy offering their advertising customers new ways to use their platform data to better target audiences.But what about advertisers who want to do the same across the whole TV and video landscape?That need has become priority #1 in the new TV industry, as a raft of new initiatives and consortia launch to harmonize, pool and smooth the path to unified audience data and broader footprint this video interview with Beet.TV, Caroline Horner, [...]


Brands Can Bring First-Party Data Direct To TV: Samsung’s Scott

SAN JUAN, PR - Advertisers will soon put their own data about customers and prospects to better work in the art of TV targeting.Samsung Ads, the unit of the Korean hardware giant that helps advertisers leverage real audience viewing data, straight off the TV itself, to target ads, says it will soon be digging farther in to "first-party"."I think you'll start to see us be a little bit more focused and intentional about working directly with clients on their data," [...]


Vizio TVs Updated For OAR Ads: Inscape’s McAfee

SAN JUAN, PR -- TV manufacturer Vizio is beginning to issue over-the-top firmware updates to 10 million connected TV sets, to better deliver ads from FreeWheel, Google and Xandr.The process is part of Project OAR, a consortium kicked off by Vizio's own ad-targeting division Inscape to achieve better scale in the sale of connected TV advertising.Its Project OAR aims to define technical standards for TV programmers and platforms to deliver targeted advertising in linear and on-demand formats on smart TVs. [...]


Samsung Ads’ Evans: Clients ‘Open the Doors’ by Measuring Streaming and Linear Together

When it comes to helping customers focus on their business objectives, Samsung Ads boils it down to two key ideas: reach and response. In an interview with Beet.TV, Justin Evans, global head of analytics and insights at the company explains just what this entails.From a reach perspective, Evans says that clients are anxious about missing out on customers if they simply reuse last year’s linear plan. They also express concerns about the streaming ecosystem in general because it’s relatively new [...]


Advertisers Are Rebooting Their Content: Samsung Ads’ Kim

The idea that brands can be content producers and publishers is no longer a new one.But, after perhaps 15 years in which marketers have done that, ow times are changing, according to an executive who is watching them change their strategy."The conversations that I'm having with partners and different industry people is that they really are changing how they look at content distribution, as well as how to leverage advertising based content and distribution and monetization on connected TVs," says [...]


Missing Currency Makes Attribution Expensive: Spark Foundry’s Giacosa

SAN JUAN, PR -- The explosion of devices, platforms and services through which to serve digital content and marketing messages gives brands and their agencies big new opportunities.And also some big headaches. Because, whilst embracing multiple destinations and even closing the loop to consumer action can maximize audience, it also means many different masters to serve.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lisa Giacosa, EVP and global MD of data and analytics at Publicis Media's Spark Foundry, explains that lack of commonality [...]


Noah Levine: 605 Introduces New Data Platform to the Industry

Like many others in the TV ecosystem, 605 has worked to create data sets that continue to grow the advanced TV marketplace. Noah Levine, CRO of 605, presented a new company offering to the industry at the Beet Retreat in San Juan this week that lends a new data perspective.605 Platform is built on 605’s TV viewership dataset, of which Charter Spectrum is the cornerstone, and is overlaid with ACR data and data from other key MVPDs. According to Levine, [...]


Samsung Ads’ Meyer: The Gaming Industry Is Advertising’s Next Frontier

Gaming, like streaming, has become an enormous part of a burgeoning ad model. In an interview with Beet.TV, Karl Meyer, head of sales, media and entertainment at Samsung Ads, explains that his company is able to use unique metrics to help this corner of advertising grow.Gaming provides a target audience for Samsung in age and gender, but also with the availability of their TVs and technology. This is a solid match for the publishing end of the gaming industry.“The publisher [...]


TVSquared’s Kinsella Offers OTT Attribution With A Twist

Thew new science of TV advertising is all about generating real, measurable business results - not simply getting a message out to viewers.Over the last year, we have seen several technology companies apply such technology even to linear TV broadcasters, using either automatic content recognition (ACR) that can "listen" to what audiences are really watching or using a traditional panel system.Now TVSquared is launching a cross-platform, multi-touch attribution system for over-the-top (OTT) connected (TV), and is taking a different approach."For [...]


Horizon Media’s Dobarro: To Grow, Brands Need to Be Speaking to Multicultural Segments

Karina Dobarro, svp of multicultural and brand strategy at Horizon Media, sees music as a critical avenue to reaching the diverse audiences that clients want to connect with. In working with music video platform Vevo, Horizon Media is carving out a strategy to engage with multicultural customers when they’re most engaged.“Vevo is reflective of a multicultural shift, when you look at their content and their users. We know that for Hispanics and African Americans, music is a huge passion point. [...]


OpenSlate’s Foyle: Audience and Content Impact Measurement Is a ‘Utopia’ for Clients

OpenSlate launched eight years ago to measure content as people began watching more than just linear TV. The goal was to translate nature and quality to advertisers and marketers in an unfamiliar content landscape – specifically on YouTube and Facebook, where brand safety has been an issue.At the end of last year, Nielsen took a minority investment in OpenSlate to combine its audience measurement and scoring expertise with OpenSlate’s similar approach to measuring quality of content.“What Nielsen is to audience, [...]


What Comes After Cookies? Teads’ Daily Examines

The writing is on the wall for one of the main ways marketers have used to targeted audiences. So what comes next?"Cookies", small files on devices which contain client-side information about users which sites can access, were already facing a challenge from the way that modern consumers now use digital media - which is to say, via a multitude of devices.And new moves are rendering the cookie toothless:ITP 2.1 from Apple purges most first-party cookies after seven days and blocks [...]