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The News Environment is an Essential Place for Storytelling, HPE’s Marissa Freeman

A couple of years back, Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with CNN-backed video site Great Big Story to make a series of mini-documentaries about innovation, The Dreamers… For Marissa Freeman, it’s all part of a trend in which she sees appearing in a news environment as moving the needle. “For us, it’s all about being in […]


Brand Safety Tools Are Censoring News: Vice’s Delport

Over the last year, several news or so-called news sites have found their way on to the blacklists which some ad buyers and platforms use. Some media agency executives told Digiday they had blocked hundreds of news sites. We have also seen publishers like BBC News, News Corp, The Economist and now Vice Media protest that there is nothing bad about […]


Addressable Opens TV Ads To The World: Liberty Global’s John Paul

LAS VEGAS — Its pay-TV rival Sky may have been first to market to offer highly-targeted, addressable TV advertising capability – but, for UK cable company Virgin Media, moves including a partnership on the technology with Sky itself are paying dividends. Now Virgin Media’s owner wants to replicate the impact across its global footprint. In […]


‘Live TV Is Back’ & Vice By The Numbers: Vice Media’s Delport

LAS VEGAS — It is the edgy, indie lifestyle-news zine that became an 800lb gorilla – Vice has blown up. Now the publisher wants to help brands reach a young audience that it knows is increasingly skeptical of being marketed to. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Vice Media international and global chief revenue officer […]


TV Now Serves Both Ends Of Ad Funnel: dataxu’s Catanzaro

LAS VEGAS — The traditional deployment for TV ads has always been the top of the marketing funnel, where a mass audience’s interest gets ignited by awareness-raising branding ads. But new technology allowing TV to operate like digital channels means the medium can fulfil both awareness and “performance” goals, which aim to generate an actual, […]


Purchase Of Adaptly Will Help Scale Accenture Interactive’s Activation Offerings

LAS VEGAS—Having just acquired digital platform marketing specialist Adaptly, Accenture Interactive Operations has added a key asset as it builds out its global “experience activation centers” for clients. “It was completely in our wheelhouse, in our sweet spot, and it’s going to allow us to scale our multi touchpoint activation credentials very, very quickly,” says […]


Charged News Environment Powering Intense Consumer Engagement for Marketers, CNN’s Andrew Morse

The last two years have seen heady days – a sometimes-toxic political climate, on the one hand, and a growing trend in advertisers shunning that news, on the other. Some ad buyers buyers even blacklisted news sites, prompting one publisher to accuse them of censorship and others like BBC News, News Corp and The Economist to protest that bad news can […]


WideOrbit’s ‘Four Flavors’ Of Programmatic

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—As it continues to build out its programmatic solution, WideOrbit is finding that not enough advertisers are willing to pay extra for addressable and targeted television inventory. “We need to see more and more advertisers willing to pay premium for those CPM’s. We’re still not seeing that,” says VP of Business Development […]


M1’s Spengler: Data Making Media ‘More Precise And More Powerful’

LAS VEGAS—If there’s one thing that unites media owners, ad-tech providers and advertisers it’s the value of understanding audiences. “They’re trying to find the customer too so we can join that up,” says Tim Spengler, the President of Dentsu Aegis Network’s M1 US. “So they’re very much aligned because they know that’s what we’re looking […]


Scale & Telco Ties Help Challenge Google: Verizon Media Group’s Lucas

LAS VEGAS — What do you get if you add together Engadget, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, AOL, Yahoo, Flurry, Verizon and a host of other media properties? A media megalith that, at first, was dubbed “Oath” and, since January, is just plain “Verizon Media Group”. As a media proposition, what does a beast with such breadth […]


Charting The Rise Of Direct-To-Consumer Brands with LUMA’s Kawaja

LAS VEGAS—Having categorized more than 400 marketers in the direct-to-consumer space, LUMA Partners knows what has helped to make many of them successful. Trying to imitate them within the confines of traditional marketing isn’t easy, so some legacy companies are acquiring them for both their market share and contemporary culture, according to Founder & CEO […]


News Is a Brand Safe “Opportunity,” Twitter’s Nick Sallon

Over the last two years, we saw how many advertisers – deterred by an increasingly down-beat news agenda – were turning their dollars away from news itself, with some buyers even blacklisting news sites. Now the publishers are getting more vocal, however. In recent months, we have heard from the likes of BBC News, News Corp and The Economist and now Vice […]


Body Tech & AI Media Planners Excite TBWA\Media Arts Lab’s Thawani

LAS VEGAS — When Beet.TV has been asking media industry figures lately about the promise of going “direct-to-consumer”, most have talked about e-commerce brands that no longer require retailers or marketers that no longer depend on intermediary publishers. But Rohit Thawani has something altogether more creative in mind. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show, the digital experiences […]


Tubi Counting On ‘Subscription Fatigue’ To Ward Off New Streamers

LAS VEGAS—Now that the Tubi streaming movie and television service is “across everywhere,” it’s hoping that subscription fatigue helps it continue to be an advertising-supported complement to Netflix in the face of mounting streaming competition. “Before us there was YouTube and Netflix and that was it,” says Chief Revenue Officer Mark Rotblat. “We are across […]


Puerto Rico’s Media World Transformed by Hurricane Maria: Explain Execs from AT&T, Hearts & Science, Procter & Gamble, Telemundo

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—There was no playbook for the advertising and media community in Puerto Rico to help itself—much less consumers—deal with Hurricane Maria in 2017. But until such a template exists, the lessons related by AT&T, Hearts & Science, Procter & Gamble and Telemundo at Beet Retreat 2018 provide more than an ample starting […]


Join Beet.TV and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico in NYC on February 5 at Xandr

Please join me, your colleagues and executives from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico for an update on the island’s children and the essential work of the Clubs. Tuesday: February 5 at Xandr/AT&T 1 Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Floor 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. The program will include an update on the island and […]


For Media Buyers, 2019 OTT Means Taking Risks & Streamlining: Publicis Media’s Whitesel

LAS VEGAS — At the recent Beet Retreat, Beet.TV heard several ad industry executives grumble that advertisers’ commitment to spending in advanced digital television environments was still experimental. But, if addressable TV ad spend is still small-scale, it may be a function as much of available ad space and success proof as of ad buyers’ […]


As Streaming Choices Expand, Viewers Want Better Search And Recommendation: Turner’s Beck

LAS VEGAS—As major media companies prepare to offer consumers more direct-streaming video choices, they should be thinking about improving content search and viewing recommendations, according to Turner’s David Beck. Success will hinge on “Who makes it easy, frictionless for people to get to the content they want to, consume it, share it and engage with […]


The Funnel Is Collapsing: Twitter’s Personette

LAS VEGAS — The uber model for marketing strategy has been that of a funnel, through which a mass audience’s interest gets ignited by awareness-raising branding ads, eventually leading down to performance outcomes like sales. But new digital platforms are collapsing the marketing funnel as we witness the emergence of ad units which tick both […]


Marketers Need to be in the News Environment: Procter & Gamble’s Pritchard

While Marc Pritchard would like to see more of a balance between positive and negative news coverage, Procter & Gamble maintains a presence on a variety of news programs. It’s also leveraging broader and more in depth news content in the form of deals with CNN’s Great Big Story and Katie Couric Media. “Marketers need […]