TV has always played a major part in the holiday season.

Rarely, however, have TV manufacturers been as central as they will be this year.

VIZIO isn’t just a TV maker anymore. Through its VIZIO Ads division, the company leverages its ownership of the viewing device, plus sight of viewing behavior, to give ad buyers targetability and validated impact.

Earlier this year, VIZIO launched its branded content studio, partnering with major brands for key content moments throughout the year.

Now it is bringing out of its first executions – a seasonal TV show for Home Depot, Merry & Bright, that will live on VIZIO’s smart TV homepage.

In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Katlyn Wilson, Director of Branded Content Sales & Strategy, VIZIO, explains the idea.

VIZIO’s Branded Content Studio

VIZIO launched its branded content studio in mid-2023.

“First across March Madness with our partners at BetMGM, then in the summertime we launched a cleaning and organizing series with our friends at SC Johnson,” Wilson shares.

For the holiday season, VIZIO is launching a new branded content series with Home Depot, featuring a holiday house makeover hosted Jordin Sparks.

In the episodes, three families get to have a home makeover in time for the holiday season, featuring Home Depot products.

One of the unique features of the series is its shoppability. As Wilson explains: “As viewers are watching it, they’re able to actually put those items they see on screen directly into their cart and recreate these holiday looks at home.”

The use of QR codes, though still in its infancy, is an easy and familiar way for consumers to shop the items they see on screen, bridging the gap between entertainment and e-commerce.

“You can find it on all active VIZIO devices. You can also watch it on YouTube and you can find clips and lifts from the episodes on social as well,” Wilson adds.

Home Depot, Home Screen

The campaign illustrates the new power of TV OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

Historically, their revenue opportunity in the industry ended after a TV set was sold.

Now, however, their pivotal position as the maker of the “glass” through which viewing takes place, plus their critical role as a home screen gate-keeper, is giving them new opportunity.

“The home screen is still that first stop for every single consumer,” Wilson says. “We really like to think of that home screen as a mass reach vehicle that advertisers can still really take advantage of.”

Scaling Branded Content

Wilson believes it is important to make it easy for brands to enter the content space. “We’re shortening the lead time… we’re measuring everything on the front and backend with our ACR targeting and making it easy to prove the efficacy of these things without a lot of guesswork,” she says.

She says collaboration is key “VIZIO has a really robust ads team across three coasts.

“We’ve developed some great relationships with brands and agencies over the last four years of our platform business.”

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