Yahoo is bringing its cookieless identity solution to Connected TV, to meet an “explosion” in CTV ads, in the latest example of identity technology finding application in TV advertising.

According to its announcement: “With Yahoo Identity Solutions services including Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions, Yahoo DSP advertisers can continue to target and measure the performance of their campaigns across CTV environments in the identity-constrained world, for both addressable and non-addressable environments.”

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Chandra Cirulnick, VP, Global Supply Partnerships, Yahoo, explains the rationale.

How it works

“At the core of Yahoo Identity Solutions, you have Yahoo Connect ID – an addressable identifier grounded in Yahoo’s known user base of 205 million logged-in registered users,” Cirulnick says.

She explains that this tool matches with publishers and advertisers “in a privacy-safe way in order to preserve addressability, target audiences, and do omnichannel measurement.”

Together, Yahoo’s suite involves ConnectID for addressable environments and Next-Gen Solutions for non-addressable.

Cirulnick explains, “We use that seed set of known users to create a model where we can identify cohorts based on real-time data in the bidstream.” This holistic approach seeks to cover the entire gamut of user touchpoints.

Expanding into the CTV realm

Even though CTV apps traditionally never even used cookies, they are now benefitting from the wider digital world’s scramble to build new audience identity solutions.

“We’ve built up a really strong web-based supply footprint with almost 50,000 domains having implemented Yahoo Identity Solutions,” Cirulnick remarks.

The roll-out to CTV involves new partnerships with Paramount, NBCU, and FreeWheel. “We are interoperable on the demand side with a number of different data partners, CDPs, and all the agency identifiers,” she adds, emphasizing the solution’s flexibility and adaptability to various data sets.

NBCUniversal, Tubi and Paramount executives in Yahoo’s announcement said the setup would help give their advertising customers targeting, analytics and insights.

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