SAN JUAN, PR – An estimated $11.1 billion this year will be spent on political advertising in the United States as Donald Trump and Joe Biden vie for second terms as president. Amid the barrage of political ads, independent or undecided voters will seek reliable, fact-based news – and that’s a good reason for consumer brands to sponsor news programming, as this video interview explains.

“We encourage our clients not to shy away from news,” Stacey Stewart, head of strategy and operations at Interpublic Group’s Magna Global, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat San Juan with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams. “There’s a lot of brand safety levers in place to help navigate that.”

Brands that place ads in news content are likely to be associated with information that people can trust, especially as fake news runs rampant on social media.

“Being associated with mis- and disinformation can be really harmful for a brand,” Stewart said.

Sports Programming

Streaming platforms are ramping up their sports programming, especially as technology companies such as Amazon and Apple seek to encourage people to sign up for their CTV apps.

“It’s almost like anything else in the landscape right now — it’s a little more fragmented than we’ve been used to,” Steward said. “We’re seeing younger consumers come to something like the NFL through’ Thursday Night Football’ on Amazon. It’s helping to reach consumers in more diverse places. It also allows media partners to diversify some of those costs across other outlets as well.”

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