MIAMI — How do you understand consumer behavior in the multi-channel world of abundance, choice and fragmentation?

Jeremy Fain is bringing “deep learning” to the party.

In this video interview with Beet.TV at POSSIBLE 2024, the CEO and Co-Founder of Cognitiv explains why the technology could help the ad business.

Ingesting First-Party Data: The Fuel for Deep Learning

“Deep learning, this technology that powers self-driving cars and Siri and Alexa… would be a better way to predict consumer behavior,” Fain says.

Cognitiv offerings include predictive analytics, custom AI models, and media buying optimizations designed to enhance ad performance..

Nearly a decade ago, Fain and his team recognized the untapped potential of deep learning in the infancy of its development. They foresaw its capability to handle the massive influx of data generated through programmatic advertising and real-time bidding, providing a robust foundation for their predictive algorithms.

The core of Cognitiv’s strategy revolves around the ingestion of first-party data. “Every client that we have, every advertiser that we have, we ingest first-party data,” Fain explains. This data comes from various sources, including traditional pixels on websites, integrations with consumer packaged goods (CPG) data companies, and location-based services.

By analyzing actions that advertisers prioritize, such as sales, site visits, or sign-ups, Cognitiv’s algorithms learn to identify and target new potential customers.

Closing the Loop on Campaign Effectiveness

Fain outlines the process: “These buying algorithms are plugged into different buying capabilities.”

Whether it’s through their managed service demand-side platform (DSP) or by delivering algorithms through a curated bid stream for other DSPs, Cognitiv ensures that each ad impression is chosen for performance potential.

Fain emphasizes the self-improving nature of their technology, “The algorithm and deep learning technology, it learns from every single thing it does, whether it was right or wrong.” This continuous learning loop is crucial for refining targeting strategies and enhancing campaign results.

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