MIAMI — Snap Inc., the company behind the popular platform Snapchat, is redefining its relationship with agencies through the newly launched Snap Advanced Partner Program.

This initiative is set to grant agencies premium services, access to exclusive betas, and a voice in shaping the platform’s product roadmap.

“This is a benefit for our most strategic agencies where they get access to our premium services, access to exclusive betas, the ability to influence our product roadmap,” says Alex Dao, Global Head of Agency Development & Sales Partnerships at Snap.

Influencer Marketing: Authenticity Drives Engagement

Ahead of the upfronts and NewFronts ad sales seasons, Snap is positioning itself as a home to creators.

“One really interesting thing that we’ve noticed is… creators are flocking to Snap because they’re just posting day-to-day moments. They’re posting 50, a hundred times a day,” Dao explains.

Studies commissioned by Snap with IPG revealed that users find creator content on Snapchat to be authentic and are influenced by their product recommendations.

Snap’s platform is fostering a symbiotic relationship between creators and marketers. Through partnerships with influencer agencies and the introduction of Collab Studio and creator APIs, Snap is trying to position itself as a place where creators, audiences, and brands can interact meaningfully.

“Creators have ads that will show up in between their stories, and they have a rev share program with us,” Dao says.

Looking Ahead: AR, AI, and Takeovers

As for the future, Snap is not shy about its ambitious developments in generative AI, augmented reality (AR), and new advertising products.

Dao says Snap will make announcements at the NewFronts.

“We’re making quite a bit of investment in generative AI, also in AR, making sure that we’re bringing AR into as many places as possible and we’re launching more takeover products,” Dao shares.

This includes a focus on first Stories and first commercials.

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