The future of television is evolving before our very eyes, with the emergence of new technologies that aim to seamlessly integrate interactivity into the viewer’s experience.

One such company is raising eyebrows for the way it is delivering on the connected TV ad opportunity.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rich Greenfield, General Partner, LightShed Ventures, says his company is an investor in Telly, the new company offering a free TV that includes a second display dedicated to ads.

The Magic of the Second Screen

“The beauty of Telly is that, yes, it’s a free TV, but it’s more than a TV,” explains Greenfield.

He describes the device as a hybrid of a 55-inch television, a soundbar, and a second screen—a trifecta designed to enhance the user experience. “The second screen is really the magic because all of the interactivity… is occurring on that bottom screen.”

This innovation aims to tackle the age-old problem of intrusive advertising by relocating interactive elements to a dedicated space below the main screen. “So you want to order a pizza during the game, and Pizza Hut wants to run an ad unit in the bottom right, that’s no longer disrupting the actual NFL game that you’re watching,”

Greenfield says the idea is to complement, rather than compromise, the viewing experience.

A Tailored Viewing Experience

LightShed Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investment opportunities within the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sectors. They provide financial backing to innovative companies that are positioned to disrupt traditional markets or create new ones.

Greenfield emphasizes the personalization aspect of the second screen, noting that “the more you use it, the smarter it gets.”

The technology is designed to learn from the viewer’s preferences, curating content and advertisements that are more relevant and engaging.

“You’re actually getting a unique utility with this second screen panel that runs along the bottom of the TV,” he says, underscoring the transformative nature of Telly’s approach.

“Even if TVs off, or you’re playing literally Fortnite on the big screen using your Sony PlayStation, there’s still an ad running along the bottom,” Greenfield says, highlighting the omnipresence of the second screen’s advertising potential.”