LAS VEGAS –TransUnion has made its identity graph more accurate by integrating it with data from Neustar, which the consumer-data company acquired in 2021. The combination gives marketers greater accuracy in reaching target audiences based on identifiers such as an internet address.

“A big part of the acquisition of Neustar was the technology platform under the hood that allowed us to be really flexible and nimble with how we use identity,” Matt Spiegel, executive vice president of TruAudience Growth Strategy at consumer-data company TransUnion, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at CES 2024.

Marketers have sought improved identifiers for consumers and households, not only because tracking cookies are disappearing from web browsers, but also for cookieless environments such as connected television.

“There’s been a move to understanding identity from an individual household and a device perspective in a much more robust way with lots of different data signals,” Spiegel said. “What’s interesting about identity – what makes it useful to solve marketing problems – is that you have either scale or accuracy. We actually think it’s not ‘and/or,’ it’s an ‘and.’”

TransUnion’s identify graph covers 98% of U.S. adults, and can be configured for precise targeting or to allow some reach into adjacent consumer groups for greater brand awareness.

“Maybe you’re doing a campaign with some targeting rules, but you’re open to some waste. You’re happy to expose the audience a little bit broader,” Spiegel said. “You can turn the match engine that way as well. We’re here to sell for, ultimately, that kind of configurability.”