Executives from  leading media and advertising companies have joined together in a major campaign to curb gun violence.

Created in the wake of 2012 mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, the Sandy Hook Promise,  and its Media Council,  have raised funds and garnered some $125 million in public service airtime.

The organization is focused on educating students, families and educators on how to identify and stop school shootings and suicides before they happen.  The campaign theme is titled “Know the signs.”

Media Council member,  Peter Naylor, longtime media executive who heads global ad sales at Netflix, spoke with me about the measurable impact the organization has had in stopping scores of school shootings and hundreds of suicides.  He said the organization’s guidelines have been shared with over 20 million school children.

He urges further participation from the industry in the campaign.

The Media Council was founded by veteran media executive Kevin Wassong.

Please join Peter, Kevin and the Beet.TV community in supporting the Sandy Hook Promise and its Media Council by visiting this page.