CTV Starts With QR: Tr.ly’s Maestre On The Creative Optimization Spectrum

When it comes to the new ad opportunities presented by connected TV, the execution types are broad. But companies that want to make a splash on the new screen can start with one simple addition. That is according to one woman whose team is helping brands convert their ad creatives for CTV. Cracking the code […]


Chobani Finds The Holy Grail Of Creative Data: Tremor’s Thomas

Could a yogurt brand hold the key to the future of advertising? Abbey Thomas thinks so. The Tremor Video DSP chief marketer was talking with Beet.TV, fresh from the stage at this month’s IAB Video Symposium in New York, where she interviewed the food company’s own marketing senior director Eddie Revis. There, she discussed how Chobani […]


Sell-Side Has Big Upside: Tremor CEO Zagorski

No wonder he just sold his new company’s demand-side operations. Whilst there is ongoing consolidation of ad-tech players catering to advertisers and their agencies, video ad-tech outfit Tremor Video’s new CEO Mark Zagorski says the same is not true amongst platforms serving publishers. “You haven’t seen a ton of consolidation, particularly on the sell side […]


Tremor Video Sold Its DSP To Remove Friction, CEO Zagorski Explains

When video ad-tech operator Tremor Video sold part of its business to Taptica of Israel in August, it meant a $50mn price tag for the sale. But, to Tremor CEO Mark Zagorski, it means more than that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Zagorski says ad-tech platforms which count both ad buyers and sellers as […]


Multi-Screen Ad Delivery Critical, And Challenging: AOL, FreeWheel & Tremor Discuss

VIEQUES, PR — The media ecosystem has become fragmented, with viewers demanding to watch their favorite content on the most appropriate device for their current context. That means advertisers, too, must catch up to deliver messages across multiple platforms, a panel debate convened by Beet.TV heard: FreeWheel FourFronts VP Neil, Smith AOL Head of Video Sales & Strategy, […]


New IAB Chair Wiener: We Need to Embrace “Precision Engagement”

PALM SPRINGS – As the digital publishing industry gathered for the annual IAB Leadership Meeting this week to mark the  milestone of reaching $50 billion, its Chairperson says that publishers need reorient themselves around delivering advertising precisely to those who want the ads. Newly named IAB Chair Lauren Wiener, President, Platform Buyers,  Tremor Video,  says that […]


‘TV of Tomorrow’ is Today: Tremor’s Wesly

SAN FRANCISCO –  Television is the next big thing where video is naturally migrating, says Doron Wesly, head of market strategy for digital ad tech company Tremor Video. “It’s where the connected TV is still very much in its infancy,” he says. “But we know there’s a huge audience there.” Americans are streaming an average […]


Tremor’s Wesly: Interactive Video Ads Beat TV Ads

Confidence in the effectiveness of TV ads is relatively stable, and big brands seem satisfied. But online ad tech vendor Tremor Video thinks it can improve on that effectiveness, regardless. New York-headquartered Tremor offers advertisers its service that improves short online video pre-roll ads, which typically get shovelled from linear TV ad slots, with interactive […]


Tremor Video Rolls Out Cost Per View Pricing

LONDON — Based on the success of cost-per-engagement metrics, Tremor Video has introduced other performance-based buying models for video ads, says Alex McNamara, UK Managing Director at Tremor Video, in an interview with Beet.TV. Tremor Video is rolling out a new suite of products letting advertisers pay by the cost per completed view, for instance. […]


Tremor Video’s New DSP Focused on Performance Metrics

Tremor Video is aiming to layer performance-level goals into programmatic buying with the launch of its new DSP, VideoHub Connect,   says Kelly McEttrick, VP Strategy at VideoHub during an interview with Beet.TV taped during Advertising Week at the OMMA summit. VideoHub Connect enables programmatic video buying. “We don’t feel that buying media cheaper is a problem […]


Video Ads Average 83% Viewability in First Quarter, VideoHub Finds

Viewability of video ads varies widely depending on the ad environment. That’s the finding of a just released report from Tremor Video’s VideoHub unit, analyzing viewability of 2.3 billion video ad impressions in the first quarter. During that time period, Tremor found that the average viewability clocked in at 83%. Viewability refers, quite simply, to […]


Tremor Video CMO: Performance Pricing on the Rise

CANNES — Tremor Video has seen a big jump in digital video buying based on cost per engagement or brand lift says, Melinda McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer for Tremor Video, during an interview with Beet.TV. In fact, Tremor’s cost-per-engagement business is growing at a rapid clip with big brands, she says. “We see performance pricing as […]


Starcom’s Hoffman: In-Stream Ads On Path for More Relevance, Targeting

CANNES — Ideally, in-stream video advertising will give viewers control and let them impact the narrative in the future, says Jonathan Hoffman, President of Experience Design at Starcom MediaVest Group, during an interview with Beet.TV. With targeting techniques available, viewers now expect they’ll be shown or served something that is relevant emotionally and contextually. “It […]


Tremor’s Sanderson: Creative Teams Should Build Interactive Into Video During Media Planning

CANNES — Repurposing TV spots for online video doesn’t give brands the best creative canvas for the digital medium, says David Sanderson, Senior Creative Director at Tremor Video, during an interview with Beet.TV. For instance, if engagement is an important metric for the media team, the creative team should build formats with that in mind […]


Beyond The Pre-Roll: Creatives Want To Make Truly Interactive Ads

CANNES — Video publishers are increasing the frequency and length of pre-roll ads that have become the medium’s de facto monetisation method. But some in advertising believe brands are better off by ditching interruptive methods and instead making highly engaging ads. During this nine-minute-long TechTalk session at Cannes Lions presented by Tremor Video, four execs talked […]


Online Video Fights TV “Ad Decay,” Tremor Study w/ Nielsen, IAB, Performics

LONDON – The addition of online video to a TV buy can help combat “decay” once the TV ads end, says Alex Macnamara, UK Commercial Director, at Tremor Video in an interview with Beet.TV. Digital video can enhance the reach of a TV campaign both while it’s running and after it’s aired, he says, citing research […]