MIAMI – Technological hurdles that hindered the personalization of television advertising are gradually being overcome as media companies seek to maximize the value of their audiences. The Summer Olympics are poised these capabilities alongside the broad reach of linear television, as Comcast’s NBC Universal and FreeWheel plan to do.

“What’s really impressive….is to enable the dynamic ad insertion of a programmatic technology into a live event, which means there’s a lot of unexpected things that can happen,” Brad Stockton, senior vice president and head of U.S. media investment solutions at Dentsu, said in this interview with Beet.TV at POSSIBLE. “So, really exciting times for advertisers of all shapes and sizes to get in front of the Olympics.”

Full-Funnel Performance

With its broad reach, traditional linear television has been a cost-efficient way to raise brand awareness and to initiate consumers’ first steps into the purchase funnel. That idea is changing with improvements to media measurement.

“Now with the tracking and measurability and targetability…we can really start to understand how that top-of-the-funnel awareness is actually impacting the full funnel,” Stockton said. “This allows us to do a lot more optimizations, both in campaign and post campaign, based on really how our buys are performing in the marketplace.”

Dynamic Creative Optimization

While media placements are becoming more dynamic, the creative content of advertising also can be more customized with dynamic creative optimization. The goal is to show ads that are most likely to meet the individual needs of a viewer.

“The possibilities are endless when we think about what we can really do with it,” Stockton said. “I want to make sure we don’t get carried away. Just because the technology exists doesn’t mean you need to use every piece of it. But I think that’s really finding that balance.”

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