DoubleVerify’s Zagorski Urges Responsible Response To Rise Of AI Concerns

LAS VEGAS — As artificial intelligence and generative AI emerge in the media world, how should we think about the pros and cons? Mark Zagorski, CEO, Double Verify, says the tech can be a boon for correctly classifying content. And he says the coming election cycle is likely to see a new swathe of low-grade, […]


DoubleVerify To Verify Netflix Ads, Finds Election Hate Speech Growing

If only every ad environment was as premium as the one Netflix is about to launch. Measurement and analytics vendor DoubleVerify just announced it will provide media verification to help Netflix’s new wave of advertisers ensure their ads are fully viewed by real people and safe from fraud. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Investors That Offer Strategic Advice Are Best Partners: DoubleVerify’s Mark Zagorski

Companies have differing needs for capital as they grow past the startup phase, build scale and support ongoing innovation to remain competitive. Before joining digital media authentication firm DoubleVerify as chief executive last year, Mark Zagorski was well acquainted with these stages in a career that has included a variety startups. Most recently, he led […]


TV Viewability Is Not Guaranteed: DoubleVerify CEO Zagorski

Mark Zagorski has a vision for a unified connected TV effectiveness metric. But first, he’s going to need to ensure connected TV ads can all be seen in the first place. In September, Zagorski joined as CEO of DoubleVerify, after exiting the same role from Telaria amid its merger with Rubicon Project. In this video […]


Rubicon, Telaria Merge To Bolster Connected TV Ads

Two publicly-traded ad-tech companies say they want to merge, in order to seize the opportunity emerging in connected TV advertising alongside inventory of other digital channels. Rubicon Project and Telaria announced their agreement on Thursday, without putting a price on it. They say the combined company – owned 47.1% by Telaria shareholders and 52.9% by […]


Telaria’s Zagorski On The Potential For App-Based OTT Providers

Telaria CEO Mark Zagorski sees “a ton of growth” for app-based companies providing over-the-top television services. Their potential comes as OTT and connected-TV have gone from discovery to the make-it-better stage. “If you think about advertiser demands, they increasingly are becoming focused on addressable,” Zagorski says in this interview with Beet.TV at the recent LUMA […]


Subscription Fatigue is Coming: Telaria’s Zagorski

PHOENIX — Even as subscription content services go on booming, people have been forecasting a plateau. As the likes of Netflix, Spotify, news publishers, grocery services and more attract monthly paying customers, they aren’t just causing brands to worry about a diminishing ad hole, they are also pushing some to fret about looming “subscription fatigue”. […]


OTT Publishers Want Control & Independence: Telaria’s Zagorski

In a world where advertising partners play for both teams, you never really know who is on your side. So says one executive whose company felt so strongly about that issue, it split in two. Telaria spun off its division serving ad buyers back in September 2017 to focus only on providing a programmatic advertising […]


Hulu Can Meld Best Of Linear & Digital: Telaria CEO Zagorski

Programmatic technology may have grown up transacting remnant display ad inventory, but its increasing application to deliver ads to TV screens looks a world away from the advanced tech’s humble beginnings. In this video interview with Beet.TV, video publisher ad tech maker Telaria’s CEO Mark Zagorski says that “premium” publishers of video that reaches the […]


Sell-Side Has Big Upside: Tremor CEO Zagorski

No wonder he just sold his new company’s demand-side operations. Whilst there is ongoing consolidation of ad-tech players catering to advertisers and their agencies, video ad-tech outfit Tremor Video’s new CEO Mark Zagorski says the same is not true amongst platforms serving publishers. “You haven’t seen a ton of consolidation, particularly on the sell side […]


Tremor Video Sold Its DSP To Remove Friction, CEO Zagorski Explains

When video ad-tech operator Tremor Video sold part of its business to Taptica of Israel in August, it meant a $50mn price tag for the sale. But, to Tremor CEO Mark Zagorski, it means more than that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Zagorski says ad-tech platforms which count both ad buyers and sellers as […]


Tracking From Exposure To Closure Is A Reality: eXelate’s Zagorski

If a tree falls in a forest and no-one was around to hear it, did it really make a sound? Many advertisers have asked themselves that question in years gone by, unable to know whether their analog media spend really made a difference. But digital ads that lead to digital actions mean attribution can delight marketers, says eXelate CEO […]


Nielsen, eXelate Will ‘Co-Build Products From Day One’: Zagorski

Media measurement firm Nielsen and programmatic ad tech outfit eXelate had already worked together for five years before the former’s acquisition of the latter this March. Now they are working on the same journey. “We act as their data management backbone, taking a lot of their offline data and activating it in the programmatic world,” eXelate […]


eXelate Launching TV-Mobile Ad Solution: CEO Zagorski

It’s been going for seven years with its customer data services. Now eXelate is also one of the companies helping advertisers knit together messaging in the multi-screen era, with some pretty cool-sounding technology. “We’ve partnered with Innovid and connected mobile app data with smart TV boxes to be able to dynamically change advertising based on […]